#18   Carlton

Age: 27yr 7mth Games: 85 Born: Feb 23, 1992
Height: 184cm Weight: 82kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Chest infection put the utility behind the eight-ball in lead-up to JLT opener. Could be available again this weekend.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 -
2 Geel Small defender charged with kick-in duties. Showed out a few times but not at the forefront of the effort. 4
3 GWS Generated drive from half back with a 19-disposal first half which he parlayed into 28 for the game. 8
4 WB Designated kicker gets a lot of his touches playing on from the kick-in. Battled hard but not a massive impact. 5
5 Frem Good defensively and had 19 touches. Gave Fremantle’s forwards some problems. 6
6 GCS Defensive work was solid if unspectacular and he did his bit with the ball in his hands. 6
7 Hand.
8 Hand.
9 Melb Running defender mixed good and bad. Able to find enough space to be a factor from the back half. 6
10 Carl Not his best effort. Failed to provide usual penetration by foot with just the eight kicks. 4
11 Rich Made a few blues out of the back half but effort was in the right range. Lots of his 21 touches were of the short variety. 5
12 Bye.
13 StK Ok job without being a standout. One big torp kickout was memorable. 5
14 WB Mid-sized defender was handy in both phase of the game. Used the footy well with 14 of his 17 possessions. 6
15 GCS Rebounded well and contributed well to the defensive setup. 7
16 Frem Chimed in with two lovely goals on the run after starting on Ballantyne. Good outing. 7
17 Port After copping a knock to his leg in the first term responded well with nine rebound-50’s for the game. 7
18 Ess Looks stronger and useful off half back with 16. Drifted forward to kick a long goal. 5
19 Melb Had plenty to do across half back when kicking into the wind. Crunched by Hogan in third term and was sore. 6
20 Coll Got caught out as a defender on more than one occasion. Meh performance. 5
21 Haw Was prepared to run hard and rebound. Nine first term disposals and finished with 20. 6
22 Calf.
23 Bris Made the mistake of the day when he handed goal to Zorko. Steady apart from that. 5

2016 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Werribee didn’t play.
2 Senior emergency.
3 Senior emergency.
4 VFL Did what was required to earn a senior promotion without dominating. -
5 VFL Bye. -
6 VFL Broke the lines at times playing on a wing in windy conditions. -
7 StK Came into side late for Wright and was adequate replacement. 4
8 Ess Nipped in at times from half back. Didn’t star but gave enough to stay in the team. 5
9 Carl Linked up at times running off half back and on a wing. Steady night’s work. 5
10 VFL Bye. -
11 VFL Won plenty of the ball – 30 touches, but his opponent was also dangerous. -
12 Geel Won the ball in defence and certainly not the worst. Three inside-50s, four rebound 50s. 4
13 Haw Trying to make every post a winner and is putting hand up for regular senior spot. 6
14 Adel Five rebound-50s and some quality touches along the wing. 6
16 WCE Took until the second half to start finding the ball. 3
17 Port Didn’t have big impact 3
18 Coll Minimal involvement in first half but did his bit later on. 4
19 StK Did his bit without great fanfare. 4
20 WB OK at times and not the worst. 4
21 Haw Battled Rioli and despite doing OK still had three goals kicked on him. 4
22 Syd Modest performance. Didn’t hurt Swans with ball in hand. 4
23 GWS Matched up on Smith at half back and got a bit of ball but the GWS man was handy too. 6
EF Adel Had Cameron early then went to Betts later in game. Tough night for defenders. 4

2015 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Shoulder.
2 Shoulder.
3 Shoulder.
4 Shoulder.
5 Shoulder.
6 VFL Got through first game back unscathed. -
7 VFL Nearing full fitness after 18 disposal outing. -
8 VFL Had 17 touches but lacked support in heavy loss. -
9 VFL Worked into the game well after half time. -
10 VFL One of the Roosters’ best with 26 disposals on a wing. -
11 VFL Linked well between defence and attack. 28 disposals. -
12 VFL Despite not having big numbers (16 disp), had a big impact. -
13 VFL Bye. -
14 VFL In and out of the game. Solid but not outstanding. -
15 Geel OK but certainly didn’t set the game alight. Will he keep his spot? 4
16 Ess Gave a gift to Hooker then subbed out at half time with hamstring issue. 2
17 Hamstring.
18 VFL Eased back in and had 13 touches in big win. -
19 Melb Sub. On in final term for a few handy touches. 1
20 VFL Responded well with 25 touches and four rebounds. -
21 VFL Bye. -
22 VFL Not his best game but OK with 18 touches. -
23 Rich Did his bit and contributed. 5
EF -
SF -
PF -

2014 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess Began on Hardingham and was troubled. Better in second half. 5
2 WB Lifted intensity in third quarter. 5
3 Port Took some good marks and did his bit with two goals. 6
4 Syd Kicked two goals and particularly busy early in the game. 6
5 Coll Youngster struggled to impact in any department and couldn’t find the footy 2
6 Frem 19 touches and a goal and provided drive at times. 5
7 GCS Gave some run from defence and kicked a goal. 5
9 Hamstring.
10 Hamstring.
11 WCE Started well, but had quiet second half. 5
12 Rich Just battled down back but like many got better when side got on top. 4
13 Adel Not as effective as previous weeks. 4
14 Melb Two great running goals iced a steady effort from half-back. 7
15 Bris Started on Taylor and won that duel. 6
16 VFL OK after being dropped from senior team. 16 touches. -
17 StK Reasonable effort on Billings and didn’t let him cut loose. 5
18 VFL Played on wing and finished with 30 touches, two goals. -
19 Geel Subbed out after having no impact. 2
20 GWS Sub. Got a bit of it after coming on for Black. 2
21 VFL Won plenty of the ball – 34 disposals, 13 marks. -
22 Adel Late inclusion did a good job defending. Even on tall Podsiadly at times. 5
23 Melb Used ball nicely on occasions and kicked a goal. Did his bit. 6
QF -
EF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Coll Started deep in defence and got his hands on the ball a lot. 5
2 Geel Probably best game for the club. Workrate and intensity first class from outset. 7
3 Syd In cracking form at the moment with desperation and run in defence. 7
4 Bris Kicked an amazing on run after taking five bounces. 6
5 Haw Looked OK again but had some uncharacteristic lapses. 5
6 Port Neade got away from him early, but he fought back. 5
7 WB Limped off at half time with ankle problem. 2
8 WCE On Wellingham at first. Had a reasonable game. 6
9 Adel Provided spark between the arcs and did lift in final term (eight disp). 6
10 StK Made space running wide and picked up a lot of the ball. 7
11 GCS Worked hard and got a good mix of contested and uncontested possessions. 5
13 Frem Kept Walters tied down early but then he got away. 5
14 GWS Hit target with everything he did and was steady throughout. 6
15 Rich Opposed to King and had trouble at times, but got forward to hurt him the other way. 7
16 Bris Busy with Zorko early and was solid. 6
17 Carl On Garlett who got away a couple of times early. 4
18 Melb Two monster goals from outside 50 from the running defender. 6
19 Geel Monster effort: nine rebounds, two inside-50s, one goal, and great ball use. 8
20 Adel Picked up Petrenko and was OK. 5
21 Ess Went onto Davey in second half and worked hard in the defensive role. 5
22 Haw Provided pace and cool head on back-line at times. Slotted goals from 55m late. 6
23 Coll What he did was steady with 16 disposals without starring. 5

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess Quiet overall. 3
2 GWS Came on for Thomas and had 16 touches in less than a half. 5
4 VFL 25 possessions and a goal. -
5 GCS Precision kicking was a feature as he found 20 disposals. 6
6 WCE Subbed on at the start of the final term. Tried to give the team run. 3
7 VFL 28 touches in the midfield. One of the Roosters best. -
8 VFL OK early but drifted out of the game as it wore on. -
12 VFL 13 possessions. OK at times. -
13 VFL Broke the lines on his way to 23 possessions and a goal. -
14 VFL Continued his good form with 22 disposals. -
15 VFL Nice outing with 21 disposals in midfield. -
16 VFL Had 20 possessions opposed to Milera. -
17 VFL Up and down game. Defence was iffy but used ball well. -
19 WB Played sub role well by providing some life with fresh legs in final term. 3
22 VFL Capped off a solid year with 33 touches. -
23 GWS Busy game in midfield and at half back. 6