Jonathon PATTON

#12   GWS Giants

Age: 26yr 3mth Games: 77 Born: May 20, 1993
Height: 198cm Weight: 101kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Hulking forward looked sharp in pre-season. Every reason to suggest he can break 50-goal barrier for first time in career.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Adel Looks like he is carrying a hip injury and was held by Kyle Hartigan. 3
2 Hip.
3 NEAFL Returned from injury and kicked two goals, but was always a threat inside-50. -
4 Port The match-winner in attack with six goals. Proved to be too big and too strong for Clurey. 9
5 Syd Kicked one goal and tried hard but wasn’t a major factor in the game. 4
6 WB Cement hands happening on occasions but jagged three goals including ripping set-shot to give side lead in final term. Three goals. 6
7 StK Really well held by Brown and managed just one goal from six kicks. Workrate okay but couldn’t find the ball. 3
8 Coll Found himself the target of few entries and well held by Dunn early but two goals from strong marks were telling. 6
9 Rich Took some towering marks and although he was goalless continues to look every bit the part of a No.1 pick. 4
10 WCE Kicked two goals and took three contested marks. Gave them a presence. 6
11 Ess Pushed up the ground to get his footy and was held goalless by Hartley. Took eight marks. 5
12 Carl Kicked first goal in opening minutes and another in second term but for most part was well held by Jones. 4
13 Bye.
14 Bris Broke away from Andrews to haul in 13 marks and four goals including one from 55m. Even had a successful stint in ruck. Huge. 9
15 Geel Giants’ most dangerous forward with four goals. Took a towering contested mark in final term then drew scores level. 8
16 Haw In red hot form. Five goals straight and 10 marks. His knee surgeon deserves a pat on the back 8
17 Syd Struggled to clunk them early, but two huge bombs from outside 50 saw him as a possible match winner. Faded late. 7
18 Rich Big man’s only goal came in final term when game was effectively done. Not great conditions for a marking forward. 3
19 Frem Played on Hamling for most of the day and the pair probably played out a draw. Not his best day but two goals were influential. 5
20 Hamstring.
21 WB Three first-term goals had GWS on the back foot. Fourth goal came in final quarter. 6
22 WCE Floated in and out but at key stages late he was an important lead up target. 5
23 Geel Kicked first goal of the game and looked set for a big one but didn’t go on with it; 1.1 from 11 possessions. 5
QF Adel Aside from the odd mark, Talia was his master for much of the night. 4
SF WCE Two early misses, but then rectified it in third term. Imposing at times with his marking. 23 touches, 10 marks. 7
PF Rich Looked good in first half playing up the ground. One of the better players for the team. 6

2016 Season

1 Played in NEAFL trial against Sydney.
2 Geel Inaccurate kicking a blemish but marked ball well and proved a handy inclusion. 4
3 Syd Beaten mostly by Richards, but did make the most of his limited chances. 3
4 Port Roamed around the forward line with a lot of confidence, taking nine marks. 4
5 StK Took a few strong marks but didn’t have kicking boots on. Will work on partnership with Cameron. 4
6 Haw Despite a favourable match-up on O’Brien, unable to get in on the party. 3
7 Frem Booted two goals but barely saw the ball. 4
8 GCS Always made a contest in the forward line and deserved his two goals. 5
9 WB Played mostly in the forward half, but also helped out in the backline and made good decisions by foot. 5
10 Adel Switched to defence in a strange move from Cameron. 5
11 Geel One goal but soundly beaten by Henderson/Lonergan. Five marks, seven kicks. 3
12 Syd Made to work by Laidler in front half. Presented hard for six marks (two contested). 4
13 Ess Well held all afternoon but did kick one brilliant set shot goal. Eight marks. 5
14 Carl OK up forward before spending most of the second half down back. 4
16 Coll Looked dominant in attack in first term then ball didn’t come down for two quarters. 5
17 Bris Too much for Lester and a real problem for the Lions until, like some of the others, the rain came. 6
18 Port One goal in the third term, conditions didn’t suit big forwards. 4
19 Rich Led well in forward half and up the ground. Kicked just the one behind. 4
20 GCS Looked strong in the air and booted two goals. 7
21 WCE Loomed large in attack at stages after booting first goal. Ended with two. 5
22 Frem Kicked half-a-dozen in a day to remember. Marked strongly and kicked accurately. 8
23 NM Took Firrito to the cleaners to end up with second bag of goals on the trot. 8
QF Syd Hardly had a sniff on Sydney lock-down expert Grundy. 2
PF WB Ended night with four goals in an outstanding effort in a tight game. 8

2015 Season

1 Knee.
2 Knee.
3 Knee.
4 Knee.
5 Knee.
6 Knee.
7 Knee.
8 Knee.
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 NEAFL Made return from knee injury. On after half time and OK. -
16 NEAFL Monstered Leslie on way to a seven-goal haul. Ominous. -
17 NEAFL Starred again in attack with five goals. Moved beautifully. -
18 NEAFL Added another three goals to his hauls of five and seven. -
19 Ess Despite good NEAFL form, looked rusty back at top level. Goalless. 3
20 Port Received the cheers from his coach and teammates after his first goal in a year. 3
21 Syd Ended with two goals and a sore hip. Can hold his head up. 5
22 Rested.
23 Soreness.

2014 Season

1 Syd Showed what a commanding force he will be up forward. 6
2 StK Kept out of game by Delaney and had minimal influence. 2
3 Melb Put his body in right places at contests and kicked a couple of goals. 4
4 WB Imposing effort without hitting the scoreboard that hard. Took 13 marks. 7
5 Adel Well held by Sam Shaw. 2
6 GCS Snagged an early goal before being deployed to defence. 6
7 Port The big key forward presented well and kicked two in the third term. 6
8 WCE Used at both ends after having no impact in attack. 3
10 Rich Minimal impact at both ends. Started forward then went to Riewoldt. 3
11 Haw Struggled until final term when clunked two marks. Missed a sitter though. 4
12 Ess On Hooker. The focal target with no Cameron and showed some signs at times. 5
13 Bris Marked strongly and had the slight edge over Maguire. 5
14 Carl Moving freely, he is starting to show why he was a No.1 draft pick. 6
15 Syd Lost his battle with Grundy. 5
16 Adel Did a few things. On Rutten initially then minded by Otten. 4
17 Groin.
18 Geel Great battle against Taylor. Spent time in ruck as well. Two goals and nine marks 6
19 Rich Gave Rance a few headaches with his size and marking power. Ended with 2.3 6
20 NM Continued good form with two goals and spent more time in the ruck. 6
21 Melb Tragically tore ACL in second term. Put a major downer on the win. 2
22 Knee.
23 Knee.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Syd To end with three goals was a pretty good effort because Grundy beat him. 4
2 Port Big bloke was well contained by Trengove but still made a contribution. 4
3 StK Hurt knee when he went down in tackle in second term and subbed off. 2
4 Knee.
5 Knee.
6 Knee.
7 Knee.
8 Knee.
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 Knee.
16 Knee.
17 Knee.
18 Knee.
19 Knee.
20 Knee.
21 Knee.
22 Knee.
23 Knee.

2012 Season

4 NEAFL Rotated off the bench in his first match in seven months. -
7 NEAFL Provided glimpses of why he was the number 1 pick. -
8 NEAFL Got through another game and ran it out well. -
10 NEAFL Nearing an AFL debut after being the Giants best. -
12 Rich Much anticipated debut gave fans a glimpse of future glory. One nice goal. 4
13 Melb Body language not great and was physically shot it seemed before half time. 2
14 Syd Subbed out for the second straight game as he keeps working on his fitness. 3
15 Haw Kept being forced off the ground for treatment on a series of heavy knocks. 2
16 Adel Never stopped trying but received some heavy hits in a tough afternoon. 3
18 Coll Very quiet apart from a couple of nice contested marks before subbed out. 2
19 Port Limited by a non-existent pre-season, he is developing gradually. 3