#43   Collingwood

Age: 26yr 7mth Games: 32 Born: Nov 01, 1992
Height: 193cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Slipped back to the fringes of the squad with the influx of quality mids. Coudn’t crack a game in first two rounds of JLT series.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 VFL Won plenty of the ball with 25 touches and was often an outlet between the arcs. -
5 VFL Worked himslef into the ground from end to end. Had 29 possessions and was clearly the Maggies' best. -
6 Soreness.
7 Groin.
8 Groin.
9 Groin.
10 Groin.
11 Groin.
12 Groin.
13 Groin.
14 Groin.
15 Groin.
16 Groin.
17 Groin.
18 Groin.
19 Ankle.
20 Ankle.
21 Ankle.
22 Ankle.
23 Ankle.

2016 Season

1 Senior emergency.
2 Rich Rebounded well and worked up ground to provide an option. Ball use can improve but worked hard. 6
3 StK Close to Pies’ best. Took a couple of great contested marks and was busy all day trying to attack from the back half. 7
4 Melb Won his share of footy and defended well at half back. 6
5 Ess Used ball well when he got it and showed poise under pressure. Developing player. 6
6 WCE Had no trouble finding the ball. Used as an outlet from defence. 6
7 Carl A few costly error at times in the back half early. Settled but didn’t have a day to remember. 4
8 Bris Sluggish opening term (three disposals) before joining in on the party. 7
9 Geel Gave Motlop a bath in a superb effort that helped swing the game in Pies’ favour. 7
10 WB Not significant overall but kept working out of the backline. 4
11 Port Had 13 touches but wasn’t influential at any stage in the back half. 4
12 VFL Made a few errors but was handy enough across half back against Casey. -
13 VFL Bye. -
14 VFL Found plenty of the ball both in defence and through the middle. -
15 VFL Superb effort. Clean with ball use and took nine marks. -
16 VFL 25 touches, seven inside-50s and seven clearances in a big day out. -
17 VFL Provided plenty of drive between the arcs and was among the side’s best. -
18 VFL Bye. -
19 VFL In and out of the game but not his best outing. -
20 VFL Played forward in new role and was dangerous. Kicked three goals. -
21 WB In forward role which was unexpected, but one strong mark produced a goal. 3
22 GCS Provided a lead up option at half forward at times but had minimal impact. 4
23 Senior emergency.

2015 Season

1 Bris Subbed out in third term after failing to make much impact. 3
2 Adel A real surprise packet with 33 touches and 17 uncontested possessions. 8
3 StK Good-sized youngster shows every sign of taking his game to next level. 6
4 Ess Quiet day and coach had seen enough late in third and he was subbed out. 2
5 Carl Excellent performer on wing and has been at forefront of young improvers. 8
6 Geel Found the class rise from Blues to Cats a big jump. 5
7 Rich Started well but had to be moved from wing to defence after Toovey injury. 4
8 GCS Consistent performance on the wing. 5
9 NM Subbed out after barely being seen in opening half. 2
10 Melb Pies’ best with his play reading from defence. Grabbed 14 marks. 8
11 GWS Freed up behind the ball again but not the impact of last week. 4
13 Frem Continued to impress and did well until subbed out at three-quarter time. 5
14 Haw Kept Hill quiet early. Solid game. 5
15 Port Bobbed up here and there; quite good early. 5
16 WCE Started on Hill. Marked well and ran to make space. 6
17 WB No impact then subbed out. 2
18 Rested.
19 Rested.
20 Hip.
21 VFL 22 touches and two goals to play a key role. -
22 VFL Chopped off multiple Port attacks in floating role. -
23 Ess Made some blues with skill execution. Great year to play 17 games. 5

2014 Season

1 Ankle.
2 Ankle.
3 Ankle.
4 Ankle.
5 Ankle.
6 Ankle.
7 Ankle.
8 Ankle.
9 Ankle.
10 VFL Worked into the game after an injury layoff. OK. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Used in attack and showed a bit before a heavy knock. -
13 VFL Did some good things but was invisible at times. -
14 Concussion.
15 Ankle.
16 Ankle.
17 Ankle.
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Ankle.
21 Ankle.
22 Ankle.
23 Ankle.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 PM In and out of the game but what he did was clean. -
2 VFL Used the ball cleanly from defence. Likely type. -
3 VFL Among the Pies best down back. -
4 VFL Competed well again in the back half. -
5 VFL Chopped off quite a few Bendigo forward entries. -
6 Hip.
7 Hip.
8 VFL Had his hands full with Brown but had a big final term. -
9 VFL Used the ball well but didn’t have a big day. -
10 VFL Cool under pressure and ball use very good. Nice mover. -
11 Melb Sub. On early third term and did a couple of nice things from defence. 2
12 WB Sub came on in third quarter. 1
14 VFL Quiet day for the most part until a shift to half back late. -
15 VFL In and out of the game without much impact. -
16 VFL Bye. -
17 VFL Slow start but worked into the game and showed courage in final term. -
18 VFL Composed effort in defence. Had 15 possessions and used it well. -
19 VFL Calm down back and ended with 22 handy possessions. -
20 VFL Mopped up well in the back half with 25 touches and six rebounds. -
21 VFL Composed effort in defence. Used the ball well. -
22 VFL Composed effort again in defence. One of the Pies best. -
23 VFL OK down back after a sloppy start. Used the ball mostly cleanly. -