#5   Essendon

Age: 26yr 3mth Games: 110 Born: May 20, 1993
Height: 176cm Weight: 77kg Position:

2017 Digest:   One of many stars to sit out practice match against Eagles but straight back in. Key player across half forward.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Adel Three terrific goals from half forward in the third term. 7
2 GCS Used in attack, but also off a wing and was damaging with ball in hand. Kicked three goals and was one of the Giants’ best. 8
3 NM Won the ball well at half forward, and six tackles an indicator of his work-rate. 6
4 Port Found ball well, but didn’t kick a goal and missed a few targets by foot. Not his best outing in attack and midfield. 5
5 Syd Up and about in attack and took the game up to the Swans with a couple of important goals. 6
6 WB Restricted well in first half but lifted to be a solid contributor after the main break; 24 disposals but only one inside-50. 6
7 StK Lively performance highlighted by one long goal on three-quarter time siren. Did his bit with four inside-50s and four clearances. 6
8 Coll Picked up by namesake Josh, and not a factor in first half, although wound up with 24 possessions. 5
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 Knee.
15 Geel Quiet one. Six kicks, no goals, no clearances and two inside-50s. 3
16 Haw Benefitted from not having Steve Johnson and Toby Greene there. Two goals and knows how to find space. 6
17 Syd Lively at the contest, but substance was down. 15 disposals and a goal. 5
18 Rich Struggled to impact the flow of the contest despite grabbing 23 possessions. Six inside-50s and four clearances. 6
19 Frem Started on fire, then slowed, but his early final term goal was massive for the Giants. 5
20 Melb Massive third term with two goals after a quiet start, then drifted from game too. 4
21 Knee.
22 WCE Low-key day at half forward. Not his best and had a shocking howler running down the wing in third term. 3
23 Geel Half forward missed two chances for goal and managed only eight effective disposals. 4
QF -
SF Knee.
PF Senior emergency.

2016 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Melb Kicked 1.2 and got dangerous on occasions without consistently being a threat. 5
2 Geel Two goals from 11 kicks and got involved without setting the world on fire. 5
3 Syd Found a bit of the ball playing mostly at half forward, but didn’t impact the scoreboard. 4
4 Knee.
5 StK Bobbed up with a few goals and worked hard in the front half. 6
6 Knee.
7 Knee.
8 Knee.
9 Knee.
10 Knee.
11 Knee.
12 Knee.
13 Knee.
14 NEAFL Good in return game from knee injury. Didn’t convert his chances with 0.3. -
15 NEAFL Bye. -
16 Coll In long awaited return he looked sharp and delivered the ball well. 5
17 Bris Had 26 touches (nine in last quarter), and two goals and still unable to make best four or five. 7
18 Port Another Giants sharpshooter with two crucial goals. 7
19 Rich Incredible work-rate – laid a game-high 14 tackles. 7
20 GCS Found plenty of space though was a little wasteful with the footy. 6
21 WCE Took his chances in front of goal to end with two majors and was handy in the contests. 5
22 Frem Struggled to impact the scoreboard and appears down on some form. 4
23 NM Busy from the outset in front half. 23 touches and two goals a good return. 7
QF Syd Incisive running into forward zone, and maintained high defensive pressure. 7
PF WB One goal but generally quiet. Only six of 16 touches were kicks. 5

2015 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 StK Only four touches in the first half then lifted a tough to provide some run. 4
2 Melb Two third-term goals got him into the game after a sluggish start. 6
3 Syd Huge around the ball (17 contested poss) but failed to hit the scoreboard. 7
4 GCS Dangerous in attack and pressed up into midfield with good effect. 7
5 WCE Butchered the footy. 4
6 Haw Made the most of his opportunities up forward with three goals. 6
7 Carl Curnow kept him relatively quiet on the night. 4
8 Adel Bounced back from a quiet outing to be a strong performer. 7
9 WB Well down on his normal output. 3
10 Bris Worked up the ground into midfield but was inaccurate in front of goal. 6
11 Coll Worked up into midfield. Made some errors but tried hard. 5
12 NM Dal Santo ran off him at half forward and wasn’t able to hit scoreboard. 4
14 Rich Quiet first half then got going to be a factor after half time. 5
15 StK Geary lifted his impact on the game. 4
16 GCS The ice man who booted three final-quarter goals. Huge match. 9
17 Geel Cats nullified his impact. Kicked two behinds and ended the game injured. 4
18 Knee.
19 Ess Quiet start but kicked two goals to play part in second half surge. 5
20 Port Had five clearances and created three goal scoring chances. 5
21 Knee.
22 Carl Didn’t hit the scoreboard but worked up through midfield with good effect. 7
23 Melb Hard worker forward of centre and laid 10 tackles to keep in the game. 7

2014 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Syd Not backward in giving some lip to big names. Did his bit. 5
2 StK Gave St Kilda enormous difficulties early and finished with five goals. 8
3 Melb Solid game this week and tackled fiercely. 6
4 Suspended.
5 Adel Has great pace and used it for his six inside-50s. 6
6 GCS Sloppy disposal and shots at goal were disappointing. 4
7 Port Growing as a small forward and sometime midfielder, one of the best. 8
8 WCE Lively in attack when the ball came his way. Two goals. 6
10 Rich Worked hard at half forward with Dea tracking him. Goalless though. 5
11 Haw Class player kicked four goals and laid 10 tackles in brilliant half-forward display. 8
12 Ess Worked extremely hard all night and was at the forefront of team’s big effort. 7
13 Bris OK without setting the world on fire. 5
14 Carl Kicked an early goal, but was otherwise quiet in his 50th game. 4
15 Syd A ball magnet of late, again one of the Giants' best players. 7
16 Adel Matched on Brown and won a lot of the ball. 6
17 Frem Well held by Sutcliffe among others. Didn’t get the footy in dangerous spots. 5
18 Geel Well controlled by the Cats in terms of keeping him off the scoresheet. 5
19 Rich Didn’t kick a goal at half forward but tackled hard – eight tackles and was lively. 6
20 NM Worked up the ground from front half to get involved. Two goals were handy. 6
21 Melb Despite best efforts of Jetta he contributed six inside-50s, two goals, five tackles. 8
22 Coll Dangerous inside attacking 50 again with two goals. Smart player. 6
23 WB Ice in his veins with game winner in final seconds. Capped a strong year. 6
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Syd Kicked great goal in second term but that was his only highlight. 8
2 Port OK without starring. 4
3 StK A couple of nice goals but tunneling on Geary was unnecessary and dangerous. 5
4 Suspended.
5 GCS Really good game highlighted by a long torpedo goal. 7
6 Ess Quiet day by the former Geelong Falcon. 4
7 Adel Not a great day. 3
8 Haw Fair share of the ball and tackled strongly. 5
9 WCE Produced hardness and strong tackling against the more mature Eagles. 5
10 Carl OK without shining. 5
11 Geel Six tackles, four clearances and eight cont poss a solid afternoon. 6
12 Port Tried hard and laid some good tackles but wasn’t really a factor in attack. 4
14 NM Only six effective disposals and one clearance not enough to impact match. 3
15 WB Such a feisty competitor, right up with Shiel as the best Giants on the day. 8
16 Syd Run down a few times but had a crack across half forward. Kicked a late goal. 4
17 Ess A little down on his recent form, failing to trouble the scorers this week. 4
18 Coll Manned up by Shaw and although having some moments, the Magpie has his measure. 4
19 Melb Dangerous in the front half and caused Clisby plenty of headaches. 7
20 Frem Eight disposals and a goal in first half and ended with 18. Laid team-high 10 tackles. 6
21 Hip.
22 Hip.
23 Hip.

2012 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Syd Took the game up to the Swans early. 4
2 NM Big second quarter. 4
3 WCE Battled on at half forward. Worked hard and created a few chances. 5
4 Adel Missed three shots on goal, so not too far away from a breakout game. 4
5 WB Had an immediate impact, useful for the amount of playing time. 4
6 Carl Had five clearances and six tackles to go with disposals. Looked good. 7
7 GCS Very good player kicking two goals and chipping in with four clearances. 6
9 Ess Continues to impress, getting under Lovett-Murray’s skin and playing his role. 6
10 Geel Former Falcon didn’t get into the game at all (three kicks) in a quiet day. 2
12 Rich Only two effective disposals and is another who has hit the mid-season wall. 2
13 Melb Kept working after a slow start but only one clearance and two inside-50s. 6
14 Syd Toiled hard, but couldn’t get on top of the Swans’ dominant midfielders. 4
15 Haw Never takes a backwards step but gives away silly free kicks at times. 5
16 Adel Competed hard as always but cut a battered and bruised figure afterwards. 3
18 Coll Got over some goalkicking yips with three straight, doubling his season tally. 5
19 Port Snared eight marks, six tackles and five inside 50s in a solid contribution. 6
20 GCS Tried hard all night, with 25 possessions and a goal. 7
21 Melb Always puts in a strong effort, but eight clangers undermined his afternoon. 4
22 StK Didn’t get into the game. 3
23 NM A sub in the third term, didn’t find much ball, but used it well. 3