#42   Port Adelaide

Age: 28yr 9mth Games: 104 Born: Jan 09, 1991
Height: 189cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Suspension then a hamstring injury saw him miss most of last season but has featured in both JLT matches and been steady.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Syd Dour defender mixed good and bad as only he can. Held his defensive end up pretty well. 4
2 Frem Good duel with Shane Kersten with Jonas taking out the honours. 6
3 Adel Did well to keep Eddie Betts to three goals, he looked sharp all evening. 6
4 GWS Excellent effort in negating Cameron’s scoreboard impact, keeping him to just one goal. 7
5 Carl The one Port defender who lost out on the night to the hardworking Levi Casboult. 4
6 Bris Even when the match was decided, he was still putting his body on the line in defence. 6
7 WCE Did a great job keeping the reigning Coleman medallist Josh Kennedy to two goals. 6
8 GCS Towelled up Lynch and forced the Suns star into the back half. Outstanding performance. 9
9 Bye.
10 Geel Thrown task on Menzel and can hold his head high given Cat managed just one goal. 6
11 Haw Stress free night in defence given total domination across the entire field. Did what was required but only four kicks. 4
12 Ess All at sea early amid Bomber blitz down back and only improved slightly. One to forget. 3
13 Bris Doesn’t give his opponent an inch, as strong a dour defender as they come. 6
14 Coll Third tall defender just used his fist Mick Schulz-style. Rugged and tackled hard when he got the opportunity. 6
15 Rich Kept Sam Lloyd to one goal and provided five rebound-50’s. 6
16 WCE Didn’t concede much in defence. Held firm in contests. 5
17 NM In a team defence performance along with Tom Clurey and Logan Austin shut down the big Kangaroo forwards. 6
18 Melb Gave Watts a toweling down back and was one of the most consistent Port players. 7
19 StK Worked hard in cutting off Saints and had a solid game down back. 5
20 Adel Went to Taylor Walker and just couldn’t cope with his body use and smarts with the footy in hand. 4
21 Coll Unlucky to man up on Sam Reid, did some good things but Reid won the personal battle with four goals. 4
22 WB Started on Stringer, then had Bontempelli when he rested forward. Booed for much of day after off-ball bump on Dahlhaus. 7
23 Suspended.
EF Suspended.

2016 Season

1 StK Played as the third tall in defence, switching with Trengove. 5
2 Adel Playing tall on the smaller Crows forwards and found wanting. 3
3 Ess Nullified Ambrose when he shifted to the forward line. 6
4 GWS Did his job on Tomlinson and was serviceable in the back half. 4
5 Geel Took Kersten/Stanley among others. Dour type who doesn’t do much offensively. 3
6 Rich Went to Vickery and did a fine job to negate the big man’s impact. 7
7 Bris Kept Walker to no goals and just two contested marks. 6
8 Carl Not really a factor in terms of attack from defence. 3
9 WCE Late elbow on Gaff should see him miss at least two matches. 3
10 Suspended.
11 Suspended.
12 Suspended.
13 Suspended.
14 Suspended.
15 Suspended.
16 Suspended.
17 Suspended.
18 Hamstring.
19 Hamstring.
20 Hamstring.
21 Hamstring.
22 Hamstring.
23 Hamstring.

2015 Season

1 Frem Beat Mayne. Easily won that battle. 6
2 Syd Won lots of the footy across half-back. 6
3 NM Did what was required in back half and provided a good aerial assistance. 6
4 Haw Took care of Puopolo when he was in the game. 4
5 Adel Struggled to keep up with Betts. 4
6 WCE Struggling as the shutdown defender on the small forwards. 5
7 Bris Shadowed Zorko to some effect. 5
8 Rich Another player who is struggling to meet the standards set last year. 5
9 Melb Just eight touches but defended strongly. 5
10 WB Restricted livewire forward Dickson to one goal. 6
11 Geel Didn’t have a match-up and unable to impact game in either phase. 3
12 Carl Variety of opponents and battled hard without starring. Two rebound 50s. 4
14 Syd Loose on Goodes and made some horror mistakes. Suspect under pressure. 4
15 Quad.
16 Quad.
17 SANFL Showed some good signs in defence in return from injury. -
18 SANFL Looked totally out of sorts. -
19 SANFL A better effort in defence but not quite the Jonas of old just yet. -
20 GWS Cameron may have got three goals but Jonas won the battle. 6
21 Haw Gunston was his opponent and proved a bit slippery in front half. 5
22 GCS Had his hands full with Lynch but stuck to the task. 5
23 Frem A stint in the twos was the tonic to bring his best form. 6

2014 Season

1 Carl Had a variety of forwards to cover and was under siege at times. 4
2 Adel Stood firm in defence when his team needed him. 4
3 NM Struggled under pressure making four critical errors and gave away some costly frees. 3
4 Bris Started the match on Zorko and kept him relatively quiet. 6
5 WCE Kept Hill quiet which helped Port over the line. 6
6 Geel Took Burbury to the cleaners and was tough down back. 6
7 GWS Got the better of Cameron in the first half before being subbed out. 5
8 Groin.
9 Groin.
10 Groin.
11 Groin.
12 StK Played as the third tall in defence allowing Trengove to start forward. 5
13 Syd Another Port defender who found himself without an opponent. 5
14 WB Kicked his first AFL goal in his 44th AFL match. 5
15 Adel Great dual with Lynch, both were good for their teams. 6
16 Ess Dealt with both Carlisle and Hurley at centre half back. 6
17 Rich Gave away size to Vickery and battled hard under constant pressure. 5
18 Melb Great battle with James Frawley, allowing just one goal. 5
19 Coll Defensively did his job playing on taller opponents and was hard at it. 6
20 Syd Did the job on Goodes and pumped the footy inside-50 five times. 6
21 GCS Chopped off a few Suns’ attacks and was generally sturdy in defence. 7
22 Carl Curbed the influential Menzel out of the game. 6
23 Frem Toiled hard in defence. 5
EF Rich Outstanding as the plus-one in defence, his reading of play was exceptional. 8
SF Frem Mayne caused him a few troubles but injured and subbed out at half time. 2
PF Haw Got the job on Breust and kept him goalless. Turned into a fine defender. 7
GF -

2013 Season

1 Melb One of quieter Port players but didn’t do a great deal wrong. 4
2 GWS Youngster spent his time in defence and did a couple of nice things. 3
3 Adel Moved onto Walker and kept him goalless in the last quarter. 6
4 GCS Battled well against taller opponents. 4
5 WCE Lucky Cox hit the post from an awful turnover across goals. 5
6 NM Kept on his toes by the menacing Thomas. 3
7 Rich Had the tough task of lining up on Riewoldt and came off second best. 4
8 Carl Wobbly early but recovered. Battled gamely down back against the tide. 5
9 Geel Gave away height and weight in defence to a variety of opponents. OK. 4
10 WB Used as a key defender and although he gave away inches, competed well. 6
12 GWS Kept Cameron goalless until deep into the final term. Superb effort. 8
13 Syd Had the tough task on Goodes early and was OK. 5
14 Coll Took on Swan when he went forward. 6
15 Ess Had the job on Hurley and stuck to his task, but outsprinted in a few key moments. 4
16 Haw Played more as the plus-one in defence and proved serviceable. 5
17 StK Went to Milne early and used strength to effect a number of times. 6
18 Suspended.
19 Suspended.
20 Suspended.
21 GCS Played on first-year player Sumner and kept him to one goal. 6
22 Frem Key role on Ballantyne but unable to curtail him. 3
23 Carl Saved a goal in the second term beating Henderson in the goal square. 4
EF Coll Picked up the much smaller Blair, then on Keeffe when Magpie went forward. 5
SF Geel Low key in defence. 3

2012 Season

1 SANFL Had 10 possessions and tried hard. -
2 SANFL Quiet game with just the seven touches. -
3 SANFL Just the eight touches. Quiet. -
5 SANFL Injured his knee in Norwood’s win over North on Friday night. -
10 SANFL 11 possessions playing down back. -
11 SANFL Fairly quiet with just nine touches for Norwood. -
12 SANFL 17 touches across half back and through middle. -
13 SANFL Collected 11 touches. Just fair. -
14 Geel Spent time on Johnson at half back and was OK in first game of the season. 6
15 Adel Started on Shaun McKernan and was serviceable. 4
16 Ess Had the job on Alwyn Davey and was fortunate he didn’t kick straight. 3
17 Melb Not significant. 3
18 Frem Had his hands full with Chris Mayne all afternoon. 4
19 GWS Had a very quiet game off a halfback flank, but he wasn’t alone. 2
21 WCE Playing his part down back with minimal effect. 4
22 Bris Had the tough task of running with the inform Tom Rockliff and did OK. 5
23 Rich Didn’t touch the ball often enough to be a factor but great experience. 3