#19   GWS Giants

Age: 27yr 3mth Games: 82 Born: May 18, 1992
Height: 193cm Weight: 89kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Athletic defender got valuable game time against Swans and is a certain to round out preparations against the Roos.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Adel Could not contain the Crows midfielders when they rotated through half forward. 4
2 GCS Gave handy aerial support in defence and was able to press higher up the ground the longer the game went. 6
3 NM 11 kicks coming off half back/wing. Did a few nice things. 4
4 Port Plenty of ball in the back half, mostly as a spare at half back. Good contributor in the win. 7
5 Syd Showed good judgment and anticipation in the backline and his output is under-rated. 7
6 WB Athleticism a feature of a wonderful game where he defended well and attacked at every opportunity. 8
7 Hamstring.
8 Hamstring.
9 Hamstring.
10 Hamstring.
11 Hamstring.
12 Hamstring.
13 Hamstring.
14 Bris Won his duel with Berry but overall only a minor player. 4
15 Geel Great game in defence. Kept Cats at bay a lot and won 26 possessions. He is a gun and few know it. 8
16 Haw Brave in the air. But copped one in the ribs then hobbled off with a leg injury in the third quarter. Came back and got crunched again 5
17 Syd Still not back to his form pre-injury, but some okay signs. Need him up and firing come September. 5
18 Rich Rebounding defender okay early then went forward in second half to play a role on Rance. Kicked one goal. 5
19 Frem One of the Giants’ better players when things weren’t going their way in the middle of the match. 19 touches went at 95 per cent. 7
20 Melb Took some good marks and provided run from the back half. Solid game. 7
21 WB Couple of clangers early but found range later in game to be an effective defender. 5
22 WCE His intercept ability and rebound from defence was massive all day. Went at 94% from 17 disposals. 7
23 Geel Rebounding defender struggled to impact. Started well but couldn’t sustain it. 4
QF Adel Had time on McGovern and was good in early stages. Soldiered on under pressure. 6
SF WCE Floated across the defensive zone. Hobbled by knee issue in third term but appeared okay. 5
PF Rich Struggled early but warmed into the game in second half when side was being well beaten. 5

2016 Season

1 Played in NEAFL trial against Sydney.
2 NEAFL Continued to build form and fitness. Not far away from senior return. -
3 NEAFL Continued his run back to full fitness in defence. Not far away from senior return. -
4 NEAFL Nearing full fitness after another good showing. Important when sent forward late. -
5 NEAFL Doing all he can in the back half to force his way back into senior team. 29 touches. -
6 Haw Late inclusion for Griffen and didn’t look like he’d missed a beat in defence. 6
7 Frem Solid in defence. Took seven marks. 5
8 GCS Found space in the back half and made good decisions with the ball. 5
9 WB Starting to cement his place in the backline and was impressive on Bulldogs’ resting rucks. 6
10 Adel Magnificent job on Jenkins, giving up 7cm and 17kg. One who stood tall. 7
11 Geel Took Kersten (two goals) in an even battle. Solid without starring down back. 5
12 Syd Found a lot of the ball in the back half, but was just beaten by Rose. 4
13 Ess Took Brown in a good duel. Intercepted well but copped hard knock in third term. 6
14 Carl Defended stoutly on several opponents and got in the right spots to take nine marks. 5
16 Coll Excellent early and kept battling on. 5
17 Bris A couple of second half goals improved his worth. 5
18 Port Excellent as the plus-one in defence, mopped up every wayward attack. 7
19 Ill.
20 GCS Did not standout, though did some useful things. 5
21 WCE OK for the most part down back but got a rotten bounce in closing stages. 5
22 Frem Desperate and fearless in the air down back. Appeared to be everywhere. 7
23 NM Versatile in roles on Daw and Anderson in defence. Played his part. 6
QF Syd Often found himself as the spare defender. OK at times. 5
PF WB Strong effort down back all night. Stood up to the challenge superbly. 7

2015 Season

1 StK Had the job on Bruce who got away on him at times to kick two goals. 5
2 Melb Cut off a few early attack to warm into the game. Ran it out well despite leg knock. 6
3 Syd Rebounded when needed to and tried hard. Plenty of promise. 5
4 GCS Provided great support to fellow defenders and is developing very well. 7
5 WCE Turned the footy over too much. 4
6 Haw Battled hard in the backline and always created a contest. 5
7 Carl Impassable at half back. Chopped off multiple Carlton attacks. 7
8 Adel Continued strong season in defence. Kept Lynch under wraps. 7
9 WB Limped off late second term, but came back. 3
10 Groin.
11 Coll Went to White then Cloke in second half. Outsized in final quarter. 5
12 NM Took 11 marks in under fire defence. Far from the worst on the day. 6
14 Groin.
15 StK Kept Schneider quiet all day. 6
16 GCS Held his own in defence and took some good intercept marks. 5
17 Geel Great performance. Had Walker covered and won the ball himself. 7
18 Groin.
19 Ess Bobbed up unexpectedly with first goal but had issues at times with Laverde. 5
20 Port Tremendous at half back with his rebound and intercept marking. 6
21 Syd Quiet down back then subbed out. 3
22 Groin.
23 Groin.

2014 Season

1 Syd Will definitely be a player in defence. Applies good pressure. Lot to like. 6
2 StK One of several players who worked in tandem on Riewoldt. 5
3 Melb Surprised to find himself lining up on Frawley and did a fair job. 5
4 WB One of his better games at the top level. Pushed forward for a goal. 6
5 Adel Ran off from CHB and created plenty of drive out of defence. 7
6 GCS Useful contribution. 5
7 Port Cleaned up a number of Port entries and added six rebound 50s. 6
8 WCE Injured ankle in first five minutes and was subbed. 1
10 Ankle.
11 Ankle.
12 Ankle.
13 Ankle.
14 Ankle.
15 Ankle.
16 Ankle.
17 Ankle.
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Ankle.
21 Ankle.
22 Ankle.
23 Ankle.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 NEAFL Solid in defence under plenty of pressure. -
2 NEAFL Among the Giants better players in loss to Brisbane. -
3 NEAFL Most influential player on the ground. Won plenty of ball. -
4 Melb Had a few good touches and provided a good link at times. 5
5 GCS On Hall and neither had much say in the game. 3
6 NEAFL Bye. -
7 NEAFL Not his best game in loss to Swans reserves. -
8 Rested.
9 NEAFL Worked into the game well to be a good contributor. -
10 NEAFL Did well in the back half in win over Hills Eagles. -
11 NEAFL Continued to develop his game. Among the Giants best. -
12 NEAFL Named best for the Giants running through midfield. -
13 NEAFL Bye. -
14 NM Did some good things down back and won a few one-on-ones. 5
15 WB The youngster has strung together consecutive quality games for the first time. 7
16 Syd A deer in the headlights at times in defence. 3
17 Ess Would be in line for the club's most improved player award. 6
18 Coll Did well in patches down back by allowed Sidebottom too much space at times. 5
19 Melb Starting to settle into his role in defence. Had Tapscott and did a good job. 5
20 Hamstring.
21 Bris Hardly sighted. 4
22 Rich Beaten comprehensively by A.Edwards. 3
23 GCS Would be happy with his finish to the season. 5

2012 Season

4 NEAFL Did well in his first full game of the season. -
5 NEAFL One of the best playing as a lead up forward. Three goals. -
7 NEAFL Quiet day but managed a goal. -
8 NEAFL Tried hard and can hold his head high. -
10 Geel Caused a few problems for Cats in first half then disappeared out of game. 3
14 NEAFL Capped off a good effort with an eye-catching goal late. -
15 Haw Back in the team for his second game, started as the sub. 3
16 Adel After a slow start to the season, Haynes is starting to add to the forward line. 4
17 Frem Didn’t have an impact. 2
18 Coll Came on as a late sub and had little impact. 1
19 NEAFL Booted a goal but was in and out of the game. -
20 NEAFL Solid display on the half back flank. -
21 Melb Chased the ball all day long, but it refused to co-operate. 3
22 StK At full back against Wilkes. 5
23 NM Showed vast improvement over the second half of the year. 5