Brendon AH CHEE

#41   West Coast

Age: 25yr 6mth Games: 27 Born: Dec 21, 1993
Height: 188cm Weight: 89kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Another Port player who needs to close the gap between best and worst. Needs a good start to re-establish himself in best 22.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 -
2 -
3 SANFL Easily Port’s best with 30 possessions and three goals. On the cusp of an AFL recall. -
4 SANFL Laid as many tackles (eight) as he had disposals. Big drop-off after a sterling Round One display. -
5 SANFL Back to his best with 21 disposals and tree majors. An elite talent at SANFL level. -
6 SANFL Only 15 disposals but competed well in the air and crashed in typically hard. -
7 SANFL In red-hot form. Monstered Sturt in the clinches with 25 disposals, nine clearances and two majors. -
8 GCS Back in the side and added some zip and defensive workrate as forward. Rewarded with a career-best three goals. 7
9 Bye.
10 Geel Got under the guard for 16 touches and a goal but was wasteful at times given only seven effective disposals. 4
11 Haw Stylish goal on stroke off half time and string throughout with six clearances and six inside-50. Getting better each week. 7
12 Ess Didn’t touch the Sherrin until second term and had no impact at all. 3
13 SANFL Bore in for 22 disposals and seven tackles but definitely wasn’t at his best. -
14 SANFL Bye. -
15 SANFL Tough afternoon but did plenty of good things with 24 possessions and four inside 50s. -
16 SANFL Chalked up 23 possessions and his bullocking clearance work, especially in the second term, floored the Crows. -
17 SANFL Port’s best in losing cause. Typically, tough on the ground and exciting aerially, finishing with 24 touches. -
18 SANFL Dynamic once again with three majors and 29 possessions. His third quarter was particularly sizzling. -
19 Bye.
20 SANFL Had 22 touches and six tackles and was enjoyed a massive second half. The Power could have used his grunt in Showdown disaster. -
21 Coll Returned to the side and didn’t disappoint with a goal and lots of creativity. 5
22 SANFL Set the tone early for the Pies in their big win. Belligerent in the midfield with 24 touches and two goals. -
23 SANFL Pushed the ball into attack constantly and dangerously, chalking up 27 disposals, six inside 50s. -
EF SANFL Atoned for a poor effort against Sturt with an outstanding, bullocking midfield display, chalking up 22 possessions. -

2016 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 StK Spent plenty of time in the centre square but struggled in general play. 5
2 Adel Power won the tackle count 70-64, and Ah Chee led the way with nine. 5
3 Ess Started in the centre square on several occasions and won four clearances. 5
4 GWS Worked hard to win his own footy after a slow start. 4
5 SANFL Had a real red-hot crack with 22 possessions, seven tackles. -
6 Rich Half forward with Houli his opponent. Did some eye-catching things to play a role. 6
7 Bris The best exponent of the long handball in the game at the moment. 6
8 Carl In and out of the game playing a number of different roles. Just eight touches. 3
9 SANFL Kicked three goals and impressed with his tackling and pressure. -
10 SANFL Bye. -
11 SANFL Game-busting display, especially in the second half with two goals. -
12 SANFL Strong in the clinches again. His second half got Port moving. -
13 SANFL Had his moments and tried his hardest in a beaten midfield. -
14 SANFL Bye. -
15 SANFL Pinch-hit in ruck and tackled hard but never quite got going. -
16 SANFL Steady game in the clinches. Enjoyed a big fourth term. -
17 NM Strong in contests and one of the drivers of strong start. 6
18 GWS Second game back after being recalled, could return to the SANFL. 4
19 Bris Two goals, three contested marks and four scoring assists. Used his opportunities. 6
20 Syd Missed a few chances and was in and out of the game. Ball use was sloppy. 3
21 SANFL Hunted the footy ferociously and always looked threatening with it. -
22 SANFL Pulled down one of the marks of the year in a fine overall game. -
23 SANFL Bye. -

2015 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 -
2 SANFL Provided inside grunt, 23 touches, six tackles, two goals. -
3 NM Sub. Tackled hard when entering game in debut half way through final term. 1
4 Haw Got a reprieve with the late injury to Gray, played the last 20 minutes. 1
5 SANFL Awesome around the contest early but vanished in the second half. -
6 WCE Produced 30m handball in the final term to set up a Monfries goal. 2
7 SANFL Solid at the stoppages, chalking up 25 possessions. -
8 SANFL Bye. -
9 Knee.
10 SANFL Port's best with 30 touches, nine inside 50s and seven clearances. -
11 SANFL Huge first half in big win. Set the tone with his stoppage work. -
12 Carl Sub. Kicked a goal soon after coming on and had a handful of touches. 2
14 Syd Sent to Kennedy at one point but not up to that. Tried hard to find ball. 5
15 Coll Started as the sub, laid five tackles in minimal game time. 4
16 Adel Two clearances but very little else. 2
17 SANFL Not disgraced but certainly outpointed by Sturt's midfielders. -
18 SANFL Banged in for eight clearances but a bit off the boil. -
19 SANFL Pressing for an AFL recall. Had 26 touches, 12 tackles and a major. -
20 GWS Playing just his eighth game and best on ground with three goals. 8
21 Haw Backed up breakout game. Made up for late error with nice goal on run. 6
22 GCS Played second fiddle to Amon; did some nice things. 6
23 Frem Finished the game strongly with eight disposals in the last term. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 PM Weekend off. -
2 PM Did some nice things but needed to get more of it. -
3 SANFL Seven possessions, seven tackles summed up his evening. -
4 SANFL Played his part in landslide victory with two first-half goals. -
5 SANFL 11 touches and four inside 50s for the Magpies. OK. -
6 Ankle.
7 Ankle.
8 SANFL Was everywhere when the contest was on early. -
9 SANFL Huge goalsquare pack mark in third term his highlight. -
10 SANFL Played reasonably well. -
11 SANFL Bye. -
12 SANFL Tackled and ran hard both ways, tried hard at the stoppages. -
13 SANFL Strong performance with 20 touches and two-way running. -
14 SANFL Struggled to break the Bloods' shackles all day. -
15 SANFL Hurt Sturt with inside ball-winning and tackling pressure. -
16 SANFL Bye. -
17 SANFL Kicked Port's first goal and was good in patches in close. -
18 SANFL Tough and influential in the clinches and provided nice ruck relief. -
19 SANFL Provided grunt early and tackled hard all afternoon. -
20 SANFL Had a full crack but only had six kicks among his 28 possessions. -
21 SANFL Won his share of inside ball and provided brief ruck relief. -
22 SANFL Had a real crack in tight, chalking up 22 possessions, six clearances. -
23 SANFL Bye. -
QF SANFL Industrious early but went completely missing late. -
EF SANFL Industrious early but went completely missing late. -
SF SANFL Started slowly but was sizzling towards the end. -
PF SANFL Never stopped trying but made a couple of costly blues. -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 SANFL Minimal impact in South Adelaide’s loss to Glenelg. -
2 Knee.
3 SANFL Kicked a goal and was OK in Port Magpies reserves. -
4 SANFL Worked hard in South Adelaide reserves. -
5 SANFL Midfield spark in Port's reserves best win. -
6 SANFL Crashed in hard but did little away from the packs. -
7 SANFL Bye. -
8 Finger.
9 SANFL Recovered from injured finger and didn't look out of place. -
10 SANFL Bye. -
11 SANFL Played his role in huge Port triumph. -
12 SANFL Slotted a tide-turning second-quarter goal. -
13 SANFL Provided second-term spark for Port, otherwise quiet. -
14 SANFL Was influential in spurts. -
15 SANFL Bye. -
16 SANFL One of his better games for the Magpies. Fearless. -
17 SANFL Started brilliantly but provided nothing in second half. -
18 SANFL Barely got in the thick of the action in Port's win. -
19 SANFL Minimal impact in Magpies’ disappointing loss. -
20 SANFL Kicked a goal late in second term but not a lot else. -
21 SANFL Switched on early and remained serviceable in various roles. -
22 SANFL Had his moments but doesn't impose enough over four quarters. -
23 SANFL Started promisingly but faded out of the contest. -
QF SANFL Found niche as pinch-hitting forward, jagged three goals. -
EF SANFL Found niche as pinch-hitting forward, jagged three goals. -