#3   Port Adelaide

Age: 25yr 3mth Games: 58 Born: May 29, 1994
Height: 174cm Weight: 74kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Little fella faces a big battle to re-establish himself in the best 22. Needs a good start to the season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 SANFL Nine tackles and a goal but needed to provide more offensively. -
4 SANFL Slotted two goals. His run and pressure were features. -
5 SANFL Laid six tackles and was pretty good offensively too with 18 possessions. -
6 SANFL Picked up 22 touches and a goal but his ball use and decision making wasn’t great. -
7 SANFL Mixed bag. Kicked 2.3 and laid eight tackles but isn’t staying in matches for four quarters. -
8 SANFL Bye. -
9 SANFL Kicked a major but is struggling to recapture his old spark. -
10 SANFL Burrowed in for 11 tackles but didn't hit the scoreboard. -
11 SANFL Returned to form with a vengeance. Had 21 touches, kicked a goal and crunched in for 11 tackles. -
12 SANFL Laid nine tackles and booted a major. Nearing his best form again. -
13 Bris Pinched a goal late in the game when the result was never in doubt, needs to do more to keep his spot. 3
14 Coll In for second game of the season. One goal but laid only one tackle. Will he keen his place in the team? 3
15 Rich Got a late reprieve when Jack Hombsch pulled out, five tackles, four inside-50’s and a goal proves he needs to stay in the side. 6
16 Senior emergency.
17 SANFL Was well held for most of the afternoon until slotting a goal late in the piece. -
18 SANFL Would have impressed Port’s match committee by kicking two goals and chalking up eight tackles. -
19 Bye.
20 SANFL Laid six tackles and slotted a 60m bomb. Five kicks probably not quite enough though. -
21 Coll Made the most of his return to the side with a goal and 18 disposals. His slight frame allows him to win many free kicks. 6
22 WB Worked hard in attack, but given little space. Continued to try to lock the ball in. 5
23 GCS Nine tackles, two goals and three goal assists was a great performance from the nimble small forward. 6
EF WCE Lively across half forward and played his role. 5

2016 Season

1 StK Possession count was low but ferocious in laying eight tackles. 5
2 Adel His shake and bake was impressive, twice setting up team goals. 6
3 Ess Five inside-50s but little else. 4
4 GWS Finished with two goals from limited opportunities up forward. 3
5 Geel Enright showed him up at times and ended with six kicks, no goals and one clearance. 3
6 Rich Made himself very useful with forward pressure but didn’t have a big stats night. 5
7 Bris One goal, three scoring assists and showed off his speed through the middle. 5
8 Carl Must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Played on edge and gave away some silly frees. 3
9 WCE Five inside-50s but not hitting the scoreboard or creating chances for others. 5
10 Melb Applied good forward pressure at times but missed plenty of targets. 4
11 Coll Relished the contest and was rewarded with a career-best four goals. Super. 8
12 WB Two goals in a blistering first term and four inside-50s for the match. 7
13 Frem Failed to score. The Power needed more. 4
15 Rich Thought conditions may have suited him but went missing for large portions. 3
16 Haw Wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to SANFL to regain some confidence. 4
17 NM Not a big impact apart from one goal over the back. 3
18 Ill.
19 SANFL Booted two majors and provide tackling and pressure. Did his job. -
20 SANFL Electric with two first-half goals but quiet after the long break. -
21 Senior emergency.
22 Adel Two goals from five disposals, forward pressure was good with five tackles. 5
23 SANFL Bye. -

2015 Season

1 Frem Energetic. Made some things happen from limited possessions 4
2 Syd Needs to improve decision-making, and improve his consistency. 5
3 SANFL Recaptured form and confidence with three goals. -
4 Senior emergency.
5 SANFL Forward pressure impressed but his fourth-term goal-kicking didn't. -
6 SANFL Booted two majors and was electrifying at times, especially early. -
7 SANFL Electrifying with three goals. Ran amok in fourth-quarter junk time. -
8 SANFL Bye. -
9 SANFL Unsighted after half-time but did the job with three first-half goals. -
10 SANFL Never really got going. -
11 SANFL Dangerous early with two goals before getting whacked. -
12 SANFL Bye. -
13 SANFL Sizzled early with 13 first-term touches. Finished with only 18. -
14 SANFL Match postponed. -
15 Coll His forward pressure was immense with five tackles. 4
16 Adel Like Impey ferocious in the contest but needs to win more of his own footy. 4
17 Ess Only a couple of touches first half but looked dangerous. 4
18 StK Not afraid to take the game on with his breakneck speed. 6
19 WB Under 10 disposals and didn't hit the scoreboard. Disappointing. 2
20 GWS Four tackles and a goal. 5
21 Haw Didn’t touch ball early but came into game to play a nice role. 6
22 Personal leave.
23 Frem Six tackles and two inside-50s, like Impey needs to become consistent. 4

2014 Season

1 PM Weekend off. -
2 PM Chimed in with a goal and worked hard defensively. -
3 SANFL Kicked a goal and excited at times but needs to do more. -
4 SANFL Provided run in bursts, kicked a fine goal. -
5 SANFL Buzzed about inside attacking 50 to end with three goals. -
6 Senior emergency.
7 SANFL Decent performance. -
8 SANFL Sizzling run, candy selling and fierce tackling pivotal. -
9 SANFL Jagged three goals and his pressure acts were a feature. -
10 SANFL Scintillating at times. Stood up late when Roosters challenged. -
11 Melb Kicked a goal but was fairly well held by Jetta. 3
12 SANFL Sparkling early in Indigenous Round with two first-quarter goals. -
13 SANFL Hurt the Eagles with his pace and forward thrusts. -
14 SANFL Devastating in bursts and tackled with aggressive intent. -
15 SANFL Came alive with two fourth-term goals after doing nothing all day. -
16 Senior emergency.
17 SANFL Excited with quick hands early but disappeared after half-time. -
18 SANFL Bye. -
19 SANFL Provided zip, spark and numerous highlights including three goals. -
20 Syd Two goals and two inside-50s for the lively small forward. 6
21 GCS Worked hard in the front half applying pressure. 6
22 Carl Three goals, three scoring assists and six inside-50s. 7
23 Frem Chances limited by tight work from Duffield. 3
EF Rich Four inside-50s, three goals and two score involvements. 7
SF Frem Unsighted opening half (one disposal) then found spark. Great late. 6
PF Haw In and out of the game with his burst but wasn’t a major player. 3
GF -

2013 Season

1 Melb Started well but then drifted in and out. Good learning experience. 4
2 GWS Tiny power pack whose 15 touches included 11 score involvements. 6
3 Adel Laid a game-high eight tackles and kicked a clever goal off the deck. 6
4 GCS Kicked two goals before being subbed out. Lively. 4
5 WCE His pace is electrifying and kept the Power in the game late in the third term. 7
6 NM Started brilliantly and had two instant shots then tapered off. 4
7 Rich After a blistering start to his AFL career has had a quiet couple of games. 3
8 Carl Relatively subdued and didn’t impact the scoreboard. Not much run and speed. 4
9 Rested.
10 WB Struggled to get into the game and Johannisen was damaging on the rebound. 3
12 GWS Buzzed about and gave some life to the Power front half, but no scoreboard impact. 4
13 Syd Kicked one goal and always looks dangerous. 5
14 Coll No goals or scoring assist but played his part in the win with forward pressure. 4
15 Ess Barely sighted all evening. No impact at all. 2
16 Haw Started as the sub and kicked two goals from his three kicks. 4
17 StK Quiet and subbed off. 2
18 Rested.
19 SANFL Struggled to find his rhythm in SANFL debut. -
20 SANFL Some exciting bursts in second SANFL game after subpar debut. -
21 SANFL Quiet afternoon for Magpies in tough conditions. -
22 Frem Not a major player. 3
23 SANFL Did AFL recall hopes no harm with 22 exciting touches and a goal. -
QF Senior emergency.
EF Senior emergency.