#17   Port Adelaide

Age: 25yr 7mth Games: 41 Born: Mar 23, 1994
Height: 193cm Weight: 93kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Now in his fifth season, the time has come for him to step up and claim a key defensive role. Bulked up over summer.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Syd Bit of a David and Goliath arrangement on Buddy who was threatening with four goals. Couple of key touches late. 3
2 Frem Locked down any opposition forward which come in his path. 6
3 Adel Taylor Walker finally got the better of him but was impressive in the first half. 6
4 GWS Gave away inches and kilos to Patton and although he tried hard, was outmatched on the evening. 3
5 Carl Nullified the brilliance of Jacob Weitering and counterattacked with five rebound-50’s. 6
6 Bris Did a really good job quelling the influence of Hipwood. 7
7 WCE Impressive job on Jack Darling, conceded two goals but won the one on one battle. 6
8 GCS Rock solid defensively in back half and made right decision most times with his touches. 5
9 Bye.
10 Geel Took Taylor all night and was superb in keeping him goalless. Fine defensive effort from emerging player. 8
11 Haw Key defender did his bit without setting world on fire. Enjoyed fact he was rarely put under any sort of pressure. 5
12 Ess Had to move to an on-fire Hooker in second term. Kept him to just one goal despite tide of pressure. 5
13 Bris Did well to man up on Eric Hipwood, despite conceding two great goals did his job well. 6
14 Coll Moved to Fasolo and was able to keep the dangerous Pie goalless after he kicked two in the second half. Developing player. 7
15 Rich Excellent job on Jack Riewoldt restricting him to one goal. 6
16 WCE Beaten by Darling early but kept fighting. 4
17 NM Combined well with his fellow defenders to keep the North Melbourne big forwards to three goals. 6
18 Melb Started on McDonald in defence and continued to stick to the task after the Dee got the game’s opener. 6
19 StK OK without being outstanding. Did some nice things in defence. 4
20 Adel Taken to the cleaners by Tom Lynch’s gut running up and down the ground. 3
21 Coll Played on the undersized Alex Fasolo and restricted his influence on the game. 6
22 WB Took Cloke and did a solid job aside from who loose balls the big Dog jumped on. 6
23 GCS Hardly troubled in defence and cleaned up every wayward Suns foray forward. 6
EF WCE Massive task on Kennedy and kept him to one goal in regular time. The Eagle broke free in extra time. 6

2016 Season

1 Foot.
2 Foot.
3 Foot.
4 Foot.
5 SANFL Found a bit of the footy but looked rusty in return from injury. -
6 SANFL On the comeback trail but nowhere near back to his best yet. -
7 SANFL Unobtrusive if unspectacular in backline. -
8 SANFL Quiet afternoon down back. -
9 SANFL Broke even in defence but isn't really impacting games. -
10 SANFL Bye. -
11 SANFL Quiet afternoon before enjoying a big fourth quarter in defence. -
12 SANFL Recaptured his old form by quelling Beard and marking with aplomb. -
13 SANFL Getting back to his rebounding, intercept marking best in defence. -
14 SANFL Bye. -
15 Rich Late call-up for Hombsch and given the tough task on Riewoldt, and was OK. 4
16 Haw Had to contend with Gunston, and was OK despite conceding three goals. 5
17 NM Started on Brown and was one defender under extreme pressure. 4
18 GWS Great tussle with Cameron, stuck to him like glue all game. 6
19 Bris OK in defence but never reached great heights. 5
20 Syd Rough start, but stuck to task to keep Buddy to just two goals. Can hold his head high. 6
21 Melb Good job on Petrecca, curbed his influence on the game. 5
22 Adel Stuck to his guns and kept up with Walker every step of the way. 6
23 GCS Played on a variety of tall forwards and was OK. 5

2015 Season

1 -
2 SANFL At full-back, comfortably quelled Panthers spearhead Eddy. -
3 SANFL Outstanding in defence. -
4 SANFL Used as a tagger, didn't get a heap of it but kept Panos in check. -
5 SANFL Booted the Magpies' first goal and was serviceable all afternoon. -
6 SANFL Sacrificed his own game to quell Magarey Medallist Kirkwood. -
7 SANFL Mopped up nicely in defence. Near flawless. -
8 SANFL Bye. -
9 Melb Gave Howe a bath in defence. Good to see him get a chance. 7
10 WB Standing up well in the absence of Trengove. 5
11 Geel Used down back without getting involved at all. Will he keep spot? 1
12 SANFL Bye. -
13 SANFL Had 26 touches, five rebound 50s. Developing nicely in defence. -
14 SANFL Match postponed. -
15 Coll Did the job on White, looks comfortable at the elite level. 5
16 Adel Good tussle with Lynch, just lost out on the day. 4
17 Ess Matched with Ambrose early. 4
18 StK Stood McCartin and kept him goalless. 6
19 WB The 21-year-old wasn't alone in finding little of the ball and was well beaten. 3
20 SANFL Horror first half on Alleway but made some big plays in last quarter. -
21 SANFL Responded to last week's shellacking with a tight game in defence. -
22 SANFL Decent third quarter. Just steady. -
23 SANFL Had five rebound 50s in his eight disposals. Tried hard in defence. -

2014 Season

1 Carl Modest stats but worked OK as part of the back six rotation. 3
2 Senior emergency.
3 SANFL Steady game in Port backline. -
4 SANFL Held Magpies back six together magnificently. -
5 SANFL Marshalled the defence well. Used ball cleanly too. -
6 SANFL Solid showing in defence. -
7 SANFL Was everywhere early and won his position as key defender. -
8 SANFL At full-back completely blanketed Duldig. -
9 SANFL Did very little wrong in defence. -
10 SANFL Stood tall defending and rebounding. Led back six. -
11 SANFL Bye. -
12 SANFL Potent defensive standout with 23 possessions. -
13 SANFL Solid again at full-back, shaded Eagles spearhead Wundke. -
14 SANFL Tried hard but not his best day in defence. -
15 SANFL Silenced Duldig after half-time and hurt Blues with 11 rebound 50s. -
16 Senior emergency.
17 SANFL Just OK in defence, occasionally moving to a wing. -
18 SANFL Intercept-marked at will to give Crows forward line a hard time. -
19 Hamstring.
20 Hamstring.
21 SANFL Excellent at full-back with eight rebound 50s. Easily beat Newton. -
22 SANFL Forgettable afternoon in defence. -
23 SANFL Bye. -
QF SANFL Some costly errors in defence marred an energetic display. -
EF SANFL Some costly errors in defence marred an energetic display. -
SF SANFL Torched at full-back with Eddy kicking five goals. -
PF SANFL Sprightly in defence and marginally won his duel with Newton. -
GF -

2013 Season

1 SANFL OK without starring down back for the Glenelg reserves. -
2 SANFL Solid game in defence for Glenelg reserves. -
3 SANFL First league outing and was ok for Glenelg. -
4 SANFL Rebounded well from Glenelg defence 18 disp. -
5 SANFL Played solid defensive role for Bays. -
6 SANFL A rare defensive shining light in convincing Glenelg loss. -
7 SANFL Bye. -
8 Bye.
9 SANFL Had his colours lowered at full-back in big loss to the Eagles. -
10 SANFL Five of his seven disposals from full back were rebound 50s. -
11 SANFL 15 possessions and five rebounds in Glenelg’s loss. -
12 SANFL Played a superb game in defence. -
13 SANFL Not a great day to be a Glenelg defender. -
14 SANFL Bye. -
15 SANFL One of several Glenelg players to have a shocker on Friday night. -
16 SANFL One of Bays’ best in big loss, very good second quarter. -
17 SANFL Broke even on last line of defence in loss. -
18 SANFL Responded to demotion to reserves with two goals in big win. -
19 SANFL Recaptured best form to star for Glenelg’s reserves. -
20 SANFL Bye. -
21 SANFL Solid as a rock in gallant Glenelg loss to rampaging Redlegs. -
22 SANFL Rebounded and intercepted well in defence, 21 touches, 11 marks. -
23 SANFL Gave his all in beaten Bays defence . -
QF SANFL On fire early in defence, grabbed 10 marks and generated rebound. -
EF SANFL On fire early in defence, grabbed 10 marks and generated rebound. -