#4   Collingwood

Age: 25yr 2mth Games: 83 Born: Apr 15, 1994
Height: 203cm Weight: 102kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Suited by the third-man-up rule change. Collingwood has produced few great ruckmen but can forsee a decade of dominance.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WB Dominance grew as the game wore on. Looks fit and threatening to have a monster season. 7
2 Rich Hands full with Nankervis but got on top as the game wore on. Fine running goal in third term 7
3 Syd Superb in opening half opposed to Naismith, mostly in ruck. Steady second half but had good moments late. 7
4 StK Dominant force throughout after a massive first term that got the Pies rolling. 8
5 Ess Taps to advantage important in the wet but Leuenberger-Daniher at least held their own. 5
6 Geel Dominated ruck and was far superior to Smith who couldn’t get warm. Early in game set up clearance domination. 6
7 Carl Hard day for big men, and had his work cut out with the competitive Kreuzer. 5
8 GWS Superb first term including a goal out of the ruck gave Mumford plenty to think about. Took the honours. 6
9 Haw A little more of the ball than McEvoy and more influential later but the Hawk snared a goal. 6
10 Bris Had the better of Martin and as the premier ruckman on the game; 38 hit-outs, 9 disposals ands six tackles. 8
11 Frem Rucked well with Sandilands missing. Also had 21 disposals. 6
12 Melb Eyes lit up like man in the boat in Caddyshack. Dominated the ruck given Dees’ used part-timers. Impact faded late. 7
13 Bye.
14 Port Battled Ryder and among the Pies’ best. Took a screamer among five contested marks and was busy with 19 touches. 7
15 Haw Rucked against McEvoy. Comfortably won the possessions battle (21) but was matched in the ruck. 6
16 Ess Not as good as previous weeks and didn’t impact the flow of the game in the ruck or general play. 4
17 GCS Witts took the honours in their ruck duel. Worked OK around the ground. 5
18 WCE Easily on top in the ruck but not much impact around the ground. 6
19 Adel Came out even with Sam Jacobs in the ruck battle, winning the hit-outs 40 to 39. 7
20 NM Public enemy number one after tackle on Brown. Won the battle against Goldstein but not his best. 6
21 Suspended.
22 Suspended.
23 Melb Used in attack and the ruck and was very effective. 6

2016 Season

1 Played in VFL trial against Coburg.
2 Rich Produced winning goal with four seconds remaining. Beaten in ruck but OK around the ground. 5
3 StK Hickey probably took the honours on the day. Lot of his touches weren’t damaging. 5
4 Melb Cost side a goal in first term with horror handball. Beaten in ruck but tried hard around the ground. 6
5 Ess Ruck duel was almost inconsequential. Missed a sitter in front of goal. Battled hard. 4
6 WCE Lost the ruck battle but followed up to get 21 disposals. 6
7 Carl Ruck opposed to Kreuzer. Ineffective around ground and shaded in ruck contests. 5
8 Bris Energetic in the ruck and as a key forward. Responded to a rocket from the coach? 7
9 Geel When your ruckman grabs 20 and kicks two goals it gives the team a big advantage. 7
10 WB Best ruckman on the field in taps and influence around ground. 6
11 Port Won the ruck duel with Trengove and got a bit of ball around the ground. Tried hard. 6
12 Melb No match for Gawn who showed him up in every aspect. Spent periods forward. 4
14 Frem Clear winner in ruck taps in first half and effective around ground. 6
15 Carl Hit the scoreboard with two important goals and has found a rich vein of form. 7
16 GWS Took control of ruck after being down in first term and gave runners every chance. 8
17 Adel Impressive display of ruckwork and marking around the ground. 8
18 NM Had the edge over Goldstein and ran more freely than the North man. 8
19 WCE Had the better of Lycett in key ruck duel to end with 45 hit-outs and 19 possessions. 8
20 Rich Threatened to tear game apart early in ruck then quietened a tad. Battled hard. 6
21 WB In clear control of ruck duels. Very good at stoppages and is ahead of his years. 7
22 GCS Shocking hairdo but got on his bike to give Brooksby a run around. 36 hit-outs. 8
23 Haw Dominated centre hit-outs and helped side win centre clearances 20-13. 7

2015 Season

1 Bris Massive effort taking on Lions’ twin towers. 7
2 Adel Rucked tirelessly but beaten up around the ground by Jacobs. 5
3 StK Best ruckman afield and worked hard to cover ground. 7
4 Ess Won the ruck battle against Bellchambers. Created a path for teammates. 7
5 Carl Far more active and mobile than Blues ruck pair. 7
6 Geel Battled hard with 24 taps and five tackles, but outrun by Cat ruckmen. 4
7 Rich Beaten by Maric in the ruck but excellent on ground and didn’t stop trying. 6
8 GCS Quiet around the ground and Nicholls had the better of him. 4
9 NM Double-teamed Goldstein with Witts. Beaten in hitouts but good on the deck. 6
10 Melb Beaten in the ruck by Gawn in the ruck but kept battling. 4
11 Neck.
12 Neck.
13 Neck.
14 VFL Good combination with Cox in ruck. 24 hitouts and 19 touches. -
15 Port Late inclusion for Williams, toiled hard. 5
16 WCE Support ruck and forward target after Cloke departed. Looked good at times. 5
17 WB Took on Campbell alongside Witts and pressed into attack. Two goals. 6
18 Melb Had a purple patch in the third term but well beaten by Gawn. 4
19 Carl Climbed over Kreuzer in the ruck to get the ball going Collingwood's way. 7
20 Syd Main ruck role and able to generate chances for those around him. 6
21 Rich Beaten by Maric in the ruck. Everything he did was under pressure. 4
22 Geel Big man helped side destroy Cats in clearances. 12 contested possessions. 7
23 Ess Ruck work Ok but certainly didn’t star. Subbed out after arm injury in third term. 4

2014 Season

1 Frem Took on Sandilands, a big task. Only two hit-outs to advantage and looked lost when forward. 3
2 Syd Shaded his duel with the more experienced Pyke. 5
3 Geel Battled Cat duo and was solid in the ruck but very little around the ground. 4
4 Rich Subbed in third quarter. Smacked by Hampson at the hit-outs. 2
5 NM Beaten by Goldstein but it mattered little as ground players took over. 4
6 Ess Didn’t stamp himself on game but buried a long set shot late. 5
7 Carl Not a huge game in ruck. 5
9 Adel Battled Jacobs in an intriguing duel. Certainly not disgraced. 5
10 WCE Toiled away against Eagle duo without setting game alight. Honest. 4
11 Rested.
12 Melb Rotated forward/ruck and did well, particularly in the first half. 6
13 WB Subbed out after not doing much. 3
14 VFL Shaded in the ruck by Campbell and Cordy. -
15 VFL Took on Tiger tall duo and battled hard. 27 hitouts. -
16 GCS Struggling; may need a spell in the reserves. 1
17 VFL OK in the ruck but was hampered by a corkie he received early. -
18 VFL Good early, but Dolphins’ big men got on top. -
19 VFL Even battle with Ceglar in the ruck. -
20 VFL Good battle with Bellchambers in ruck then took over late. -
21 Bris Only Pie to play well in second half. Took some nice marks and worked hard. 5
22 GWS Tried to double-team Mumford along with Witts. OK without being great. 5
23 Haw Subbed off early in third term which seemed strange given was going OK. 2
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Back.
2 Back.
3 Back.
4 Back.
5 Back.
6 Back.
7 Back.
8 Back.
9 VFL Game time was monitored on return. Showed a bit. -
10 VFL Teamed well with Hudson in the ruck. Easy to see his potential. -
11 VFL Battled hard when in the ruck with 20 hitouts. Improving each week. -
12 VFL Continuing to improve with more ruck time. Super competitive. -
13 VFL Bye. -
14 VFL Influential effort in the ruck. Used his body well to shield the ball. -
15 VFL Kicked two goals and was influential when in the ruck. Great effort. -
16 VFL Bye. -
17 VFL Impressed again as he takes on a greater rucking role. -
18 GWS Showed aggression and enthusiasm on debut. Held his own in the ruck. 5
19 Ess Young ruckman did OK. Suited by the conditions as good at ground level. 4
20 Syd Impressive against the twin towers Mumford and Pyke. 5
21 Haw Got better as game wore on opposed to Bailey/Hale. Pies thrilled with his progress. 6
22 WCE Took on Lycett/Cox and battled well. Has an aggressive streak. 6
23 NM Took it up to Goldstein and was handy. Second efforts a highlight. 6
EF Port Rucked most of the night against Lobbe and was strong in patches. 25 hit-outs. 6