#21   Geelong

Age: 27yr 7mth Games: 93 Born: Mar 23, 1992
Height: 190cm Weight: 87kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Niggling injuries interrupted pre-season but returned for a modest performance in loss to Adelaide. VFL start likely.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Frem Great first and third quarters and quiet in between. Still working on consistency but it was a bright start to the year. 6
2 NM Mixed good and bad but generally he failed to get into the game. Position in side has to be questioned. 4
3 Melb Fumbled then fumbled a bit more and ended up fumbling. Might be fumbling in the VFL next week. 2
4 Haw Struggled again apart from one goal. Still fumbles ball and looks panicky when in the back half. 2
5 StK Better than previous weeks. Didn’t fumble, used ball pretty well and at one point gave Riewoldt a solid hip and shoulder. 6
6 Coll One of few Cats to look steady, particularly in the first half. Effort faded as game dragged on; 17 disposals. 5
7 GCS Struggled to impact the game. Ball use and decision making was diabolical at times when bursting out of defence. 2
8 Senior emergency.
9 WB Late inclusion should be commended for his attack on the ball. Stats modest (12 effective disposals) but played a role. 6
10 Port Did not have an effective disposal in first half then lifted. Tackling was a key including one ripper in final term; 15 disposals. 5
11 Adel After two good weeks he struggled. Back to fumbling with ball in hand but couldn’t question effort; 22 disposals. 5
12 Bye.
13 WCE More sightings of a Yeti than the left-footer early in game. Tried hard but had zero impact on the flow of the game. 3
14 Frem Led Cats in tackles which is a big tick. Struggle early but had some key touches after halftime. 6
15 GWS Tackled hard (five) and kept giving effort despite making the odd mistake; 17 possessions and one long set shot goal. 6
16 Bris Capped of his night with two goals although it could have been four. 6
17 Haw Battled hard again and did so defensively with some aggressive running; 18 disposals and three tackles. 6
18 Adel Returned to bad old days of giving absolutely nothing, both offensively and defensively. Butchered the ball. 3
19 Carl Early goal and ended with three from 22 possessions and 11 marks. Better after quarter time. 7
20 Syd Played across half forward. Type who needs others to elevate him as incapable of elevating others; 18 possessions. 4
21 Rich Relatively quiet afternoon after hurting his right knee in the first term. Just the six kicks. 4
22 Coll Zero touches in opening term and then at least got involved on the odd occasion to end with 18. Still looks shaky. 4
23 GWS Strong effort. Impacted the game with two handy goals, string tackling and tough stuff that didn’t get on stats sheet. 7
QF Rich Horrendous. More sightings of an extinct Chinese lizard than the left-footer. Failed yet again in big game; three effective touches. 1
SF Senior emergency.
PF Senior emergency.

2016 Season

1 Haw Sluggish start but got going after half time to be a factor in final term. 4
2 GWS Going OK until a Mumford knee to his lower back/hip severely hampered him. Pulled up sore. 4
3 Hip.
4 Ess Failed to get into the game at all and ended with five kicks. Keep his spot? 2
5 VFL Kicked a goal but not as damaging as he might have hoped dropping back a level. -
6 VFL Two goals and flitted in and out of the contest. Probably not enough to get back in. -
7 VFL For a player of his AFL experience has to do more. Didn’t find enough footy. -
8 VFL Stats not huge but coaching staff pleased with his game and how he went about it. -
9 VFL One goal, four inside-50s and three clearances. Seniors need a left footer. -
10 Carl Given chance as a late inclusion but didn’t grab opportunity. Not the worst. 4
11 GWS Stats modest but did do a couple of nice things offensively and defensively. One goal. 4
12 NM Still struggling to impact the game. Teases at times but ultimately failed to deliver. 3
13 WB Couple of efforts below par but won a fair share of ball. Used it short effectively. 5
14 StK Didn’t win enough footy to hurt the Saints. One goal, three tackles. 3
16 Syd Offered donuts. Not sure he has what it takes to be a solid AFL player. 2
17 Frem Got to be sent back to VFL. Just looks out of his depth despite being in fifth year. 2
18 VFL Kicked 2.4 and grabbed 23 disposals. Even performance throughout. -
19 VFL Injured knee early and was severely hampered. One kick for the day. -
20 Knee.
21 VFL Led team with 10 tackles and had four inside-50s. Got to start winning more ball. -
22 VFL Laid seven tackles but again didn’t win enough ball. Struggling. -
23 VFL Laid nine tackles but wasted possessions. Six inside-50s and seven marks. -
QF -
PF -

2015 Season

1 -
2 -
3 GCS Struggled to get involved and looks well down on confidence. 2
4 NM Mixed good and bad. At least got a bit of footy and tried to run with it. 5
5 Rich Provided some rebound from half back. Slowly finding his feet. 5
6 Coll One freak snap goal and tried hard but ball didn’t always bounce his way. 5
7 Syd Eight disposals first term then only eight more for remainder of game. 5
8 Carl Played best game for club. Kicked four goals and won a mountain of ball. 8
9 WCE Went from chocolates to boiled lollies. One goal only highlight. 2
10 Ess Celebrated 50th game with an even effort but certainly not his best game. 5
11 Port Great game. Read ball well and got involved from the back half to provide run. 7
12 Melb Struggled until day ended in third term with a leg injury. 2
15 NM One positive for Cats. Won the ball OK and provided rebound. Two goals. 7
16 WB Another good performance. Hit the ball hard and tried to create. 6
17 GWS Another steady performance highlighted by team-high seven inside-50s. 6
18 Bris Another neat effort running off the back arc. Finding his feet as a player. 6
19 Syd After a good month had a quiet one. Rarely around ball and not much dash. 3
20 Haw Another who struggled but he touched it 17 times. 4
21 StK Used off a wing. Five clearances but only two inside-50s and no goals. 4
22 Coll Sub. On third term but by then game was done. Decision-making still a worry. 2
23 -

2014 Season

1 Adel Good second term his highlight. Just needs to get games under his belt. 5
2 Bris Among Cats best with two goals and great attack on then ball. Looking a player. 7
3 Coll Kicked a goal and laid five tackles but not as productive as previous week. 5
4 WCE Flitted in and out of the contest to play a minor role. One goal. 4
5 Haw Got into dangerous positions and ended with two goals. Could have had four. 6
6 Port Not enormously influential but work-rate first class. 6
7 Rich Two brilliant goals including a critical one in the final term. 6
9 Frem Battled well given weight of tide against in a positive for the club. 6
10 NM Two goals and burst around the ball a feature. Stats belied impact. 7
11 Syd Looked right off his game and ended it on crutches with a foot injury. 2
12 Carl Hardly sighted early but kicked two goals, including one in final term. 4
13 StK Two goals and had a presence defensively as well with pressure. Solid. 6
14 GCS Quiet game. Fumbled a little and didn’t fine enough ball to impact. 3
15 Ess Used as hit-up forward and grabbed eight marks. Missed a sitter in final term 6
16 WB Missed one soda (highlight reel miss) but got one back. Copped heavy knock. 4
17 Melb Handy touches without starring. Played a small role. 5
18 GWS Hardly sighted apart from one snap goal from Hawkins’ great play. 3
19 NM Couple of darting runs broke the Roos’ defence up. Played his role. 6
20 Frem Hardly sighted. Never able to use his zip and was a non-factor. 2
21 Hip.
22 Haw Flitted in and out of for two goals. Very quiet second and third quarters. 5
23 Bris Nipped in and out for two goals but also had some quiet periods. 5
QF Haw One goal but didn’t get into the game. Long season catching up with him. 2
SF NM Struggled for impact. 2
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Haw Struggled to adjust to tempo in opening 60 minutes then got into. 4
2 VFL Bye. -
3 Carl Quiet night. Just one effective disposal but all good experience. 1
4 VFL Kicked a goal and applied good defensive pressure. -
5 VFL Played down back and provided good drive. -
6 Rich Struggled to get into the game at all and was subbed off for final term. 2
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Booted two goals and was amongst the Cats best in tight loss. -
9 VFL Influential day, especially late. Pushing hard for a recall. -
10 VFL Quieter than normal; but still had some good moments. -
11 GWS Made most of chance to kick three goals and dangerous forward or centre. 6
13 Bris Kicked a goal but struggled to impact the contest and was subbed out in third. 3
14 Frem Sub. On late third term. Kicked nice snap goal in final quarter. 2
15 Haw Fine game to kick three goals, including two in final term, in a tough contest. 7
16 Melb Found the going tough and struggled to get into game – did lay seven tackles. 3
17 Adel Sub. Thrown in late but didn’t have impact the coach would have liked. 1
18 VFL Provided a good link between defence and attack. -
19 VFL Chimed in with two goals to ensure Casey never got close enough. -
20 VFL Chimed in with three handy goals to keep the Gulls at bay. -
21 WCE One nice goal but will be sweating this week regarding team selection. 3
22 VFL Chimed in with three classy goals in Cats rout. -
23 VFL Played a solid role without being a big factor. -
QF Senior emergency.
SF VFL Going great guns until copping a knock in third term. Didn’t return. -
PF Haw Kid did pretty well despite modest stats. One goal and gained valuable experience. 4

2012 Season

1 VFL Worked into the game after a slow start. Fair. -
2 VFL Good early across half back. Used ball well. -
4 VFL One of the Cats better performers in loss to Werribee. -
5 VFL Broke his finger in the warm up. -
13 VFL Eye-catching display at half back. Looks a real find. -
14 Port Debutant showcased his speed at times – five inside-50s in good debut. 5
15 GCS Showcased speed at times but made horror mistake late. OK second game. 4
16 VFL Provided plenty of run and carry. -
17 Ess Six kicks resulted in two great snap goals. Made most of limited opportunities. 4
18 VFL Strong first half helped set up Cats big win. -
20 WCE Did well, particularly in second term. Kicked a nice goal. 4
21 StK Real surprise packet. Showed courage when had to and skill when he could. 6
22 WB Looking more and more at home. Ran hard and was creative off half back. 7
23 Syd Found going tough but got better a later when pushed up the ground. 3
EF Frem Great experience but overawed and subbed out after one effective disposal. 0
SF VFL On and off the ground. Picked up a hamstring niggle. -