Lachie NEALE

#27   Fremantle

Age: 26yr 1mth Games: 114 Born: May 24, 1993
Height: 177cm Weight: 80kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Had wrist knee and shoulder injury in the off season. Comfortably slotted back in to the team against Collingwood in JLT game.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Geel Not his night. Impact non-existent in the first half and by time he got going the game was gone. 3
2 Port Only Dockers midfielder to challenge the dominance of the Power on ball brigade. 8
3 WB Not as comfortable as a half-forward as he is in the midfield. But once back in the middle, he played well. 7
4 Melb Two goals in second term ended with a career-high four to go with 22 disposals in a key performance. 8
5 NM Strong in contests and laid seven tackles. Had 22 possessios. 6
6 WCE Built into the game but tackled and won clearances along with his 29 touches. 7
7 Ess Collected 40 possessions including nine clearances. Also kicked a goal. 9
8 Rich In and under all day. It was his clearance and precise kick to Mundy that featured in the winning play. 7
9 Carl Relished the wet. Collected 37 possessions and kicked one goal. 9
10 Adel Won his fair share of footy but not enough to put any pressure on the Adelaide midfielders. 5
11 Coll Didn’t have as much of the ball as in the past. Had 22 touches and one goal. 6
12 Bris Kept giving even when some Dockers were less than competitive. 8
13 Bye.
14 Geel Led team with 29 possessions, eight clearances, six tackles, a goal and three inside-50s. 8
15 StK Tagged for a portion of the game but still had 29 disposals and one goal. 7
16 NM Had 27 touches, but not as eye-catching as we know that he can be. 6
17 WCE Fought hard all day and had 11 clearances among 34 possessions. 8
18 Haw Won six clearances and had 27 touches as an important midfielder. 7
19 GWS Monster day in the midfield, but did fade in some key moments late. Overall, though, another votes deserving day. 8
20 GCS Superb game in the midfield with 11 clearances and one goal. 8
21 Syd Worst game of his career. No effort in midfield, then started on bench in second half and was moved forward. Nine touches. 1
22 Groin.
23 Ess Slow starter, but warmed into his work to be a handy contributor in Freo's surge. 6

2016 Season

1 WB Plenty of the ball, but wasn’t able to hurt the Bulldogs with many of his touches. 5
2 GCS Competed strongly without having a major impact with his disposals. 5
3 WCE Fought hard. Very good in the contests. 7
4 NM Big ball winner and helped drag Freo back into the game after a slow start. Brave effort. 7
5 Carl Had 35 touches but turned the ball over. One to Liam Jones was critical. 6
6 Adel Seemed to be everywhere, could not have done more to help his side. 8
7 GWS A contested ball animal. Had 25 contested possessions. 7
8 Haw Freo’s best as constant ball-winner. Amazing stat of 30 handballs. 8
9 Rich Won 37 possessions and was the team’s best again. 8
10 StK Far and away Freo’s best in terms of output and consistency. Head cut by friendly fire. 8
11 Ess Another high possession game. Neale won 42 disposals. 8
12 Bris Had Robinson as a shadow for virtually entire match who quelled his influence. 4
13 Port Picked up 38 possessions and did as he pleased for the most part. 8
14 Coll Started on bench as diversion then picked up by Greenwood. Improved over game. 6
16 Melb Worked hard in midfield in slippery conditions after a slowish start. Nine clearances. 7
17 Geel Monster first term (11 disp) then just plodded. Six inside-50s and three tackles. 6
18 GCS Dominated the clearances (11) and amassed a career-high 42 disposals. 10
19 Syd His 42 disposals included nine clearances. 8
20 WCE His 29 disposals included eight clearances. 7
21 Adel The team’s main contested ball winner. Attacked the footy. 7
22 GWS Fremantle’s best again. Put his head over the pill and laid a game-high 12 tackles. 8
23 WB Finished his brilliant season with 36 touches, 10 clearances and one goal. 8

2015 Season

1 Port Couldn’t get near it in the first half but finished with 22 disposals and one goal. 6
2 Geel Complemented stars by grabbing team-high nine clearances. Won hard ball. 7
3 WCE 42 touches, three goals and never wasted a disposal. Ross Glendinning Medal. 10
4 Syd Only nine touches after his dominant game the previous week. 3
5 Melb Nipped in and out of game and worked hard to help in defence. 7
6 Ess Best on ground with 33 disposals, seven clearances and one goal. 8
7 WB Plenty of the ball again and put head in when required as game got tight. 7
8 NM Getting better and better. Another 34 possessions and six clearances. 8
9 Adel Another dominating midfield performance. 7
10 Rich Freo’s biggest ball winner but couldn’t find space despite 11 clearances. 7
11 GCS Continued his fine season with another excellent performance. Laid eight tackles. 8
13 Coll Huge first term (12 disp) and went on with it – 14 clearances, 17 CPs. 8
14 Bris Continued strong form alongside Fyfe, Mundy and Barlow. Four inside 50s. 8
15 Haw Good start but then restrained and didn’t get as much ball as usual. 5
16 Carl His 31 touches included 22 handballs. At his best in tight. 7
17 Rich Subdued game around the stoppages. Lambert shadowed him at times. 4
18 GWS His 38 disposals and eight clearances were terrific. 7
19 StK Busy and productive with the ball across full four quarters. 7
20 WCE Couldn’t repeat his heroics from the first derby despite 24 disposals. 6
21 NM Steady and productive as best Freo possession winner. 6
22 Melb Had 10 clearances and kicked two goals among 34 disposals. 8
23 Port Subbed out for precautionary reasons after another solid performance. 7
QF Syd Seven clearances, 16 CPs and a key role in the victory. Big year. 8
PF Haw Strong first half then virtually disappeared. 6

2014 Season

1 Coll Sub came on just before three-quarter time and had a couple of touches. 2
2 Senior emergency.
3 Haw Among the handful of respectable Dockers in first half. 5
4 Ess Handy effort with 19 touches and two goals in big win. 6
5 Syd Found plenty of the ball and added six clearances. 6
6 NM Kicked the first goal and spent more time in midfield. Hard working performance. 6
7 WCE Was best on ground by far showing skills and power in the middle. 9
8 Port 28 touches but not as clean or as damaging as previous week. 6
9 Geel Nine disposals in each half kept him involved around the footy. 5
11 WB Important to the midfield. The team’s leading contested ball winner. 7
12 Adel Solid without being exceptional. 5
13 Rich Just five kicks and only one inside-50 in a pretty quiet day in the midfield. 4
14 Bris In everything and had a lot of energy. 7
15 WCE Dangerous player drifting through midfield rotation with his goal nous. 6
16 Melb Flies under the radar but puts up big numbers. Good contributor again. 7
17 GWS Worked hard around the footy to be among the side’s best. 7
18 StK Tackled well and did a few handy things. 4
19 Carl Quiet start (five first-half disposals) then lifted. Kicked winning goal. 5
20 Geel Won some ball but a lot of it used by hand (14 handballs). Did win hard ball. 5
21 Haw Provided excellence outside run and complemented hard work of midfield. 7
22 Bris Let himself down slightly with 11 of his 26 disposals deemed ineffective. 6
23 Port Enjoyed having bigger workload in middle and brilliant first term. Kept going. 8
QF Syd Had 31 disposals to show he can handle the big stage. 7
SF Port Massive first term and kept it going all night with 32 touches. 7
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 WAFL 15 disposals for Swan Districts. -
2 NEAFL Just 13 disposals for Swan Districts. -
3 WAFL Superb for Swan Districts with 27 disposals and a goal. -
4 Haw On as a sub and provided some spark almost instantaneously. 4
5 Rich Quiet overall. 3
6 Senior emergency.
7 WAFL Bye. -
8 Ankle.
9 Ankle.
10 Ankle.
11 WAFL A massive 43 possessions in Peel's reserves. -
12 WAFL 23 possessions and a goal for Swan Districts. Big first half. -
13 Didn’t play for Swan Districts.
14 WAFL 28 touches and two goals for Swan Districts. -
15 WAFL Dominated for Swan Districts with 24 touches, two goals. -
16 WAFL Bye. -
17 Rich One of his better games stats-wise and gave some zip around the contests. 6
18 Adel Good battle with Laird and creative with his hands on occasions. 6
19 Carl Some iffy moment early, but settled into the game to play a strong role. 6
20 GWS Close to best. Kicked three goals to go with 13 cont poss and four clearances. 8
21 Melb Enjoying more midfield time and finished the game better than most. 7
22 Port Midfielder best on ground in impressive performance. 8
23 StK OK at times but not a big day. 5
QF Geel Looks a real player. Not overawed – six clearances, four inside-50s, 11 cont poss. 7
PF Syd Sub. On for de Boer and was involved straight away. Great numbers in limited game time. 3
GF Haw Sub. On final term and grabbed seven disposals as a link player. Did what he could. 2

2012 Season

2 WAFL Played Monday for Swan Districts. -
3 WAFL Good for Swan Districts with 22 possessions. -
4 StK Kid who had a run in final term and chipped in. 2
5 Carl On for Anthony in third quarter and showed plenty of spark. 4
6 GCS Kicked two goals and copped several heavy hits. 4
7 Port Copped a hard knock but kept trying. 3
8 Haw Little bloke buzzed around. Predominantly used handball. 5
9 WCE One of the positives. Took the game on. 5
10 Adel Brought energy to the team. Had nine contested possessions. 6
11 Rich Faded as you would expect from a youngster but showed he has some skills. 5
13 Ess Won the ball in the clinches and dished out handballs to the runners. 5
14 Coll Subbed off at half time after just the four first-half touches. 1
17 WAFL 35 possessions and 11 marks for Swan Districts. -
18 WAFL OK with 16 possessions for Swan Districts. -
19 WAFL 17 touches in big win for Swan Districts. -
20 Adel Late call-up for the injured Fyfe, used as the sub for Mayne. 3
23 WAFL Returned for Swan Districts with 21 disposals and a goal. -
EF WAFL 27 possessions in midfield for Swan Districts. -
SF WAFL Terrific in loss for Swan Districts with 32 possessions. -