#43   Essendon

Age: 26yr 4mth Games: 44 Born: Apr 22, 1993
Height: 171cm Weight: 79kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Used forward during practice match series but despite eight tackles his impact was down. Defence might be his go.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Haw Didn’t kick a goal but was able to provide an important link across half forward at times. 17 possessions. 5
2 Bris Scintillating last quarter when he kicked one goal and gave off another to help drive the victory. 7
3 Carl After two great games he could not get into the game at all. One inside-50 and one goal in first term. 2
4 Adel Four goals from the half forward flank, clearly Essendon’s best small forward. 7
5 Coll Fierce forward pressure created early opportunities and he remained a menacing presence throughout. 6
6 Melb Got a late consolation goal but looked a step off what he has been lately with his pressure in front half. 4
7 Frem Kicked one goal but his dash wasn’t there. 3
8 Geel Huge game. Impact enormous with three goals, chase-down tackles and havoc-wreaking play inside forward 50. 8
9 WCE Electric in forward half, then in stints in midfield. Menaced Eagle players into mistakes, booted two goals. 8
10 Rich Picked a bad night to have a stinker. Set up a Daniher goal early but then he was a complete non-factor. 2
11 GWS Couldn’t get into the game until late in final term when he bobbed up with two goals. 4
12 Port Slow start but worked right into the game to play an influential role. Ended with four goals. 7
13 Bye.
14 Syd Had Rohan worried early on and then his speed and pressure was important after half time. 6
15 Bris Rarely sighted in first half, and retrieved a quiet day with two late goals. 4
16 Coll Got going in the second term but in the end its wasn’t his best game; 14 disposals, one goal. 4
17 StK Nice goal but didn't see much of it in first three quarters. Lifted in junk time. 4
18 NM Can feel the collective anticipation in the crowd when he’s around the footy. Lively all day with his tackling and pressure. 6
19 WB Buzzed about at half forward, but wasn’t overly influential. Made a few blues. 4
20 Carl Came good when it counted with two final-term sausage rolls. Early goal he kicked as a ripper. Three for the match. 6
21 Adel Was well contained in the first half, then looked to have a hamstring issue but came back. 3
22 GCS Not a prolific night, but bobbed up with a goal and a goal assist amongst his 15 possessions. 5
23 Frem Provides life in the front half and opposition are worried when he's around. 5
EF Syd A wet lettuce would have more impact then he did; five effective disposals. Good experience though. 2

2016 Season

1 GCS Used at both ends of the ground and did some neat things. 4
2 Melb Could prove find of the year. Doers everything right, defends well and knows how to be around the ball. 7
3 Port Laid eight crunching tackles and exciting every time he won possession. 6
4 Geel Did some good things offensively but still finding his feet as a defender. Effort first class. 6
5 Coll Got more involved as the game wore on after a difficult first half. 3
6 Carl Defended well at times and provided some run when he could. Solid citizen. 5
7 Syd Exceptional first-half effort with his quick run and carry out of defence. 5
8 NM Attacked brilliantly from the back half and tried everything to be creative and daring. 6
9 StK A real plus to emerge from a difficult year. Strong, decisive and read the game well. 6
10 Rich Attacking style of defence again thrilled fans. Got to love way he goes about it. 6
11 Frem Took the game on. Made some errors but was trying to create. 6
12 Rested.
13 GWS Attacked when he could but also gave Greene plenty of space. Love the way he plays the game. 6
15 WCE Lacked his usual run. The Dons needed his spark. 3
16 StK Adapted well to the move into attack and his spark was a positive element. 7
17 Rich Started brightly in attack but drifted from game and ended up back in defence on Rioli. 4
18 Bris Allowed Rich too much room at half back and although he burst in and out needs to be better. 4
19 Adel Just couldn’t break the tackles often enough or when he needed to. 5
20 Geel Beaten by Bews at half forward but looked much better late when pushed into defence. 3
21 GCS Burst in and out off half back, especially early. Used it well mostly other than one clanger. 6
22 WB Only quiet game this week and not his best. 3
23 Carl Broke the game open with three third-quarter goals. Finished with four. 7