#21   Fremantle

Age: 26yr 2mth Games: 45 Born: Apr 09, 1993
Height: 194cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Bulldog premiership player returns to his home state and Fremantle sees him as permanent fixture in defence.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Geel Took Menzel for long periods. Looked shaky at times and was beaten in a few one-on-ones. 3
2 Port Took on Brett Eddy and won the contest conceding two goals. 6
3 WB Did a superb job on Cloke. Spoilt strongly and also took six marks. One of the best. 7
4 Melb Had Weideman covered but still offers closes thing to donuts in terms of rebound. Still did the job I suppose. 4
5 NM Did a good job on the last line of defence when the team was under huge pressure. 6
6 WCE Beaten by Josh Kennedy who kicked six goals and won the Glendinning Medal. 3
7 Ess Good job in defence. Had plenty of contests to win and performed well. 6
8 Rich Did a brilliant job on Riewoldt to keep him out of the game for a majority of the four quarters. Developing well. 8
9 Carl Quality defensive game. Rarely beaten. 7
10 Adel Did well to keep Josh Jenkins to three goals considering the weight of inside-50’s coming in. 5
11 Coll Won some vital contests in the final term when under enormous pressure. 7
12 Bris Kept Hipwood to one goal which was a win for him at least. Tough night in the office. 6
13 Bye.
14 Geel Battled away down back against one of his old sides. Did what was required on Taylor and co. 6
15 StK Strong in defence again. Took seven marks. 7
16 NM Hurt a hip early on and was hampered for the rest of the day. Sent forward late to save a rotation. 3
17 WCE Looked sore but persisted. Conceded three goals to Kennedy. 4
18 Haw Stood tall in defence. His marking and contested work is important. 7
19 GWS Had Patton for most of the day, but did move opponents when necessary. Solid as always. 6
20 GCS Had his hands full with Lynch. The Sun kicked three goals. 4
21 Syd Shocking. Went on a different Swan when Franklin left the 50, but was beaten by all of them. 2
22 Rich Did a good job on Riewoldt for most of the game. 6
23 Ess Did a good job to keep Daniher to just two goals. 7

2016 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Played in VFL trial against Essendon.
2 Played in VFL trial against Werribee.
3 Haw A late in for Wood. Didn’t do much wrong but will struggle to hold spot. 5
4 Carl Battled away down back. Drew ire of Blue fans with heavy clash against Sumner. 4
5 VFL Steady enough down back in loss to Sandringham. -
6 VFL Key back plugged away but was under pressure for most of the day. -
7 VFL Hardly raised a sweat down back given weight of ball going other way. -
8 VFL Did what he needed to down back. Steady without starring. -
9 VFL Took a couple of nice contested marks and defended stoutly. Not much offensively. -
10 VFL Bye. -
11 VFL Did his bit down back without starring. Find it tough to break into seniors. -
12 Port Late call-up for the injured Adams, took on Westhoff and was OK. 3
13 VFL Defender did the job without starring. Typical 15-disposal effort. -
14 VFL Bye. -
15 VFL Used up forward in a surprise. One goal. Are his days as a defender numbered? -
16 VFL Solid and steady. Doesn’t appear capable of rising above that level. -
17 VFL Kicked a crucial goal in final term and grabbed six marks up forward. -
18 Senior emergency.
19 Geel Used forward and back. Didn’t win enough ball to hurt the Cats at all. 2
20 NM Defender began on Brown then had various opponents. 4
21 Coll Began against White. OK, but still developing. 4
22 Ess Awkward initial match-up on Fantasia, then had taller opponents. 4
23 Frem Had his hands full. The Dockers gave their forwards a good look at the ball. 5
EF WCE Massive task on Kennedy and excellent after the Eagle got an early goal. 7
SF Haw Started on Sicily then had other jobs down back. Handy contributor. 6
PF GWS Low-key defender on Patton. Steady enough. 4
GF Syd Had all-important job on Franklin and did as much as anyone could to stop the champ. 7

2015 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Hand hands full in defence but took some good marks. -
4 VFL Good worker down back. Only shaded a few times. -
5 VFL Tried hard down back but wasn’t his best outing. -
6 VFL Bye. -
7 VFL Stood tall down back against former team. -
8 VFL Did his bit down back when required. -
9 GWS Important task on McCarthy and impressed down back. 6
10 Port Playing only his second game and didn’t look out of place in defence. 4
12 Bris Job on McStay, the Lions’ best tall forward, and had worrying moments. 3
13 StK Opponents ranged in size from Minchington to Bruce. Battled on. 3
14 Carl Took Casboult and did a fair job restricting him close to goal. 6
15 Back.
16 Back.
17 Back.
18 Back.
19 Port Late replacement for Johannisen, worked well with fellow defenders. 6
20 Melb Did a decent job down back but had plenty of support. 6
21 WCE Thrashed by Kennedy. 2
22 NM A few errors early. 3
23 Bris Lined up on Freeman. Won that duel. 6
EF Adel On Jenkins and Walker in first half and looked edgy at times. 3

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 PM Worked hard across half forward. -
2 PM Quiet day in VFL trial win. -
3 VFL Had some good moments early until a corked thigh slowed him down. -
4 VFL Chipped in with two key goals in win. -
5 VFL Defended extremely well. Countless spoils and tackles. -
6 VFL Good effort. Showing signs of strong development. -
7 VFL Battled hard but was eventually shaded on the day. -
8 VFL Bye. -
9 VFL Just the nine possessions and had little impact. -
10 VFL Battled a bit down back with Pies forwards. Six touches. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Just six touches down back but was composed at times. -
13 VFL Did well down back and spoilt well. -
14 VFL Defended fairly well and is developing his game. -
15 VFL Defended well as part of Cats’ back six to stifle Blues. -
16 VFL Named Cats’ best, but had his hands full at times. -
17 VFL Competed hard down back but wasn’t his best outing. -
18 VFL Did well down back against resting tall early. -
19 VFL Kicked a goal and did some decent things. -
20 VFL 11 possessions and effectiveness was well down. -
21 VFL Struggled against more seasoned bodies in defence. -
22 VFL Defended strongly and continues to show a bit. -
23 -
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 VFL Impressed up forward. Took a few grabs and moved well. -
2 VFL Bye. -
3 VFL Kicked five goals in a standout effort up forward. -
4 VFL Down on last weeks output, but tried hard. -
5 VFL Quiet first half then exploded to end with six goals. -
6 Ill.
7 VFL Bye. -
8 VFL Did well in defence. Showed a cool head at times. -
9 VFL Calming influence across half back in loss to Casey. -
10 Ankle.
11 Ankle.
12 Ankle.
13 Ankle.
14 Ankle.
15 Ankle.
16 Ankle.
17 Ankle.
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Ankle.
21 VFL Battled to get into the game across half forward. -
22 VFL In and out of the game but ended with two nice goals. -
23 VFL Did some good things in slipper conditions. -
SF VFL Played as a key back and showed a bit. -
PF VFL Showed a couple of glimpses as a key defender. -

2012 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 VFL Did a few smart things but needs to get more involved. -
3 VFL Impressed down back. One of the Cats best. -
6 VFL Had Watts and was beaten comprehensively. -
13 VFL Used at both ends and continues to develop. -
14 VFL Not his best game but conditions didn’t suit. -
15 VFL Quiet game for large periods. -
16 VFL Chipped in with two nice goals to contribute to win. -
18 VFL Did well mopping up in the back half. -
19 VFL Struggled to get into the game at half forward. -
21 VFL Did well in patches to contribute to the win. -
22 VFL In and out of the game. Minimal impact. -
EF VFL Did a few nice things. -