Aaron HALL

#33   Gold Coast

Age: 28yr 5mth Games: 97 Born: Nov 09, 1990
Height: 185cm Weight: 84kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Attacking ball winner has been one of the stars of the pre-season. Looks ready for more midfield time.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Bris Quiet early, like plenty of his team mates, but exploded in second half with two goals. 7
2 GWS Got a bit of the ball with 19 touches, but laid just two tackles and again struggled to apply required pressure. 4
3 Haw Booted two telling goals when the pressure was on early, and gathered 29 possessions. 9
4 Carl Again no problems with finding the ball, but also tackled well. Solid night’s work. 7
5 Adel Got his usual quota of the footy and booted a couple of goals. 7
6 NM As usual tried to take on the game by running and bouncing wherever he could. Crunched in dying moments. 4
7 Geel Racked up stats off half back with aplomb and was a constant source of drive for his team; 32 disposals, one goal. 8
8 Port Won a truckload of the ball and tackling pressure very good. Can walk away satisfied with his two-way efforts. 8
9 Bye.
10 Melb In everything in first half and helped Suns build big lead, then influence waned. 6
11 WCE Drifted in and out of the contest. Booted a goal and set a couple up. 6
12 Haw Struggled early but worked into the game to end with 23 disposals and five inside-50s. Steady without starring. 6
13 Carl Had a couple of score involvements though possessions down on his season average. 4
14 Hamstring.
15 Hamstring.
16 Hamstring.
17 Coll Lacked his usual spark on return from injury. Looked for others to bring him into the game. 4
18 WB Unsighted early on, then worked into the game off a wing to be an okay performer. 6
19 Rich Really took on the midfield general role in Ablett's absence, amassing 40 possessions. Excellent four quarter effort. 9
20 Frem Injured his hamstring during the second term and didn’t return. Had 14 touches. 4
21 Bris Busy all night in midfield although his opposite number Rockliff was as, if not more, effective. 6
22 Ess Tried hard all night and led the way in the midfield, gathering 31 possessions and six inside 50's. 8
23 Port Won some footy around the stoppages but just blazed away to no one in particular. 4

2016 Season

1 Ess Carried on 2015 form, amassing possessions at will and hitting the scoreboard. 9
2 Frem Influential all night. Won the ball and carried it too. Had 32 disposals. 8
3 Carl Continued stellar season with another swag of possessions. 9
4 Bris A consistent four quarters and put in big time in last term when game on line. 7
5 NM Not as damaging as recent weeks, though still found the footy. 6
6 Geel At least won some ball but nearly half of disposals were ineffective. Four tackles and three clearances. 6
7 Melb Battling to get anywhere near early season form. 4
8 GWS Consistent four-quarter effort in the midfield and supported the backline with six rebound-50s. 7
9 Shoulder.
10 WCE Hurt his shoulder early. Fought on but not his usual self. 5
11 Syd Tried playing dry weather footy and failed to adapt to the heavy conditions. 4
12 NEAFL Responded well to AFL axing with 30 possessions and eight tackles in midfield. -
13 NEAFL Bye. -
14 Haw Back into side and showed some dash on occasions. Hard to believe he was dropped. 6
15 StK Rediscovered a bit of his early-season form and booted two goals. 8
16 Bris Eight inside 50s and five centre clearances, coupled with a couple of brain fades. 6
17 WB Admirable performance in the midfield. Also helped out defence with five rebounds. 6
18 Hamstring.
19 Hamstring.
20 Hamstring.
21 Ess Got a fair amount of ball, but a few defensive efforts were poor. Has to improve this area. 7
22 Coll Battled hard in midfield to end with 26 possessions. Not the worst. 6
23 Port Faded out after a busy first half. Certainly not the worst. 6

2015 Season

1 -
2 NEAFL Starred in defeat. 31 touches and two goals. -
3 Geel One goal and failed to lay a tackle which he needs to do to stay in team. 5
4 GWS Minimal impact in opening half when heat was on. 4
5 NEAFL Slow start but came alive to end with 31 possessions. -
6 Adel Defensive work OK which has been a knock on him. 4
7 WCE The sub. Wasn’t his fault that he came on when the game was over. 1
8 Coll Subbed out after a terrible night. 1
9 Didn’t play for Gold Coast reserves.
10 Didn’t play for Gold Coast reserves.
11 NEAFL 19 possessions and a goal. In and out of game. -
12 NEAFL Bye. -
13 NEAFL A standout with 29 possessions and four goals in win. -
14 NM Concerted effort to apply defensive pressure and rewarded with three goals. 6
15 WB Lively at half forward and could have ended with a better return than two goals. 6
16 GWS Not his day. Poor decisions with the football. 2
17 Adel Lively performance in midfield, won five clearances. 7
18 WCE Four-quarter contributor. Ran hard and running was rewarded. 7
19 Bris Could not be stopped. Brilliant midfield display. 8
20 Rich Suns’ best. Gave great drive at half back and played attacking football. 8
21 Ess Continued his career renaissance with 31 possessions and a goal. 8
22 Port Another big possession count to finish off season strongly. 7
23 Syd Strong end to year continued with team-high disposal count. Sun next year? 7

2014 Season

1 Rich Had some good involvements, but not a big factor. 4
2 Frem Spurr kept close but he still managed a reasonable share of the ball. 4
3 Bris Worked hard to get the footy but just not effective with it. 3
4 Haw Had a few touches but gave away a heap of free kicks. 3
5 Melb Early goal but struggled thereafter and subbed out after half time. 2
6 GWS Booted two early goals and creative throughout. 5
7 NM Provided great burst in the first term and showed excellent vision. 6
9 StK Shenton generally subdued him apart from one nice running goal. 4
10 WB Didn’t kick a goal but was lively and added some speed in attack. 5
11 Adel Nine tackles and a goal for the lively half forward. 5
12 NEAFL Showed some good signs but flashed in and out of the game. -
13 WCE His opponent Hurn ran free and he had minimal impact himself. Subbed off 2
14 NEAFL Bye. -
15 NEAFL Classy around goals (three) and lively around the contest. -
16 Coll Defensive efforts were pleasing but needs more polish with disposal. 3
17 WB Heading back to the NEAFL after going missing for four quarters. 1
18 Bris Played in a variety of positions but impact minimal. 2
19 StK Misused ball early then got on top of Roberton. 6
20 Carl Flashed in and out but little impact other than the Suns’ first goal. 4
21 NEAFL Won his own ball but also provided plenty of run. -
22 NEAFL Bye. -
23 -
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 StK Looked dangerous all night. 0
2 Syd Had some bright spells, kicking two goals, and also spent some time on Kennedy. 6
3 Bris Missed a couple of gettable goals which marred his game. 5
4 Port Kicked a late goal to salvage something for the night. 2
5 GWS Matched on Haines and rarely sighted. Subbed off at three quarter time. 3
6 Frem Found it difficult to get involved when he was subbed on. 2
7 Melb Buzzed around the forward half and proved difficult to tie down. 6
8 WB Lively as always and kicked two goals. 5
9 Haw Brilliant long-striding forward who bagged five goals. 7
10 Geel Huge first term (nine disp) then only six in remaining three. Showed dash. 5
11 NM Another lively performance up forward and kicked a critical goal. 5
12 Ess Provided some pace at half forward but couldn’t hit the scoreboard. 5
14 Adel Pumped the ball inside 50 nine times but wasteful on goal. 6
15 Bris Only five touches after half time when game was still in the balance. 5
16 Rich Not his best outing across half forward. Petterd had his measure. 3
17 Coll Quiet night and sloppy with his disposal. 2
18 Carl Two goals but paid little respect to his opponent. 4
19 WCE Great breakaway pace produced two goals. Potential is there. 5
20 Melb Melbourne had trouble containing him all night but he couldn’t kick straight. 6
21 Port Not as lively as previous weeks, did cop an accidental hit in the head. 4
22 StK St Kilda recognised the speedster’s value by putting form defender Geary on him. 3
23 GWS Lively all day and capped it with a superb running goal. 6

2012 Season

1 Adel Lively debut. Showed he can play at either end. 5
2 StK Made a couple of dashes through middle but fell away and subbed off. 2
3 Ess Kicked two goals and was a spark down forward. 5
4 Bris Another Suns’ forward who found it hard in difficult slippery conditions. 4
6 NEAFL Drifted in and out of game and kicked a goal. -
7 NEAFL Chipped in with a goal but was well held. -
8 NEAFL Was zippy all day and used his speed well at both ends. -
10 Coll Kicked only goal late in game and very quiet playing across half forward. 3
11 StK Started well and bobbed up occasionally after that. 4
12 NEAFL Not a factor. -
14 NEAFL Showed a great ability to break away from congestion. -
15 NEAFL Ripping first half before being taken off as insurance. -
16 Rich Instant impact as the sub with a goal. Six touches. 2
17 NEAFL Showed some flashes and was in and out of the game. -
18 NEAFL A good four quarter performance, Suns best player. -
20 GWS Lively all night and kicked three goals. 7