#27   Brisbane

Age: 23yr 9mth Games: 63 Born: Sep 22, 1995
Height: 193cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Developed into a strong-bodied defender and looking to build on top 10 in last year’s best and fairest.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 GCS Played on a variety of opponents through defence and was defensively sound all evening. 5
2 Ess Outpointed by Fantasia in first half before being more effective after the long break. 5
3 StK Started on Membrey and gave Saints’ forwards too much room, early. Injured quad/knee in second term. 1
4 Rich Did his best when leaping to spoil effectively on several occasions. The downside was lack of effective disposals and foot speed. 4
5 Calf.
6 Port 18 possessions, all uncontested was his haul. Also spoiled well in defence. 5
7 Syd Manned Reid, who wasn’t a massive factor. Did his job, but provided little going forward. 4
8 Haw Did manage to shut down O’Brien in the first half. Didn’t provide much offensively, though. 4
9 Adel Undisciplined act off-ball two seconds before quarter time resulted Crows' goal. Never looked capable of holding Cameron. 5
10 Coll Beaten by Elliott in first half and let frustration get better of him at times. Gave away a too many free kicks. 3
11 Bye.
12 Frem Kept Kersten to just two first half kicks and a key cog in hard working defence. 6
13 Port Had the difficult assignment of lining up on Robbie Gray, lucky for him Robbie was off target. 4
14 GWS Stood Johnson with some effect while worked well out of defence and then had to tag Greene. 6
15 Ess In trouble against Stewart early then dislocated elbow in second term and took no further part. 2
16 Elbow.
17 Elbow.
18 Carl Quiet achiever. Vital part of the defence which kept Carlton to just three first-half goals. 5
19 WCE Didn’t get involved enough until the Eagles were too far in front. 4
20 WB Was groggy after landing heavily in a marking contest. Returned to field and took up his usual post in defence. Ok. 5
21 GCS Cut up early by Martin. Later shifted on to Ainsworth where he had more success. 5
22 Melb Kicked his first goal of the year early but played down back. Courageous spoiling a feature of his play. 5
23 NM Okay down back without being exceptional. 5

2016 Season

1 WCE Another young defender who was chasing a gun forward. Good luck. 3
2 NM Had his hands full with Waite. 3
3 Geel Did what he could down back in a solid effort, albeit under pressure in most contests. 5
4 GCS In the wars. Wounded during game but still gave his all. 6
5 WB Positioned himself well at times but gave away five free kicks in his desperation. Tried hard. 5
6 Syd Slowly building a reputation as a close checking defender. Numbed Heeney early. 7
7 Port Played as the plus-one in defence and read the game well. 5
8 Coll Can lay claim to Fasolo having a quiet night but still needs to get the ball more often. 4
9 Finger.
10 Finger.
11 Finger.
12 Frem Alternated opponents in defence and did OK. 4
13 WCE Found the physical size of Darling and Kennedy beyond his level. Battled hard though. 5
14 Rich Matched up on Deledio who started out of the goalsquare then had Cotchin. Toiled away. 4
16 GCS Defensively OK on a variety of opponents. 4
17 GWS Spent a lot of time shadowing Johnson to some effect. 5
18 Ess Didn’t have a massive outing down back but didn’t do too much wrong. 5
19 Ankle.
20 Adel Tough tussle with Betts conceding four goals. 4
21 Carl Gutsy effort to play on after appearing to suffer a shoulder injury early in the match. 6
22 Geel Plugged away down back on Henderson among others. Held his own. 5
23 StK Applied some misplaced vigour early in defence, but then disappeared. 3

2015 Season

1 Shoulder.
2 Shoulder.
3 Rich Low stats despite being in defence. Subbed out in third term. 3
4 WCE Tried hard in an under-manned defence. 5
5 GCS Found the going tough against Dixon. Good learning experience. 2
6 Carl Gave away one goal through stupidity but fought hard to play his role. 4
7 Port Possibly the only Lions defender to struggle. 4
8 Ess Spirited defender who jousted with Daniher and others early. 4
9 Calf.
10 Calf.
11 Calf.
12 NEAFL Defended well on return from calf niggle. -
13 NEAFL Had work cut out for him at times down back. -
14 Frem Competed hard on return to senior team in defence. 6
15 Syd Serious arm injury ended his night late in first term. 1
16 Shoulder.
17 Shoulder.
18 Shoulder.
19 Shoulder.
20 Shoulder.
21 Shoulder.
22 Shoulder.
23 Shoulder.

2014 Season

1 PM Played down back and competed hard. -
2 NEAFL Learning experience at NEAFL level, competed well. -
3 NEAFL Staunch game in defence. -
4 NEAFL Tried hard on Cleve Hughes but overwhelmed. -
5 Rich Tough ask in first game to have defensive role on Martin. Beaten but spirited. 4
6 StK Young half-back again showed he has a hard edge. 3
7 Syd Rookie (third game) who found the going a bit hot. 4
8 Ess Started on another youngster in Ambrose and not prominent. 4
9 NM Youngster wasn’t the worst. 4
11 Carl Didn’t have a big game. 3
12 WB Had Grant and did well but barely touched the ball. Spent a lot of time wrestling. 4
13 GWS Only occasionally sighted at half back. 3
14 Frem Started on Sylvia and copped a corkie, but had little use of ball. Subbed off. 2
15 Rested.
16 Rich Showed a willingness to compete and throw his body at the contest. 6
17 WCE Had no real influence. 4
18 GCS Serviceable in defence as he continues developing. 4
19 Melb Got more of the ball than he is used to and was assured by foot. 5
20 Adel Topped stats in first quarter. Hardly sighted after that. 4
21 Coll Tough effort in defence. Worked off man well before being subbed out. 5
22 Frem Only three touches in second half when Brisbane were more competitive. 4
23 Geel Copped a heavy hit early when ball hit him in head. Never looked right. 2
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