Joshua KELLY

#22   GWS Giants

Age: 24yr 7mth Games: 84 Born: Feb 12, 1995
Height: 184cm Weight: 82kg Position:

2017 Digest:  

2017 NAB Cup:   Looks to have gone to another level if his 29 touches vs Eagles and Swans is any guide. Scary how good he could be.

2017 Season

1 Adel Big first term with 11 disposals including three inside-50's. 6
2 GCS Superb outing with three goals to go with a host of classy possessions running off a wing. Added extra dollars to next contract. 8
3 NM The $9m man had an 11-disposal first quarter showcasing his class and finished with a game-high 31. 8
4 Port Won the ball well both inside and out, and added some real defensive steel with 10 tackles. Becoming an all-round package. 8
5 Syd Hard runner all night and was again a consistent driver of the GWS midfield. 7
6 WB Class stood out. Each time he gest the ball in his hands there was a feeling something good was going to happen; 24 disposals. 8
7 StK Isn’t struggling under weight of speculation about his future . Used footy well and ran hard to receive it; 28 disposals. 7
8 Coll Twinkle Toes cut a swathe through the midfield with 36 disposals (29 on target) and 11 tackles (and a goal). 9
9 Rich Continues to lead the way. The only Giant in the first three quarters to win his position. Immense. 8
10 WCE A jet. His 29 touches and seven clearances were all class. Kicked a goal too. 9
11 Ess Monster game. Continues to get better despite contract speculation. 38 touches, 10 tackles. 9
12 Carl Touched more leather than the Hellfire Club. Ended with 29 touches, 10 tackles and six clearances. 8
13 Hip.
14 Hip.
15 Geel Huge game from a star. Grabbed 33 disposals and was a key to the side coming back in final term. 8
16 Haw Glides through traffic, tough as well – got crunched by Roughead got up and ran off straight away. 34 disposals, 10 tackles and a goal 8
17 Syd Kicked a boundary line special which showed why he will earn millions, however only went at 41 percent efficiency with his 27 disposals. 6
18 Rich Playmaker worked hard to grab 23 possessions, including five inside-50s and ix tackles. Solid effort. 7
19 Frem Added a few more dollars to that contract with game sealing goal in the dying moments. Was massive with 12 score involvements. 8
20 Melb Squirted forward for two goals in the opening term and ended with three. Smart movement and won ball well. 8
21 WB Really quiet first half (six effective disposals) but got going after half time to be an ignition for the team. 7
22 WCE His best game of the season. Was everywhere with 43 disposals and made an impact after crunching hit with Kennedy. 9
23 Geel Quiet early and apart from second term and fourth term he wasn’t a massive factor; nine inside-50s and 23 possessions. 6
QF Adel Won ball with ease in midfield, but execution wasn’t as crisp as we have come to expect. Can hold head up though. 7
SF WCE Started well again and continued to find the ball all night in midfield. Can go to another level though. 7
PF Rich Looked smooth when he got near the pill for 28 disposals, eight tackles and eight inside-50s. 8

2016 Season

1 Melb Youngster used ball well but faded out to a degree – eight disposals after half time. 5
2 Geel Smooth mover damaging with his run and creativity and linked well all afternoon. 7
3 Syd Provided a lot of run and carry though the midfield. 5
4 Port Ran hard all day through the midfield to be a lively contributor. 5
5 StK Did his bit in an attacking sense and covered well defensively when teammates were caught out. 6
6 Haw Missed a few targets and an easy shot, but contributed well and was clean with hands in traffic. 6
7 Frem His hard running on the big ground helped to set up goals. 7
8 GCS Getting better with every performance – eight clearances and seven inside-50s. 7
9 WB Found space well and didn’t waste many of his touches. 5
10 Adel Plays to his strengths, his goal in the second term was exceptional way outside 50. 7
11 Geel Steady without starring through the middle. Five tackles, four inside-50s and three clearances. 6
12 Syd Gave side a lot of drive on the wing and had seven inside-50s. 7
13 Ess One of few Giants to play consistently. Used footy well and ran hard to be an option. 7
14 Carl Solid day in midfield – laid a team-high seven tackles and kicked two nice goals. 7
16 Coll Started well before a bit of a flat spot but his goals were all class. 6
17 Bris Did a lot of the hard work before half time that set up win while also kicking three goals. 7
18 Port Going to be a superstar. Always has time, great balance and composure. 8
19 Rich Produced a big last-quarter effort after being reasonably quiet in the first three terms. 6
20 GCS Went quietly about it, and was strong at stoppages with team high nine clearances. 7
21 WCE Steady game without starring in midfield. 23 touches, but just six were contested. 6
22 Frem Lifted after a modest start. Silky and smooth with ball in hand. 6
23 NM Roamed into middle from wing to play a handy role without starring. 6
QF Syd Unfussed by pressure of first final like so many other Giants. 6
PF WB Close to Giants’ best with six inside-50s, five tackles and strong work-rate. 8

2015 Season

1 StK What he did had a touch of class about it but certainly not a huge factor. 5
2 Melb Classy display in midfield. Made most of his touches count. 7
3 Syd Worked around the footy but still lacks the size to crash in and get it. 5
4 GCS Sub. Joined party with 11 in touches in bruise-free final term. 3
5 WCE Subbed off after only six possessions. 2
6 NEAFL Dominated in midfield with 39 possessions against Swans. -
7 NEAFL Brought his own ball. 36 possessions and three classy goals. -
8 Adel Solid return to team with a goal and 17 touches then subbed out. 6
9 WB Sub came on in third quarter. 2
10 Bris Ball use at times was sublime. Important part of midfield mix. 7
11 Coll Linked well on occasions but didn’t impact game like he’d want to. 5
12 NM Lacked impact in midfield with just three contested possessions. 4
14 NEAFL 42 touches to go with eight inside 50s and eight tackle. Huge. -
15 NEAFL In everything in midfield. 30 possessions and three goals. -
16 GCS Another who put in across four quarters. 6
17 Geel One goal but wasted the ball at times. Did have team-high six inside-50s. 5
18 Frem Tried to give the team some run and had 20 possessions. 5
19 Ess Came into the game after half time to played a strong role. Poor first half. 6
20 Port Oozes class, his precision left-foot kicking is a delight. 7
21 Syd Did some nice things but was physically pushed around. 5
22 Carl Got in on the act after half time to run the game out well. 6
23 Melb One of the better performers with 20 touches and nine tackles. 6

2014 Season

1 PM Had the ball on a string in midfield. Strong performance. -
2 StK Sub. Debutante was impressive after he came on in third term. 3
3 Melb Kid was given a full run in his second game and showed talent and awareness. 6
4 WB Continued his good early season form after Rising Star nomination last week. 6
5 Adel All class from the No.2 draft pick: two goals and six inside-50s. 7
6 Hamstring.
7 Port Returning from a hamstring injury, rookie continues to impress. 7
8 WCE Found the ball fairly well and continued to run hard. 6
10 Rich Sub. Only minimal game time and registered all zeros. 0
11 Eye.
12 NEAFL Huge outing with 43 touches and four goals. -
13 Bris Smooth in what he did and had a handy game. 5
14 Carl His class is evident every time he takes the field. 6
15 Syd Despite getting plenty of ball, a subdued display from the youngster. 5
16 Adel Sub came on late in third term and was busy. 2
17 Frem Ran hard to be an option and won his share of ball. Great learning experience. 5
18 Geel Sub. Creative when he got on in third term. One goal and great ball use. 2
19 Rich Looks good with ball in hand but impact on the contest was minimal 4
20 NM Rotated through midfield and was OK but not a massive factor. 5
21 Melb Flashed his poise, balance and class to be a factor throughout. One great goal. 8
22 Coll Started at half forward then went through midfield. Just knows where to go. 7
23 WB Crucial late goal and at times was opposed to Bontempelli. Played his role. 6
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