#18   Port Adelaide

Age: 25yr 7mth Games: 37 Born: Jan 02, 1994
Height: 183cm Weight: 82kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Faces a fight to continue his career after an underwhelming start to life at his second club. A year in SANFL looms unless things change.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 SANFL Won his share of the footy but was disappointing by his standard. -
4 SANFL Dynamic across half-back with 28 touches and plenty of influence in heart-stopping win. -
5 SANFL Was superb across half-back with 28 possessions in massive win over North. -
6 SANFL Ran the Crows ragged with 29 possessions. His ball use was better than previous matches. -
7 SANFL Racked up 31 possessions and set up the play nicely from half-back. -
8 SANFL Bye. -
9 SANFL Had 25 touches in a typically workmanlike display. -
10 SANFL Solid and reliable. Didn't do much wrong with his 21 touches. -
11 Haw Late inclusion and good game to come in for given lop-sided result. Won a bit of ball and might have done enough to stay in. 6
12 Ess Was he out there? Seriously… A bit better in second half, but damage was done. 3
13 SANFL Found the pill 22 times but his efficiency and discipline were off. -
14 SANFL Bye. -
15 SANFL Tireless as ever. Worked the ball forward relentlessly with 25 disposals. -
16 SANFL Sustained a head knock early before exiting the contest with concussion. -
17 SANFL Showed no ill effects from previous week’s head knock. Picked up 19 touches and was solid if unspectacular. -
18 SANFL Laid seven tackles but 16 disposals was less than expected. Needs to recapture his early-season form. -
19 Bye.
20 SANFL Was relatively well held by the Panthers. Not quite hitting his early-season heights at the moment. -
21 SANFL Set up play nicely for Port, finishing with 31 possessions and 12 marks. -
22 SANFL Solid day at the office with 22 possessions, although clearly outshone by a few of his teammates. -
23 SANFL Set up the play nicely with 23 possessions but didn’t quite catch the eye. -
EF SANFL Composed and tireless across half-back with 35 disposals against his old side. -

2016 Season

1 SANFL Burrowed in for 25 possessions and looked good. -
2 Adel First game for Power and was reasonable. One costly turnover set up Walker. 5
3 Ess Great response from the previous week, seven insdie-50s a highlight. 6
4 GWS Managed just 10 disposals and went missing after half time. 2
5 Geel Worked hard for team but not all of what he did came off. Couldn’t question effort. 5
6 Rich Off the pace early but ended with eight tackles to keep involved. 5
7 Bris His best game for Port Adelaide since transferring from Melbourne. 7
8 Senior emergency.
9 SANFL Kicked two first-half goals and found plenty of the footy. -
10 SANFL Bye. -
11 SANFL Injured his ankle early before later returning and booting two goals. -
12 SANFL Was one of Port's most damaging despite battling a pre-game virus. -
13 SANFL Struggled to find the footy but still hurt South with eight tackles. -
14 SANFL Bye. -
15 SANFL Had the ball on a string with productive, running midfield display. -
16 SANFL Again gathered plenty of the pill and consistently found space. -
17 SANFL Provided link and run while finding plenty of the footy. -
18 SANFL Bye. -
19 Bris Late inclusion who never really got hot like the rest of his teammates. 4
20 SANFL Ran hard on the wing, kicked a goal and is improving his inside work. -
21 SANFL Booted three goals and looked composed at all times. -
22 Adel Grabbed his first goal in Power colours since being traded from the Demons. 4
23 SANFL Bye. -

2015 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 GCS Sub. On for Kent early then put the vest back on. The shakiest of the Dees. 2
2 -
3 VFL Showing better form in recent weeks. 26 disposals. -
4 VFL Casey’s best ball-winner with 27 touches and seven tackles. -
5 VFL Had the clamps put on a bit but battled hard. 19 disposals. -
6 Syd Got a bit of the ball but lacked incisiveness. Ability to cover ground a worry. 4
7 Haw Simply cant cover the ground required to be a midfielder. Worrying signs. 3
8 WB Produced one of his better games. Two goals and some handy touches. 6
9 Port 14 touches and played in spurts. Needs to be more consistent. 4
10 Coll Mixed good and bad. Plays junior footy at times but at least won some ball. 5
11 StK Looked off the boil early but had monster third term. Lost Montagna for winner. 6
12 Geel Much quieter this week before being subbed out at final break. 4
14 WCE Made some poor errors and lacked intensity and speed in transition. 4
15 VFL Struggled to get hands on ball but tackled well. -
16 VFL Shaky at times but grew in confidence as game wore on. -
17 VFL A heavy knock limited his impact on the game. -
18 VFL In and out of the game. Needed to assert himself more. -
19 VFL Had a stinker but suggestions that a flu was partly to blame. -
20 VFL Good early but copped a heavy knock. Sat out second half. -
21 Concussion.
22 VFL Battled hard in midfield but had little room to operate. -
23 Foot.

2014 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 StK Prominent early and did some good things. 5
2 WCE Looked slow and struggled to get into the game. 3
3 VFL Deployed across half back and got a lot of ball. Set up well. -
4 Had it on a string for Casey to press claims for a recall.
5 VFL Copped a heavy knock, which restricted his impact. -
6 VFL Just 14 touches and two tackles in loss to Sandy. -
7 VFL Played on a wing and through the middle. Good effort. -
8 VFL Solid contributor and used ball well in tricky conditions. -
9 Rich Reasonable effort for a late inclusion. 4
11 Port Sub. On for Gawn in the third term and had a hand in some good passages. 2
12 VFL Ran hard both ways and wasn’t outmuscled in the wet. -
13 VFL Used ball brilliantly and covered ground well in wet. -
14 VFL Competed strongly and laid some good tackles. Improving. -
15 VFL In and out of the game. Efficiency down on normal numbers. -
16 Rested.
17 Ill.
18 Ill.
19 Ill.
20 Ill.
21 VFL In and out of the game but got through OK. -
22 VFL Worked into the game to play a solid role. -
23 -
QF -
SF -
GF -

2013 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Port Struggled to get into the game. Had a few nice touches late though. 3
2 Ess Quiet again. Finding it a tough caper so far and lacks burst. Hips still a worry? 2
3 WCE Started as the sub and came on late when the sting was gone. Looked slow. 1
4 Senior emergency.
5 VFL Slow start but had a big final term to cap off night. -
6 VFL Had 26 touches and didn’t waste a single one. Much better. -
7 VFL Bye. -
8 Rich Struggled with pace of game then badly damaged ankle late in second term. 1
9 Ankle.
10 VFL Worked hard all day with 21 disposals and six tackles. -
11 Coll OK in some instances but has to learn to play with some urgency. 4
13 StK Ray got away from him early in a big way, but he kept going. Showed a bit. 4
14 WB Displayed superb foots skills at times. Looks a future star. 5
15 Syd Got a bit of the ball so slowly taking steps in the right direction. 4
16 Geel Good effort given young body in tough conditions – seven tackles, three clearances. 6
17 Bris Couldn’t get a kick in a stampede of bulls before being subbed out. 1
18 NM Showed some glimpses to suggest he may have a bright future. 5
19 GWS Did some nice things, but afternoon patchy like most of his teammates. 4
20 VFL Used the ball superbly in the win to help set up Casey’s win. -
21 VFL Used the ball beautifully all day in windy conditions. 32 touches. -
22 Adel One of his best games so far in his short career, his handballs a highlight. 7
23 WB Classy by foot. Has potential to be a impressive 10-year player. 4