#8   Geelong

Age: 24yr 2mth Games: 47 Born: Aug 09, 1995
Height: 193cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Bout of glandular fever knocked him out of early pre-season then had groin injury. Still a week or two away.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Groin.
2 Groin.
3 Groin.
4 VFL Back after long lay-off from glandular fever and groin injury. -
5 VFL Had hands full at stages in defence. 13 possessions and three rebounds in loss. -
6 VFL Steady without starring down back. Trying to break back into senior line-up isn't easy after time out. -
7 VFL Played well enough in defence and got a bit of the ball himself – 17 possessions. -
8 Ess First game of the year was steady without starring. Didn’t get much of the ball but didn’t make mistakes. 3
9 WB In for second game of season. Defended pretty well and looked poise, particularly in final term when heat went on. 7
10 Port Took Trengove at times and defensively was solid in containing him. Starting to find his feet as a player. 6
11 Adel Tough job on Lynch who proved slippery so was moved around. Defended stoutly after that and getting better each week. 5
12 Bye.
13 WCE Youngster mixed good and bad but did miss a few targets. Couple of nice defensive marks. 4
14 Frem Beat Kersten hands down in string defensive performance; 13 of 15 disposals hit the target. 6
15 GWS Great game opposed to Steve Johnson. Kept him to one goal (from a free against Tuohy) and made some play when he could. 6
16 Bris Integral part of the Geelong wall which towered over Brisbane’s forwards. 6
17 Haw Beaten one-on-one in final term by Schoenmakers but did some good things across the day; 15 disposals. 5
18 Adel Had hands full down back and fumbled the ball at times. Sort of game where a young defender will learn plenty. 4
19 Carl Played on a wing and added something to the effort with 16 touches. Can he make it on a wing? 5
20 Syd Tried hard playing role up the ground. Still needs to work on disposal but found it 19 times. Learning all the time. 5
21 Rich Played arguably his best game for the club. Ran hard from half back and pushed up to a wing to be an offensive weapon. 7
22 Coll Not as strong as previous week but couple of handy touches; 14 disposals and four tackles. 4
23 GWS Used up the ground again and mixed good and bad. Disposal needs work but plenty to work with. 5
QF Rich Matched to Grigg as defensive wingman and okay in that role (Grigg had 7 effective disposals) but not much himself. 4
SF Syd Ran hard off his wing. Used the pill well and ran himself ragged from start to finish. Workrate massive. 6
PF Adel Defensively or offensively he was not a factor. At stage of career where game has to go to next level 3

2016 Season

1 Haw Decision making spot on for the most part and played his defensive role well. 5
2 GWS Played on Johnson for long periods and OK in that role. At this stage of career it’s all experience. 4
3 Bris Steady down back and showed a willingness to push forward to create another option. 5
4 Ess Struggled to impact the flow of the game but all good experience. 4
5 Port Didn’t get a whole lot of the ball but some of his spoiling first class. Has the right temperament. 5
6 GCS Stats modest but did his bit down back in first match against his twin brother. 4
7 Senior emergency.
8 Hand.
9 Hand.
10 Carl Started well then hurt ankle and from there Everitt got right on top to be a match-winner. 3
11 GWS Kept Johnson to six effective disposals in a fine defensive performance. Improving all the time. 7
12 NM Got job on Thomas and did it well to restrict him to one goal from 10 kicks. 5
13 WB Thrown job on Dickson and did that superbly. Later released to Picken. 6
14 StK Steady effort in one positive for the Cats. Looking more polished every week. 6
16 Syd Youngster showed glimpses and while not a big night he is progressing well. 3
17 Frem Arguably best game of career (apart from one kick). Developing well down back. 6
18 Adel Quiet game offensively but defended well when he had to. 4
19 WB Dickson got away from him for three first-half goals then he tightened up. 4
20 Managed.
21 Rich Had task on Lloyd early and later went to Riewoldt in final term and was solid. 6
22 Bris Great battle with Bell who got on top at times but he kept at it. Great experience. 6
23 Melb Quiet playing on variety of opponents. Copped calf knock and taken off late. 2
QF Haw Rotated through a number of Hawks. Looked nervous at times but did OK. 4
PF Syd Stats modest but did a few things that showed some poise under pressure. 4

2015 Season

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Pressed forward for two handy goals and defended well. -
4 VFL Bye. -
5 VFL Had a rough outing in defence. -
6 VFL Had hands full again but fought hard in defence. -
7 VFL Better than previous weeks down back. -
8 VFL Worked hard but had a few bad errors which cost goals. -
9 VFL Defended strongly for much of the afternoon. -
10 VFL Defended well against a tide of pressure. Going nicely. -
11 Senior emergency.
12 Melb First-gamer did well defensively on Howe who had three effective disposals. 4
15 VFL Defended well but didn’t get a lot of the ball. -
16 WB Youngster took Stringer for long periods and did well to nullify him. 5
17 GWS Kid found Tomlinson slippery at times but did some good things himself. 5
18 Bris Did well on McStay when opposed to him. Appears to have a cool head. 5
19 Syd Beat Goodes and displayed a mix of poise, speed and guile. Great effort. 7
20 Haw Great performance despite Gunston causing problems. Showed some poise. 6
21 StK Steady again with ball use but troubled by Saint forwards at times. 5
22 Coll One positive to emerge for Cats. Won his battle and used footy well. 6
23 Adel Youngster took Betts for large parts. Good first half then struggled. 4

2014 Season

1 PM Had 13 touches and six rebound 50s in defence. -
2 PM Defended well against a strong Bulldogs attack. -
3 VFL Strong effort again in defence. Shaping as a handy recruit. -
4 VFL Defended strongly again against more mature bodies. -
5 VFL Competed hard and more than held his own in defence. -
6 VFL Defended well but wasn’t as prominent with ball in hand. -
7 Soreness.
8 VFL Bye. -
9 VFL Battled a bit in defence after a good start to the year. -
10 VFL Defended fairly well despite Pies being on top. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Defended solidly but didn’t do much in an attacking sense. -
13 VFL Went forward in last term and kicked two goals. -
14 VFL Did well down back in the one-on-ones. Likely type. -
15 Rested.
16 VFL OK down back then moved forward and was fair. -
17 VFL Battled a bit in defence against Tiger talls. -
18 VFL Did what was required down back with minimal fuss. -
19 VFL Defended fairly well and took his turn on Michael Lourey. -
20 VFL Solid down back under a lot of pressure from Roosters. -
21 VFL Did a good job down back on Lynch. Growing as a player. -
22 VFL Finished his VFL season in good touch down back. -
23 -
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -