#30   Collingwood

Age: 23yr 5mth Games: 47 Born: Jan 25, 1996
Height: 203cm Weight: 102kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Claims to being the best young forward in the game. Moving well, but probably a year or two off being a real force.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WB Still at least a year off becoming a dominant force. Have they shown him the gym yet? 4
2 Rich A bit nippy for Rance and won the ball on the lead, but made only one of three gettable shots. 5
3 Syd Okay early, but then a spectator for long periods again – it’s becoming a worrying pattern. Winnings helps though. 3
4 StK Started well on Brown but confidence seemed to ebb with every dropped mark. It’s shaping as a disappointing season for him. 4
5 Ess Low confidence levels again apparent with dropped chest mark in second term. Late mark and goal may give him a lift. 3
6 Geel Played best first half of year (10 disp, 2 goals) and while effort faded his influence early was important. 6
7 Carl All at sea in the wet conditions. Never looked like taking a one-grab mark until ball dried out in final term; finished OK. 3
8 GWS Got on his bike and marked well, also got involved as the relief ruckman. 4
9 Haw Three fine marks as the solo tall in attack, and relief ruckman, rewarded with two goals. 6
10 Bris Three goals a handy return despite copping injury in the third term. Set-shot goalkicking was a highlight. 6
11 Frem Impressive with 2.2 and three contested marks. His work in the ruck brought him into the game. 7
12 Melb More sightings of a Yeti than the Magpie forward early in the game. Two goals from four kicks his lot for the match. 3
13 Bye.
14 Port Had Hombsch to deal with. Kicked three goals (two in final term) and at one point copped some ironical cheers. 4
15 Haw Quiet again although flashed in and out with a couple of contested. Missed final term with a hamstring injury. 2
16 Hamstring.
17 GCS Barely sighted in attacking first half, but booted two crucial goals in second half. 5
18 WCE Saw no more of him after nasty head injury in second quarter. Little impact to that point. 2
19 Adel Excellent first half where marked everything that went his way and was rewarded with a goal to start the third term. 7
20 NM Floated in and out of the contest with new dark haircut. Wasteful with one goal, three behinds. 4
21 Port Once the Magpies changed their game plan and when direct Moore got more involved in the game. Switched to defence late on. 4
22 Geel Roamed the ground for eight marks and one goal. Didn’t star but showed some great stuff for the future. 6
23 Melb Had T.McDonald for company early and also placed himself behind the footy well when Melbourne charged. 10 marks. 6

2016 Season

1 Syd Most lively of the Magpie talls but had to come right up the ground for possessions. 4
2 Rich Took a hanger and involved in final play of game. Got to some nice spots but ball wouldn’t stick. 3
3 StK Couldn’t get into the game at all up forward with Dempster on his wheel then pushed back late. 2
4 Melb Young forward struggled in first half but lifted after main break to be an option. 3
5 Ess Goals in each of the first two terms but struggled to get into the game across half forward. 4
6 WCE Booted two goals. Looked dangerous when given chances. 5
7 Carl Kicked three goals and became the focal point more and more as the game wore on. 6
8 Bris An opening quarter goal the highlight given he had only seven disposals. 4
9 Geel Found space at times up forward and late goal critical. Handy from the kid. 5
10 WB Led, marked and kicked in good style. Hurt shoulder early last term. 5
11 Collarbone.
12 Collarbone.
13 Collarbone.
14 Collarbone.
15 Carl Handy on return with eight marks and a goal. Had the better of Weitering. 5
16 GWS Despite low stats made a couple of polished moves in forward half. 4
17 Adel Just one goal from a free kick inside the goal square. Couldn't hold a mark. 3
18 NM Well held by Firrito, couldn’t hold a mark early, took a couple of clean grabs late. 3
19 WCE Looked like marking everything that went his way in first half then hurt hip/buttock. 6
20 Hamstring.
21 WB Crashed into fence in second term but gave important movement in attack. Quality kid. 6
22 GCS OK early opposed to May but off in second term with hamstring issue. 3
23 Hamstring.

2015 Season

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Used in defence and kept his opponents relatively in check. -
4 VFL Going well until tweaking a hamstring. -
5 Hamstring.
6 Hamstring.
7 Hamstring.
8 Hamstring.
9 Hamstring.
10 VFL First game back and got through OK. Did some nice things. -
11 VFL Quiet day with just six touches. -
12 VFL Bye. -
13 VFL Just six disposals, but three key goals. Coming along well. -
14 Haw Energetic forward in first game who covered ground. Subbed off last change. 2
15 Port Showed composure in his second game. Found Westhoff tough though. 4
16 VFL Unsighted for large portions of game but ended with 2.2 -
17 WB Breakout game after being a late inclusion. Five goals and had fans cheering. 8
18 Melb Brought back to earth after his five-goal haul the previous week. Good lesson. 2
19 Carl Took an early mark but sprayed kick. Unsighted after that. 2
20 Syd Again showed good signs at times in attack. Took a turn in the ruck too. 4
21 Rich Stats not big but a bright spot for Pies. Couple of things he did were exciting. 5
22 Geel Joined party with two first-half goals and that was about his lot. 4
23 Ess Modest stats but a couple of things he did were exciting. One goal. 3