#33   Port Adelaide

Age: 23yr 11mth Games: 44 Born: Sep 20, 1995
Height: 180cm Weight: 76kg Position:

2017 Digest:   A big improver last year when he forced his way into the seniors as a small defender. Missed JLT opener with a groin issue, but is now OK.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Syd Provided some pop from behind the ball. Didn't star but certainly played a role for his team. 4
2 Frem Sacrificed his rebound game to negate Michael Walters. 5
3 Adel Tough performance, never gave an inch and left it all on the field. 7
4 GWS Tried hard down back, but didn’t have his best outing. 4
5 Carl Was more offensive in the back half due to the Blues inadequacies in the forward 50. 6
6 Bris Struggled to work into the match and quiet throughout. 2
7 WCE Getting better with each game, not afraid to work off his opponent and link up with the runners going forward. 6
8 GCS Matched up on Matera for long periods and kept him from influencing the game. 6
9 Bye.
10 Geel Found the going tough for 12 touches but did find a little after main break. Two tackles. 3
11 Haw Started brilliantly then for reasons unknown he went out of the contest. Touched the ball seven times in final three quarters. 4
12 Ess Featured in back half, but like many, tried, but ultimately overrun. 4
13 Bris More an offensive game in defence rather than his usual shutdown role. 7
14 Coll Four disposals to halftime then lifted to provide some run with 12 second-half possessions. 5
15 Rich Started off well but fell out of the game the longer it went. 5
16 WCE Had his hands full on the small forwards. Persisted all day. 5
17 NM Played a more defensive than offensive game, showing he has the footy smarts when to attack and when to defend. 6
18 Melb Gave Garlett too much room in the first half, then better in final hour. Took some good intercept marks. 6
19 StK Good scrapper in the wet conditions. 6
20 Adel Couldn’t contain the mercurial Eddie Betts. 3
21 Coll Took Jarryd Blair to the cleaners despite a late goal. 6
22 WB Followed Dahlhaus when the Dog was in attack. Kept him off the scoreboard and did his bit. 6
23 GCS Getting into midfield territory now with the amount of footy he is winning. 7
EF WCE Played a bit role in Port’s second term fightback and is a player to watch. 6

2016 Season

1 SANFL Steady if unspectacular performance in defence. -
2 SANFL Kicked a rare major but didn’t do much else. -
3 Ess AFL debut, clashed heads with a teammate, moments later got his first goal. 5
4 GWS Used mostly in defence and was respectable. Kicked a smart goal in the last term. 4
5 Geel Great effort to be equal leader in disposals in third game. Run and carry steady throughout. 6
6 Rich Deployed across half back and not a star but chipped in when needed. 5
7 Bris Doesn’t get overawed, and not afraid to put his body on the line in every contest. 7
8 Carl Quietest game since coming into the team. Unable to generate any rebound. 3
9 WCE Rolled his ankle in the third term, did well to return to the field. 4
10 Melb Pressed claims for Rising Star nod with another assured display in the back half. 7
11 Coll Played his role as part of the back six and won some good contests. 6
12 WB Great battle with Picken, neither player giving an inch. 5
13 Frem Worked hard but didn’t have any impact. 4
15 Rich Getting better with each game, concentration and commitment are strengths. 6
16 Haw Yet to beaten one on one since making his AFL debut earlier this season. 5
17 NM Young defender began on Thomas and worked strongly. 5
18 GWS A lock to win Port Adelaide’s best young player. 5
19 Bris Good contributor in middle part of the game but didn’t get a disposal in last term. 5
20 Syd Not his best outing this year. Ball use wasn’t up to scratch and had hands full defensively. 4
21 Melb Didn’t lay a tackle which was reflective of the whole Power performance. 6
22 Adel Given a football lesson by Betts. 5
23 GCS Solid in defence and kept opponent in check. 5

2015 Season

1 -
2 SANFL Showed impressive poise and cleanness with the footy. -
3 SANFL Reasonable aside from one horror turnover for a Roosters goals -
4 SANFL Found the footy but disposal was a tad untidy. Overall was okay. -
5 SANFL Okay early but like many of his teammates had a poor second half. -
6 SANFL Superb in defence. Set up one goal with an intercept and sprint. -
7 SANFL Impressive run and carry and notched his first SANFL goal. -
8 SANFL Bye. -
9 SANFL Not his finest performance. Very quiet indeed. -
10 SANFL Solid game with 20 possessions and plenty of link and run. -
11 SANFL Possession count was down but he was defensively sound. -
12 SANFL Bye -
13 SANFL Steady performance after a slow start. -
14 SANFL Match postponed. -
15 SANFL Provided plenty of run before dying off after half-time. -
16 SANFL Looked dangerous running out of half back with 23 touches. -
17 SANFL Provided some nice link and run but went missing at times. -
18 SANFL Steady performance but needs to be more aggressive. -
19 Senior emergency.
20 SANFL Played his usual running role out of defence. Had five rebound 50s. -
21 SANFL Quieter than usual. Seems to have hit the wall. -
22 SANFL Applied fourth-quarter kill to West with dash, carry and even a goal. -
23 SANFL Had 16 possessions and showed a bit of run and spark. -

2014 Season

1 PM Weekend off. -
2 PM In and out of the game. -
3 NM Made a promising start leading up to the ball but influence quelled by Hansen. 6
4 SANFL Quietly useful in one-sided win. -
5 SANFL OK with 13 disposals in Magpie rout. -
6 SANFL Burst to life in dominant third term. Tackling a feature. -
7 Soreness.
8 SANFL Consistent four-quarter performance. -
9 SANFL Steady performance. -
10 SANFL Provided effective value for touches down back. -
11 SANFL Bye. -
12 SANFL Linked and created nicely for 24 disposals. -
13 SANFL Won his share of clearances and stood tall late. -
14 SANFL Didn't stop trying throughout the afternoon. -
15 SANFL Worked smartly across half-back with 21 possessions. -
16 SANFL Bye. -
17 SANFL Worked his way into the match nicely with 24 possessions. -
18 SANFL Never quite got going. -
19 Ill.
20 Ill.
21 SANFL Up and about early before tiring late. Copped a decent falcon. -
22 SANFL Went off concussed in the opening minutes. -
23 Concussion.
QF SANFL Reasonable in return from head injury. -
EF SANFL Reasonable in return from head injury. -
SF SANFL Consistent contributor with team-high 22 possessions. -
PF SANFL Massive letdown after superb preliminary final against South. -
GF -