#10   Sydney Swans

Age: 24yr 3mth Games: 54 Born: Mar 15, 1995
Height: 181cm Weight: 79kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Moving into midfield on more regular basis this year and already showing his speed and hardness at the ball in the JLT series.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Monster first half (18 disposals) then faded when Port started to get on top. Ended with 25 for the game. 6
2 WB Drew ire of Dog fans with big hit on Cloke. Gave his all (20 disposals) to be among the Swans better performers. 6
3 Coll Battled manfully in defence and around the ball all night to be a fine contributor for his team. 7
4 WCE Crashed in through midfield and at half back and always looked to be positive. It didn’t always work out for him though. 6
5 GWS Rebounded well and used ball better than most of his teammates. 7
6 Carl One of the better Swans with his dash and skill from behind the ball. Probably one of handful to play four quarters. 7
7 Bris Power and burst set the tone early on in midfield. The way he cut through the packs was sublime at times. 8
8 NM Matched on Dumont. Has developed into important running midfielder and had good first half before tapering. 6
9 StK Always hard at the contest and keen to take the game on. Toughness in clinches was a big asset. 7
10 Haw Worked hard throughout, although he could have been cleaner at stages. Lost no admirers. 7
11 Bye.
12 WB Creative hard-running style should have suited physical contest but he wasn’t a huge factor. Offered up some handy possessions. 6
13 Rich Provided run and drive all afternoon. Team-high 26 disposals and was always looking to attack. 7
14 Suspended.
15 Melb Run off half back was important early on. Split eye on Gawn’s boot but kept on chugging. 7
16 GCS Kicked two goals but otherwise was barely sighted with nine disposals 5
17 GWS Key cog in the Swans lineup, dash out of defence was impressive again. Critical third quarter goal that stemmed the flow. 7
18 StK Less prominent than usual. 3
19 Haw 19 disposals and was right in the thick of it all night 7
20 Geel Disposal efficiency was well down and that reflected in fact only eight of 15 disposals hit the target. 4
21 Frem Not his most prolific day in his 50th game, but rarely made a mistake from his 22 disposals. 6
22 Adel Reported for a late hit on Brad Crouch, however, his intercept marking late in the game was crucial. 6
23 Carl His speed for four quarters, as well as his ability to break the lines was instrumental. Explosive performance. 7
EF Ess Did what was required off half back. Ball use and ability to shut down smaller opponents was a highlight. 7
SF Geel Got a head that could split kindling. Made some bad errors and looked lost at times; 14 effective disposals. 5

2016 Season

1 Coll Gave drive from the back half and grew with confidence the longer the game went. 6
2 Carl Relatively quiet after a solid first-up performance the previous week. 4
3 GWS Played mostly on Palmer in a reasonably even battle. 4
4 NEAFL Drive off half back and through middle was critical to Swans setting up game. -
5 Senior emergency.
6 Bris Faded in and out. Enjoyed 10 uncontested possessions. 5
7 Ess Hard worker who was a solid contributor in the Swans’ back half. 5
8 Rich A few smart touches, but had little impact off half back. 3
9 Haw Young defender’s game not always pretty but he helped the cause. 5
10 NM Becoming a handy member of the best 22 and capped night off with good late goal. 6
11 GCS Worked hard at both ends of the ground and did OK. 4
12 GWS Provided drive out of backline with five rebounds and was polished with disposal. 5
13 Melb Super game providing dash and dare at half-back. Bodied the ball well and showed courage. 7
15 WB Thrown a number of defensive roles and kept at it. 5
16 Geel Part of a no-name defence and did the job for his team. Didn’t make a mistake. 6
17 Haw Worked hard but ball use at times sketchy. Carried from field late with leg injury. 4
18 Ankle.
19 Ankle.
20 Ankle.
21 Ankle.
22 Ankle.
23 Ankle.
QF VFL Good contributor off half-back until nasty head knock ended his afternoon. -
SF Concussion.
PF Geel Tough and direct in defence. Had 15 rebounds from back 50. 7
GF WB Finals series might be making of him. Strong effort rebounding from the back half. 7

2015 Season

1 -
2 NEAFL Played his role at half back and through midfield. -
3 NEAFL Best in loss to GWS. Won the footy both inside and out. -
4 NEAFL Solid enough across half back. 15 disposals. -
5 NEAFL Started deep in defence and provided good rebound. -
6 NEAFL Not his most prominent display at half back. -
7 NEAFL Worked through midfield with good effect. 22 touches. -
8 NEAFL Bye. -
9 Knee.
10 NEAFL Back after a week out with 23 possessions in midfield. -
11 NEAFL Competed strongly in every contest he attended. -
12 NEAFL Bye. -
13 Rich Sub. On in final term and gave away a crucial 50m penalty. 1
14 Port Antagonised a few opponents. Couple of touches, including a key one late. 4
15 Bris Gave away a 50 and goal that wouldn’t have pleased coach. OK otherwise. 5
16 Haw Sub. On second term to replace Bird. Set up team’s first goal and that was it. 1
17 WCE Spent long periods on Le Cras and battled hard in that role. Quiet offensively. 3
18 NEAFL Good return to NEAFL with 28 possessions and a goal in win. -
19 Geel Sub. By time he go a chance the Cats were dominating. 1
20 NEAFL Swans’ main ball winner with 31. Good outing. -
21 GWS Did some good things but could have been cleaner by foot. 4
22 StK Wholehearted kid who performed OK on Weller. 5
23 GCS Played half back. Got involved a few times. Looked gimpy late. 4
QF Frem Sub. Replaced Reid early and used in defence. Laid some tough tackles. 3
SF NM Sub. On to replace Jetta but unable to provide required run and creativity. 1

2014 Season

1 PM Moved onto Lamb in the second half and enjoyed a good battle. -
2 NEAFL Competed hard in midfield and at half back. -
3 NEAFL Quick, strong and hard to tackle. Did some good things. -
4 NEAFL Explosive pace, buoyed by his brother’s first win as captain. -
5 NEAFL Draftee’s best game thus far through the middle. -
6 Senior emergency.
7 NEAFL Bye. -
8 NEAFL Draftee impressed through the midfield, winning 24. -
9 NEAFL Impressive running through the middle. -
10 NEAFL Bye. -
11 NEAFL Went hard as always, used it well. -
12 NEAFL Impressed again winning 29 touches. -
13 Senior emergency.
14 Rich Sub came on at half time for debut and showed aggressive bent. 3
15 GWS Given a starting role for the first time, the youngster had some nice moments. 5
16 WCE Met heavily by Kennedy early and was subbed out with concussion. 1
17 Concussion.
18 Achilles.
19 Achilles.
20 NEAFL Under an injury cloud but won a lot of ball, used it well. -
21 NEAFL Solid midfield effort. -
22 NEAFL Among Swans’ best through midfield. Hard at the ball. -
23 Rich Brought in as third-quarter sub, used mostly back and had little impact. 3
QF NEAFL Dropped from seniors and didn’t set the world on fire. -
SF NEAFL Tagged Matt Payne out of game in the second half. -
PF -
GF -