Age: 24yr 0mth Games: 0 Born: Jun 01, 1995
Height: 195cm Weight: 91kg Position: FWD

2016 Digest:   A big young defender with an athletic approach. He got no further than VFL level and finished the season with a recurrence of his foot injury. Has some work to do.

2016 NAB Cup:   OK at reserves level, but hasn’t cracked it for senior game.

2016 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rested.
2 Played in VFL trial against Port Melbourne.
3 VFL Second year key position prospect failed to hit the scoreboard but got through. -
4 VFL Used down back and didn’t shirk the issue. Didn’t star but offered something. -
5 VFL Used in a variety of roles but was quiet for large periods of the match. -
6 VFL Quiet in patches but did a few things to please coaches. Has to find consistency. -
7 Unable to influence the flow of the contest playing half-back midfield.
8 VFL Hardly sighted playing a variety of roles. Got to find way to win more footy. -
9 VFL Did well in he back half amassing six rebound 50s and used the ball well. -
10 VFL Bye. -
11 VFL Struggling to get a handle on the ball and touched it six times. -
12 VFL Six kicks for the day and hardly any impact on the flow of the contest. -
13 VFL Bye. -
14 VFL Hardly sighted when given his chance. Struggling for form. -
15 VFL Offered some rebound at times but certainly not a complete game. -
16 VFL Just 10 possessions and no impact on the game – one contested possession. -
17 VFL Hardly sighted all day. Played behind the ball but didn’t get much of it. -
18 VFL Four rebound 50s and ball use Ok but didn’t win enough of the pill. -
19 VFL Hardly sighted. Two effective kicks for the match. -
20 VFL Quiet one from the back half. Didn’t win enough footy to impact the game. -
21 VFL Bye. -
22 VFL One of many that failed to impact the flow of the game. Eight kicks. -
23 VFL Battled hard in defence but not able to impact the game to any great degree. -

2015 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Unable to get into the game in attack. -
4 VFL Worked hard in front half in tough conditions. -
5 VFL Tried hard but ran out of steam in second half. -
6 VFL Conditions didn’t suit but had a quiet day. -
7 VFL Still learning a new craft in defence. Not his best. -
8 VFL Improved showing in back half. Still has work to do though. -
9 VFL Competed hard but conditions didn’t suit. -
10 VFL Continues to learn new caper down back. Fair. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Kicked two goals but wasn’t sighted for long periods. -
13 VFL Kicked 3.1 and took some good marks against Frankston. -
14 VFL Two goals and showed a bit at stages. -
15 VFL Tried hard in non-favorable conditions. -
16 VFL Used at both ends with limited success. -
17 VFL Bye. -
18 Didn’t play for Northern Blues.
19 Didn't play for Northern Blues.
20 Foot.
21 Foot.
22 Foot.
23 Foot.