#15   Melbourne

Age: 22yr 10mth Games: 36 Born: Sep 08, 1996
Height: 180cm Weight: 77kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Provides run as well as clean hands and a cool head. On the fringe of the best 22, but could push in for the opener.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 StK Won a fair bit of the ball without being damaging. 6
2 Carl One of the few Dees to use the ball well throughout in his role on the wing. Steady afternoon. 6
3 Geel Great enthusiasm around the ball and ran hard to win it forward of centre all day. Did fade a tad but solid effort. 7
4 Frem Quiet day. Just the 16 touches and wasn’t able to get on the outside as much as usual to drive the ball forward. 3
5 Rich Another who was in and out without having a big impact on the contest. 5
6 Senior emergency.
7 VFL Helped Casey build a solid eaely lead but drifted out a bit in the final term when the Bees made a charge. -
8 VFL Okay on a wing and sweeping across half back. Had 20 possessions to be a handy contributor. -
9 VFL Gave real drive at stages with 21 possessions and was good on the outside. -
10 Senior emergency.
11 VFL Okay without being at his best through midfield. Number steady, but not a massive infleunce. -
12 VFL Steady contributor on the day. Won the ball well and generally made the right decision. -
13 VFL Moved inside to have 14 clearances and used the ball diligently for the most part. Earned a recall. -
14 WCE Had a quality night with 22 touches and one goal. Did well. 7
15 Syd In and out of the game at half forward and on a wing. Didn’t do enough to cement his place. 3
16 Carl Struggled for most of the day and fact he didn’t touch the ball in final term doesn’t bode well at selection. 4
17 Senior emergency.
18 VFL Had an influence with his ability to feed the ball to the outside thanks to his contested work. Just needs to do it more constantly. -
19 VFL Demons loved his contest to contest work and his efforts around the ball. Connected the team forward of centre. 25 disposals. -
20 VFL Worked into the game to help drag Sandy over the line. 22 possessions. -
21 VFL In a good patch of form and ready to make the step up when required. 29 possessions. -
22 Bris Just the 12 touches and looked a bit off the pace on a wing. 3
23 VFL Quiet night after being crook for much of the week. Just eight possessions. -

2016 Season

1 Played in Casey intra-club.
2 Played in VFL trial against Box Hill.
3 NM Not a big player but did some handy things. Had chance to be the hero but had mark spoilt. 5
4 Senior emergency.
5 VFL Ball use wasn’t up to standard and couldn’t make any real impact. -
6 VFL Superb in midfield with his use of the ball and cool head under pressure. -
7 GCS Did some good things and booted a goal. 5
8 WB Chimed in and tried hard to create something even though didn’t always come off. 6
9 Bris Best game at AFL level at half back and on a wing. Used ball well and showed composure. 8
10 Port Again showed composure and clean skills when others didn’t. Developing very well. 7
11 Haw Started on Smith on wing. Was clean early but then drifted from the game a touch. 5
12 Coll Didn’t get into the game to any degree. Some of his handball sold teammates into trouble. 4
13 Syd Roamed half back and was in and out of the play. 4
15 Adel Creative with ball in hand and took the game on in the first half. One of the better Demons. 6
16 Frem Roamed the wing and half back line with a cool head and clean hands on a slippery night. 6
17 Senior emergency.
18 WCE Contested work was a highlight. Won six clearances and was clean below knees. 6
19 GCS One of the few players on the ground to use the ball well and make right decisions. Going well. 7
20 Haw Ran himself ragged to be involved and iced a strong game with a goal in final term. 7
21 Port Laid seven tackles and had five clearances, playing his part in midfield rotations. 6
22 Carl Hasn’t made many errors all year, but packed them all into 120 minutes. A poor outing. 3
23 Geel Couldn’t get near it all day. Disappointing end to a pretty solid season. 3

2015 Season

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Looked the part on a wing with 24 touches. -
4 VFL In and out of the game on a wing. 16 disposals. -
5 Rested.
6 Syd Goalled with first kick in league footy and didn’t look out of place. 5
7 Haw Sub. On at half time and had no impact. 1
8 Senior emergency.
9 VFL Bye. -
10 VFL Provided some run and carry when team needed it. -
11 StK In and out of game and missed some targets under pressure. 3
12 Geel Wasn’t overawed when his moment came late and was steady all evening. 6
14 WCE Continues to improve elements of his game. Will be OK. 5
15 Ess Quelled Stanton for a period in the third term but found very little of it. 3
16 Bris Not big numbers but was generally smart with ball in hand. 5
17 StK On Montagna for the greater part of the day. Nothing noticeable. 3
18 Senior emergency.
19 VFL Quiet day on a wing with 11 possessions. -
20 VFL Ran hard on a wing for 19 possessions, one goal. -
21 Carl Tried to take game on but ran into trouble a fair bit. 4
22 Frem Barely sighted. 2
23 GWS Had 14 touches and was OK at times. Good building block for next year. 5