#30   Gold Coast

Age: 22yr 9mth Games: 42 Born: Sep 08, 1996
Height: 203cm Weight: 100kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Kicked 27 goals from 17 appearances in 2016. More responsibility now Day is out for year. Battled finger injury but he’s ready to go.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Bris Lacked his usual confidence marking and kicking for goal. Actually looked better higher up the ground. 4
2 GWS Just the one goal from 12 touches opposed to Tomlinson. Starved for opportunities the longer the game went. 4
3 Haw Failed to hit the scoreboard and just seemed to be a little off the boil. 4
4 Carl Couldn’t catch a cold in the first half, but warmed up after the main break and was a key contributor in second half. Three goals. 6
5 Adel Still looks to be operating at less than 100%, though better than previous weeks. 5
6 NM Threatened to be a danger for North, but Tarrant was effective on him. Will be a good player but needs work on defensive side. 5
7 Geel Found space inside forward-50 but wasted a few chances. Ended night with 1.4. 4
8 Port Quiet first half and was shifted into the ruck to get him into the game. Better after main break, but goalless. 4
9 Bye.
10 Melb Presented well at stages and kicked two goals, but then relegated to a spectator in second half. 5
11 WCE Booted the matchwinner late in the match. Good presence in attack. 5
12 Haw Grabbed 10 marks, kicked two goals and wreaked some havoc on an under-sized Hawk defence. 7
13 Carl Looked out of sorts in attack and only real involvement was when pinch hitting in the ruck. 2
14 StK Always a positive target up forward and St Kilda looked powerless against him at times. 6
15 NM Booted an early goal, but only took the solitary mark. Ground level work OK. 3
16 Syd Complete non factor until junk time in the last term 2
17 Coll Booted three goals from his 11 possessions and six marks in less than ideal conditions for talls. 6
18 WB Kicked just the one goal, but wasn’t aided by delivery. Hurt his knee and was really limping late. 4
19 Rich Seems to be lacking confidence, dropping some easy marks. Booted a goal. 4
20 Frem Kicked three goals. Gave the team a prominent target. 7
21 Bris Switched between ruck and full forward. Delighted the crowd with a 55m goal from a set shot. Overall slightly disappointing. 5
22 Ess Well held, although ball was not down there a lot in fairness. Booted a goal. 4
23 Port The only multiple goal scorer with the Suns which isn’t saying much. 5

2016 Season

1 Played in NEAFL trial against Brisbane.
2 NEAFL Tough night in slippery conditions in the steam Top End. -
3 NEAFL Put the pressure on Day with another strong display. Three goals from nine marks. -
4 NEAFL Played a good supporting role to Grant with three goals. Ruckwork strong too. -
5 NM Took some great contested marks and booted three goals. 7
6 Geel Unsighted up forward with Taylor and Lonergan shadowing him. Back to the NEAFL? 1
7 Melb Booted two goals in third quarter which was his only contribution. Struggled. 3
8 Calf.
9 Adel Took nine marks and booted three goals. Continues to improve. 7
10 WCE Showed some good signs but not around the ball enough. 4
11 Syd Not ideal conditions for him and found the going tough. 3
12 Rich Looked dangerous at times with two goals but has to work on competiveness and engine. 5
14 Haw Early goal and looked ominous at times but long periods of no impact. Four marks. 3
15 StK Took 10 marks, booted three goals and three goal assists. Impressive. 7
16 Bris Took another giant step forward with five goals and 12 marks. 8
17 WB Could get nowhere near it. One kick, no marks. 2
18 Frem Marked strongly and booted three goals. 6
19 Melb Failed to kick a goal and took just four marks in a quiet day at the office. 3
20 GWS A bit quieter than recent purple patch though still contributed. 5
21 Ess Marked well in front half and loomed large at stages without taking stranglehold on game. 6
22 Coll Kicked a goal and took a few marks but pretty well held. 4
23 Port Battled to get involved and looked to be hampered by knee injury. 2

2015 Season

1 -
2 NEAFL Just the one goal after some strong pre-season form. -
3 NEAFL Booted two goals and had 18 touches in attack. -
4 NEAFL Presented well as a tall forward. Took six marks. -
5 NEAFL 10 possessions, five marks and two goals. Improving each week. -
6 NEAFL Took seven marks and kicked 2.3 as attacking target. -
7 NEAFL Bye. -
8 NEAFL Pushing for an AFL debut with four goals in attack. -
9 NEAFL Started well in dry, then rain came and made life tough. OK. -
10 Syd Tough initiation against this Swans defence but competed. 2
11 Frem Showed some good signs in conditions that not ideal for him. 4
13 NEAFL Two goals from six marks. OK without starring. -
14 NEAFL Starred with six goals from 19 disposals and 13 marks in attack. -
15 NEAFL Another bag of four goals from 10 marks in attack. Starring. -
16 GWS Took a couple of nice grab; fairly quiet overall though. 3
17 NEAFL Bye. -
18 NEAFL Played in attack and some time in the ruck. 19 possessions. -
19 NEAFL Starred again up front with five goals from 10 towering marks. -
20 NEAFL Beaten by Aliir but still tried hard. -
21 NEAFL Played second fiddle to Downie. 10 marks but 1.3. -
22 NEAFL Too big and strong in attack for Ainslie. Four goals. -
23 -