#31   Richmond

Age: 23yr 5mth Games: 15 Born: May 08, 1996
Height: 188cm Weight: 78kg Position:

2017 Digest:   One of the few bright spots in an otherwise poor 2016 season. Again has impressed over summer on the track and ready to take another step.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 Senior emergency.
5 Melb Struggled to have much of an impact on return to senior side. Doesn’t look to have same confidence as last season. 3
6 Adel Pushed forward for two goals, one in the first term and a consolation goal in the last term. 5
7 WB Not a big game and had no great input. 3
8 Frem Struggled. Made mistakes and was not involved at all in any phase of the game; 6 disposals. 1
9 VFL Had a hand in a few goals, but was in and out of the game in a variety of roles. -
10 VFL Very good down back with 22 possessions and six rebounds. Best game of the year. -
11 VFL Good again rebounding off half back. 26 possessions and had a hand in a few scores. -
12 Bye.
13 VFL Had a hand in a few scores and did some good work in the defensive half. -
14 Senior emergency.
15 Port Indifference performance from Markov, did some clever things but let himself down with his decision making. 4
16 VFL Set the tone early on with his work. Four inside 50s and seven tackles. -
17 VFL Always makes the right option with the ball in hand and was very composed. Had 28 touches. -
18 VFL One of the Tigers' better players. Played across halfback and jumped and marked the footy well. -
19 VFL Solid across half back and looked strong in the contest. Run and dash a strength but also provided good aerial contests. -
20 VFL Bye. -
21 VFL Turned the ball over a bit, but always looked to take the game on. -
22 Frem Had 15 touches and took a nice contested mark. 5
23 StK Okay but wonder if did enough to keep his place in the team with 13 possessions? Tough call. 4
QF VFL Provided some drive off half back with his run. Okay. -
SF VFL One of the Tigers best. 27 possessions, seven clearances and four inside 50s in a dashing display. -
PF VFL Handy without being at his best. 15 possessions and used the ball well by foot. -
GF -

2016 Season

1 Played in VFL trial against Northern Blues.
2 Played in VFL trial against Essendon.
3 VFL Did some good things in limited game time. -
4 VFL Drifted in and out but showed some nice traits going forward. -
5 VFL Unable to get into the game to any degree in loss to the Dollies. -
6 Senior emergency.
7 VFL In and out but showed some quality with his possessions. -
8 VFL Six of his 13 touches were inside-50s so played his role in that way. -
9 VFL Bye. -
10 VFL Did well behind the ball with 19 touches and five rebounds. Going OK. -
11 VFL Four of his 10 touches were inside-50s, but didn’t little else. -
12 VFL Kicked a goal and was in and out of the contest for much of the day. -
13 VFL Bye. -
14 VFL Did some nice things with five inside-50s and nine tackles in defeat. -
15 VFL Drifted in and out but showed quality at times with 18 possessions. -
16 WB Great debut. Showed athleticism and poise in defence. Got some tricks. 6
17 Ess Booted first career goal with running effort off half back and a steady performer all day. 5
18 Haw Kid struggled but should be persisted with for remainder of season. 2
19 GWS Not as prolific as previous weeks, but used it well by foot out of the backline. 4
20 Coll Great game. Made a couple of mistakes but on the whole provided great energy. 7
21 Geel Did some neat things across half back and good late-season form continues. 6
22 StK At least used the ball pretty well from limited disposals. Handy effort. 5
23 Syd Overwhelmed early in defence, but looked more settled as the game wore on. 4