Darcy LANG

#16   Carlton

Age: 23yr 10mth Games: 45 Born: Nov 21, 1995
Height: 183cm Weight: 82kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Rated by many teammates as the star of summer and form in practice matches suggests he could be a big improver.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 -
2 NM Disposal and decision-making not at level that enabled him to be hugely effective. Did lift late but played VFL footy at times. 3
3 Senior emergency.
4 Senior emergency.
5 StK Won plenty of the pill but wasteful and decision-making still off at times. Two goals and 25 touches handy enough. 6
6 Coll Mixed good and bad. Sometimes looks assured other times he plays VFL footy and pays the price. 3
7 GCS Dropped marks, looked shaky and was basically a non-factor all night apart from one goal from goalsquare. 3
8 VFL Had 18 touches, but needed to do more to earn a senior recall. -
9 VFL Impressive effort with 25 possessions and seven inside 50s. Provided dash through middle. -
10 Port Came in after time in VFL and was handy without starring. Laid 11 tackles and sure-hands at times a feature. 7
11 Adel Backed up last week’s effort with another solid display highlighted by three inside-50 and 15 touches. 6
12 Bye.
13 WCE Where is his footy at? Certainly hasn’t developed like club had expected. Ended match with four kicks. 3
14 Frem Did not have a kick in the first half and then got injured in third term and day was done. 1
15 Shin.
16 Shin.
17 Shin.
18 Shin.
19 Shin.
20 Shin.
21 VFL Tackled strongly and got a bit of the ball. Encouraging outing. -
22 VFL Got a bit of the ball in midfield with 21 possessions. -
23 VFL Not at his blinding best but was a handy contributor on the day. -
QF -
SF Syd Great game after missing 10 weeks. Ended with 24 disposals and seven score involvements. 7
PF Adel Glory lasted one week. Horrendous in what is likely last game for the club. One nice goal but that was it. 3

2016 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Three goals in a tight game proved critical. Used footy pretty well. 6
2 GWS Pleasing effort. Kicked a goal and had four inside-50s. Won a lot of uncontested possession. 5
3 Bris Hardly sighted. Three kicks for the day and missed only chance to score a goal. 2
4 Ess One goal but rarely got into the game for any longer than a fleeting minute. 3
5 Senior emergency.
6 GCS Late inclusion made most of chance to kick two goals from 22 disposals. Steady. 6
7 WCE Chimed in at times without starring. Used the ball to advantage when he got it. 5
8 Adel Kicked a key goal in final term but apart from that was quiet. 3
9 Coll Better than previous weeks. Four inside-50s, one goal and 10 contested possessions. 7
10 Carl After good effort against Pies he had a howler. Rarely sighted and made mistakes. 1
11 GWS Quiet one. Didn’t impact and might find way back to VFL if can’t find form quickly. 2
12 NM Quiet game. Needs to find some form and find it quickly or face spell in VFL. 3
13 VFL Six inside-50s, one goal and five tackles through the midfield. Steady. -
14 VFL Two goals, including the sealer. Five clearances and eight tackles. Cats’ best. -
15 VFL Bye. -
16 Syd Could not get near it. Development has stagnated which is a huge concern. 1
17 VFL Fine game in midfield. Efficiency good and had seven inside-50s, nine tackles -
18 VFL Among best for second week in a row. Nine clearances and two goals. -
19 VFL Worked hard but efficiency by foot well down. Laid eight tackles. -
20 VFL Won a possession when he wanted to. Laid eight tackles, which was pleasing. -
21 VFL Steady but not as damaging as he has been in recent weeks. Four clearances. -
22 Bris Only half his touches were effective. Will sweat on selection this week. 3
23 VFL Eight tackles, two goals and used the ball pretty well all day. Solid performance. -
QF -
PF -

2015 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Pressure good when he got around the ball but lacked polish with ball use. 3
2 Frem Laid a few tackles and got around the ball. Needs to be persisted with. 4
3 GCS Fine first half and while he faded it was a pleasing effort from a fourth-gamer. 5
4 NM Found going tough all day at half forward but need to keep playing him. 2
5 Rich Second-quarter goal and some handy tackles. Still adjusting to tempo. 4
6 Coll Stats not huge but did some nice things around half forward. 5
7 Syd Busy first half then faded as the Swans took complete control. One goal. 4
8 Carl Two tackles, a goal and good ball use until subbed off in third term. 4
9 WCE Couldn’t find a way to influence the flow of the contest. 2
10 Ess First half was best of his short career. Showed some tricks at times. 6
11 Port Copped leg injury and that appeared to slow him. Still contributed to the effort. 4
12 Melb One of the best. Tackling good and showed some poise when he got it. 6
14 Quad.
15 NM Couple of stylish runs and provided something in a losing side. Six inside-50s. 6
16 WB Started brightly but only five possessions after quarter-time. Three inside-50s. 4
17 GWS Two inside-50s and four clearances but not a big impact on the game’s flow. 4
18 Bris One goal but long season might be starting to take its toll. Quiet. 3
19 Syd Two first-quarter goals his highlight. Quiet from that point on. 4
20 Haw One of his better games in recent weeks. Two goals, looked dangerous. 6
21 StK Quiet first half but did lift slightly after half time. Only two inside-50s. 4
22 Coll Did not have a kick in first half. Long season starting to take its toll. 3

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 PM Got through first game back from broken leg. -
2 Ill.
3 VFL Showed good burst at times through the packs. Going OK. -
4 VFL Showed his class with a few nice runs. -
5 VFL Slow start but worked into the game well to play a role. -
6 VFL Best for the Cats. Ran hard and used the ball well. -
7 VFL Caught the eye at times but wasn’t able to sustain it. -
8 VFL Bye. -
9 VFL Drifted in and out of the game with little impact. -
10 VFL Much better this week with 24 possessions and 0.3. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Just 13 touches but showed a bit with each of them. -
13 StK Sub. On second half and kicked a goal in final term to delight of teammates. 2
14 VFL Didn’t win a heap of ball but looked good with what he did. -
15 Rested.
16 VFL Had 16 touches but lacked any influence. -
17 VFL Quiet day but bobbed up with two handy goals. -
18 VFL One of the Cats’ best in the middle. Speed and smarts! -
19 VFL Had 13 possessions in first half. Sat out second half. -
20 VFL Burst in and out of the game but caught the eye with pace. -
21 VFL Ran hard on a wing to collect 25 possessions. -
22 Senior emergency.
23 Senior emergency.
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -