Age: 29yr 8mth Games: 5 Born: Oct 28, 1989
Height: 203cm Weight: 100kg Position:

2017 Digest:   With Pierce he is one of the back-up rucks behind Hickey and Longer. Continues to advance as he learns.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 VFL Rucked solidly in development league but wasn’t as influential as one would expect. -
5 VFL Had 13 hitouts, but couldn’t get involved to any degree once the ball left the stoppages. -
6 VFL Ran around in the VFL development league and dominated as expected. -
7 VFL Dominated in the ruck after Hickey's departure, but the Zebras couldn’t always capitalise. -
8 VFL Got the better of ruck duel with Goodwin, and kicked an important major. -
9 VFL Got the better of Phillips and Korcheck in the ruck, but midfielders couldn’t capitalise. -
10 VFL Ruckwork was good, but was then a spectator around the ground. -
11 VFL Spelled Hickey in ruck and was fair at best. -
12 VFL Lowered colors in ruck to Meese. Barely sighted away from the ruck contests. -
13 Bye.
14 VFL 26 hitouts in tandem with Hickey. Kicked a goal too. -
15 VFL Dominated in the ruck in development league win over the Bees. -
16 VFL Just handful of possessions, but dominated the ruck contests with 62 hitouts. -
17 VFL Won the ruck battle on the day and contested hard at the stoppages. 57 hitouts. -
18 VFL Massive in ruck in development league against Coburg. -
19 VFL Competed in the ruck but failed to make a real influence around the ground. -
20 VFL Spent time in attack – as well as the ruck – and bobbed up with two goals. -
21 VFL Bye. -
22 VFL Aside from ruck duels, did very little. -
23 VFL 27 hitouts, but just a handful of touches. -

2016 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 Played in VFL trial against Box Hill Hawks.
2 Played in VFL trial against Williamstown.
3 VFL Played mostly forward with the inclusion of Longer and Pierce. Struggled. -
4 VFL. Bye. -
5 VFL Good hitout numbers (38) but Minson seemed to have the better of ruck duel. -
6 VFL Struggled to get in the game at all. -
7 VFL Did a bit of time in the ruck but was third in line behind Longer and Pierce. -
8 VFL The better of the two Sandy rucks against Casey big men. 23 hit-outs. -
9 Senior emergency.
10 VFL Bye. -
11 VFL Won most of the hit-outs opposed to Vardy and Abbott. Took a huge grab. -
12 VFL Dominated the hit-outs against Michael and Nyuon to give Zebras first use. -
13 VFL Bye. -
14 VFL Excellent in the ruck with 20 hit-outs and pushed forward for a goal. -
15 VFL OK playing mostly in forward half. Also helped out in ruck (23 hit-outs). -
16 VFL Found the going tough. Struggled to make an impact around the ground. -
17 VFL Another disappointing effort. Very little impact up forward. -
18 VFL OK in ruck duels with Spencer, then Pederson. Quiet elsewhere. -
19 VFL OK in the ruck with 32 hit-outs and two clearances. -
20 Senior emergency.
21 VFL Minimal impact aside from a few shots at goal – kicked 1.2 -
22 Rich Contested well in the ruck and held his own, but less impact around ground. 4
23 Bris Good in ruck taps and had upper hand. Bullocked in packs but didn’t get touches. 4

2015 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 -
2 -
3 VFL Worked well in tandem with Hickey. 15 hitouts. -
4 VFL Battled to get a foothold in the ruck. -
5 VFL Rucked solidly against Blues’ big men. -
6 VFL Big task against Jamar and Gawn but battled hard. -
7 VFL Controlled the ruck contests with 39 hitouts. -
8 VFL Controlled ruck against younger Pittonet. -
9 VFL Even duel in ruck with Currie. 26 hitouts. -
10 VFL Had 30 hitouts and helped Sandy gain control in middle. -
11 VFL Mammoth effort in ruck. 60 hitouts and 14 possessions. -
12 VFL Bye. -
13 VFL Hitouts caught the eye and moved well around ground. -
14 VFL Interesting contest with fellow American, Cox. 30 hitouts. -
15 VFL One goal to go with 25 hitouts in tandem role. -
16 VFL Nice battle in ruck with Wallace. 23 hitouts. -
17 VFL Not his best game but still competed hard. -
18 VFL Bye. -
19 VFL Barely touched ball around ground but very good in ruck. -
20 VFL 33 hitouts and pressed forward for second term goal. -
21 Geel In debut the US recruit showed a great spring and athleticism. Cult figure already. 5
22 Syd In his second game had trouble in timing of jump at centre bounces. 3
23 WCE Promising start against Naitanui but tapered. Not the worst. 4

2014 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 PM Rucked and played forward, solid but still learning. -
2 PM Played in Sandringham development squad trial. -
3 VFL Just the four touches and continues to learn. -
4 VFL Tried hard in the ruck against Lowden. -
5 VFL Competed hard against fellow American, Eric Wallace. -
6 VFL Just five disposals and one mark in development league. -
7 VFL Got the better of Bellchambers in ruck. Huge tick! -
8 VFL Had 26 hitouts against Campbell and Cordy. Shaded. -
9 VFL Obliterated in the ruck by Currie. Just three touches. -
10 VFL Bye. -
11 VFL Bye. -
12 VFL Just the three touches, but did well in ruck with 40 hitouts -
13 VFL Battled hard in the ruck against Hudson. -
14 VFL Improving each week as the No. 1 ruck. 18 hitouts. -
15 VFL Shared ruck duties with Hickey and continues to improve. -
16 VFL The best of the Zebras’ rucks with 25 hitouts. -
17 VFL Rotated through ruck and showed signs again of improvement. -
18 VFL Injured early and sat out remainder of the game. -
19 VFL Even duel in ruck with Stephenson. Improving each week. -
20 VFL Won the ruck battle but just three touches at ground level. -
21 VFL Battled hard against Currie in ruck. 32 hitouts. -
22 VFL Got the better of Tighe in the ruck. Encouraging form lines. -
23 VFL Dominated the ruck but provided little at ground level. -
QF VFL Controlled the ruck duels against Robinson to be OK. -
SF -
PF -
GF -