#20   North Melbourne

Age: 21yr 0mth Games: 2 Born: Jun 06, 1998
Height: 198cm Weight: 93kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Pick 73 at last year’s draft got a crack in opener against Sydney before being returned to the VFL.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 VFL Spent time forward and in the ruck and was competitive enough for a slender kid. -
5 VFL Quiet night with just 10 touches and a few hitouts. -
6 VFL Just the five touches and a goal. Unable to get much going. -
7 VFL Booted four goals in his best outing yet at VFL level. Big impact on the contest. -
8 VFL Booted two goals and took some nice marks. Handy without starring. -
9 VFL Kicked a few goals and was handy in attack. -
10 Bye.
11 VFL Just the one goal and was fairly quiet overall. -
12 Bye.
13 VFL Booted four goals and was dangerous throughout the day in attack. -
14 VFL Kicked two goals and had a dip. Growing with every game. -
15 VFL Booted four goals and was the man most likely in attack for the Bees. -
16 Didn’t play for Werribee.
17 Knee.
18 Ess Tough introduction to AFL footy. Grassed a couple of marks he should have swallowed and didn’t register a possession. 2
19 Knee.
20 Coll Way out of his depth at AFL level. At least he got his first AFL disposal in his second game. 1
21 Rested.
22 Rested.
23 Senior emergency.