#42   GWS Giants

Age: 25yr 7mth Games: 0 Born: Jan 17, 1994
Height: 195cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Rookie list player who is a former Commonwealth Games decathlete. Getting nursed along very slowly.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 -
2 NEAFL Still learning the ropes and will take a while. Quiet. -
3 NEAFL Utilised down back and continues to learn his craft. -
4 NEAFL Apprenticeship continued, but again showed little snippets that will have coaches pleased. -
5 NEAFL Just he seven touches and struggled to gte a foothold in the contest. -
6 NEAFL Bye. -
7 NEAFL Did some good things down back in loss to the Suns. -
8 NEAFL Unable to impact the contest on a consistent basis. -
9 NEAFL Did a few nine things but still has a long way to go. -
10 NEAFL Tough job on Ewing and stuck to the task very well for a new player to the game. -
11 NEAFL Some decent moments, but wasn’t really a factor in loss. -
12 NEAFL Rarely sighted. Just a handful of possessions. -
13 Groin.
14 Groin.
15 NEAFL Played down back and was okay. Showed a bit at stages. -
16 NEAFL Tried hard in the back half, but was under the pump quite often. -
17 NEAFL Ex-decathlete project player is still developing. Runs well but found the pill just 11 times. -
18 NEAFL Quiet performance with three touches. -
19 NEAFL Able to take eight marks in a solid days work. 19 disposals. -
20 NEAFL Getting better with each passing week. Had 19 possessions. -
21 NEAFL Bye. -
22 NEAFL Had 11 possessions in the back half. A work in progress. -
23 -
QF -
SF -
PF -