#38   Western Bulldogs

Age: 36yr 6mth Games: 241 Born: Dec 29, 1982
Height: 190cm Weight: 91kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Now in the twilight of his career but rarely beaten down back. Done what he has needed to do over summer.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Coll Rarely put a foot wrong on the last line. Copped a heavy hit to right leg late in the game. 5
2 Leg.
3 Leg.
4 Leg.
5 Leg.
6 Leg.
7 Leg.
8 Leg.
9 Geel First game back from injury and looked well off the pace. Defensive role okay but offered nothing going other way; two kicks. 2
10 StK Given the job on St Kilda’s most effective forward Membrey and did it well. 7
11 Bye.
12 VFL Ankle. -
13 Melb Battled away down back. Story of his night was after a great mark turned the ball over the Demons scored a goal. 4
14 NM Dour stopper took Waite at times. Couple of desperate efforts down back saved the day. Offered very little offensively. 5
15 WCE Organised the backline and stood firm as always but weight of numbers against. 5
16 Adel Started off on Josh Jenkins but struggled with his height and strength. 5
17 Carl Veteran defender did his job switching around on a number of forwards. Limited possessions but that’s not his job. 5
18 GCS Night ended in second term when he broke his arm. Horrible luck this year. 2
19 Arm.
20 VFL Arm. -
21 Arm.
22 Port Back from a broken arm and was a steadying influence in defence. Some key wins on Gray and Wingard late. 6
23 Haw Veteran defender plodded away in his customary style. Did his job without getting too aroused about it. 4

2016 Season

1 Frem Had Walters at times as well as a few others. Did his bit but job was made easier up field. 6
2 StK Rotated between Riewoldt and McCartin. Did a decent job on both. 6
3 Haw Busted his backside in defence. Strong and disciplined performance. 6
4 Carl Did his bit down back and steady when the side needed him to be steady. 6
5 Bris Played mostly on Schache and worked the angles well to restrict the youngster’s impact. 7
6 NM Stuck to his task against bigger opposition. 4
7 Adel Shut down Betts in a key win in the context of a tight game. 8
8 Melb Had the job on Watts for long periods and did that well until second half. Just gets in the road. 6
9 GWS Found going tough on Cameron early. Battled manfully and improved as the game went on. 4
10 Coll On Fasolo who gave him trouble early. 5
11 WCE Great job quelling Darling in a key win for the Bulldogs. 8
12 Port Did all he could to stop Wingard but even he couldn’t stop his two goals in a minute. 6
13 Geel Started on Menzel, but lost him a few times early and the Cat hit the scoreboard. Better later. 4
15 Syd Had to work hard in varied role but as usual gave everything. 5
16 Rich Kept Riewoldt to two goals from seven marks in another fine effort. 6
17 GCS Easily got the better of the young Wright. Gave him no space to move at all. 7
18 StK Off with quad injury that started club’s woes. 3
19 Hamstring.
20 NM Added substance and steel to defence in his return. Integral part of team. 6
21 Hamstring.
22 Hamstring.
23 Frem Solid in defence as usual. Really good in the air. 6
EF WCE Had job on Darling and kept him under control for much of the night. 6
SF Haw Variety of roles on Rioli and others. Low key but hard at it. 4
PF GWS Clamped down hard on GWS forwards and never conceded an inch. 6
GF Syd Not about to let back injury stop him. Solid defensive job locking down Rohan. 6

2015 Season

1 WCE Had task on Le Cras and in the end probably took the honours. 6
2 Rich Steady in defence. Third-man-up work was a highlight of his performance. 6
3 Haw Started on Puopolo and in early trouble with shoulder. Subbed off second term. 1
4 Pectoral.
5 Pectoral.
6 Pectoral.
7 Pectoral.
8 Pectoral.
9 Pectoral.
10 Pectoral.
11 Pectoral.
12 VFL Back after long injury layoff and got through OK. -
13 StK Interesting challenge on Lonie who got away at times. 4
14 Carl Steady down back but might miss a while with jaw injury. 5
15 GCS Followed Miller in attack but let him drift up ground. Fair. 5
16 Geel Had Kersten covered and rebounded well with nine marks. Played his role. 7
17 Coll Had Fasolo in his back pocket all afternoon. 7
18 Ess Great job on Daniher. The way the ball was coming in helped. 7
19 Port Fought hard and kept Wingard relatively quiet after quarter time. 6
20 Melb Steady down back and knows what he can get away with in terms of body contact. 6
21 WCE Subbed out after battling hard in defence. 4
22 NM Lined up on the much taller Petrie and had his work cut out. 4
23 Soreness.
EF Adel Betts gave him run-around early and he was shifted away. 6

2014 Season

1 WCE Did a fine job to keep Kennedy to two goals given inside-50 count (60-37) 7
2 NM Showed plenty of heart to keep much taller Petrie under control. 6
3 Rich On Riewoldt and clinically kept on top in first half. Troubled later. 6
4 GWS Subbed out with leg injury after starting on Cameron. 1
5 Suspended.
6 Ankle.
7 Ess Strong defensive game. Gave little away. 7
8 Melb Undersized against Dawes/Frawley but continued to compete. 5
10 GCS Dixon got him early but battled manfully against a much bigger opponent. 5
11 Frem Kept Pavlich in check for most of the game. 6
12 Bris Stood Merrett in Lions attack and negated his impact fairly well. 6
13 Coll Beaten by Cloke and then played on some smaller players. 4
14 Port Struggled to match up on any of his opponents. 3
15 Melb Took Dawes and did a good job in first half. Size got him at times but plugged away. 6
16 Geel Had Kersten pretty well covered when switched to him early. 5
17 GCS Gave away size to Dixon but as always found a way to compete. 5
18 Ess Had to got to Carlisle but gave away 10cm and paid the price. 4
19 Haw Had demanding job on Gunston but as usual stuck to his guns. 5
20 StK Honest job on taller Riewoldt and couldn’t beat him in air. 6
21 NM Worked hard down back on Black and others. 5
22 Syd Big job on Franklin and battled hard, but ‘Buddy’ got the points with six. 5
23 GWS Had a few different opponents, including Hoskin-Elliott. Not his best. 4
QF -
SF -
PF -
GF -

2013 Season

1 Bris Welcome return in defence and had number of roles starting on Martin. 1
2 Frem Moved to Pavlich in second half in a shuffle up. Getting better with playing time. 5
3 Rich Forced to hold shut the dam doors but they eventually broke. Tried hard. 5
4 Adel Conditions suited his combative style on the flamboyant Taylor Walker. 6
5 Geel Had to battle the bigger Podsiadly and did it well most of the night. 5
6 WCE On LeCras and had his work cut out 4
7 NM Had the job on Thomas and squared contest, but Dogs needed two of him. 5
8 GCS Had May well covered throughout the contest. 6
9 StK Kept at it against Riewoldt and did whatever he could but the Saint won the contest. 4
10 Port Resolute effort in defence. Back to his best. 7
12 Coll Not one of his great days. 4
13 Rich Matched up on Riewoldt and had his hands full for much of the night. 4
14 Melb Battled hard on likes of Watts and Dawes. 5
15 GWS Got the points early in his duel with Cameron before being just shaded in the end. 5
16 Ess Battled Hurley and had his measure pretty much from start to finish. 6
17 Haw Reliable defender who rarely gets beaten, took Gunston. 6
18 WCE Had Kennedy who kicked three goals but he did a fine job for the most part. 7
19 Syd Picked up Bolton at the start and had solid defensive game. 6
20 Carl Menzel gave him grief early, but from, there knuckled down and did a good job. 6
21 Adel Stout defensively all match and seemed to be in the right spot at right time. 5
22 Bris Found the going tough down back and slightly off on the day. 3
23 Melb Stuck to guns on fast-leading Watts. Fine comeback this year after broken leg. 5