Aidan CORR

#35   GWS Giants

Age: 25yr 6mth Games: 60 Born: May 17, 2021
Height: 195cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   One of many first-round draft picks struggling to get a game. Been given every chance over summer but still on fringe. Injured hand in JLT finale.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1   Hand.  
2   Hand.  
3 NM A late replacement for Buntine, the Irishman moved stylishly in his first game in a year after long-term ankle injury. 4
4 Port Mixed and matched down back including stints on Wingard. Stuck to task fairly well. 5
5 Syd Hard nut in defence who never conceded an inch and did the little things. 4
6 WB Had Clay Smith early then left game with injury but returned. Battled hard and defensively mixed good and bad. 5
7 StK Third key defender did the defensive job okay but offered very little going the other way; 9 disposals. 3
8 Coll Injured in first play of the game after marking at centre half back, then failed concussion test. 0
9 Rich Okay down back and recovered his position well a few times, but also caught out at others. 5
10 WCE Held firm on Kennedy despite conceding three goals. 5
11 Ess Spent long periods on Hooker and battled away. The Bomber was handy late. 4
12 Carl Tracked J Silvagni for most of the afternoon in what was a great battle. Held his own without starring. 5
13   Bye.  
14 Bris Twice given job of minding Hipwood and had limited success. 5
15 Geel Plugged away in defence and okay in that role but offered very little offensively; 12 disposals. 5
16 Haw With the glove on reminded fans of Craig Kelly. Comfortable with ball in hand. nine marks & nine one-percenters. 5
17 Syd Looked all at sea, via foot and in the air. Outpointed regularly. Capable of much better. 2
18 Rich Tall defender battled hard. Helped by wet conditions but certainly not the worst. 5
19 Frem Played at both ends of the ground and didn’t exert any impact in attack or defence. 3
20 Melb Spoilt well down back and didn’t allow Dees forward much room to move. 6
21 WB Looked shaky by foot at times coming out of defence but got better as game dragged on. 5
22 WCE Was Kennedy’s direct opponent and did fairly well. Received plenty of help from his fellow defenders. 6
23 Geel Laid one brilliant tackle on Dangerfield and had Menzel in a good battle. Only limited touches. 3
QF Adel Tasked with quelling Walker’s influence. Was always close to the Crows skipper. Had a dip. 6
SF WCE Massive task on Kennedy and stuck to it very well to keep the big Eagle to one goal. 8
PF Rich Battled away down back but was beaten by his opponents. Hardly sighted offensively. 3

2016 Season

1 Melb Played key back on Pedersen and was able to nullify him. Not much offensively. 5
2 Geel Played on Stanley at times and able to nullify his influence. Laid one great tackle. 6
3 Syd Battled hard in defence before going down with an ankle injury. 3
4   Ankle.  
5   Ankle.  
6   Ankle.  
7   Ankle.  
8   Ankle.  
9   Ankle.  
10   Ankle.  
11   Ankle.  
12   Ankle.  
13   Ankle.  
14   Ankle.  
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18   Ankle.  
19   Ankle.  
20 NEAFL Did what he had to do down back in first game back from an ankle injury.
21 NEAFL Easy day down back. Took nine marks and clean with ball use.
22 NEAFL Extremely clean with ball use. Seven marks, five inside-50s.
23 NEAFL Bye.
QF NEAFL Had some challenges at stages but held up well enough.

2015 Season

1 StK Thrown task on Membrey and kept him to two goals in a good battle. 4
2 Melb Manned Hogan and had hands full early. Lack of supply then helped him out. 4
3 Syd Didn’t win enough ball to worry the Swans’ coaches. 3
4 GCS Outsized by Dixon but competed hard and showed a bit. 5
5 WCE Beat McInnes. Didn’t let him get into the game. 6
6 NEAFL Struggled a bit down back. Confidence is down.
7 Carl Late inclusion for Davis. Steadier than he has been in recent times. 5
8 NEAFL Had work cut out for him against multiple tall Suns forwards.
9 WB On Boyd and plugged away. 3
10 Bris Competed well in defensive half but wasn’t extended due to lack of Lions talls. 5
11 NEAFL Best in defence for the Giants in win over Southport.
12 NM Did a good job on Brown until the big Roo was subbed out. 6
14 Rich Had the task on Vickery and kept him to a goal in a fine performance. 7
15 StK On Bruce and OK when ball not down there but struggled later. 3
16 GCS Impressive defensive display. Kept Wright under control. 7
17 Geel Simply not equipped to battle Hawkins and was monstered in marking contests. 2
18 Frem Had his hands full in defence. 4
19 Ess Still learning down back. Had Daniher and was fair. 5
20 Port Good tussle with Butcher and took the honours. 6
21 Syd Continues to have goals kicked on him in bunches. Needs to get stronger. 3
22 Carl Did a decent job on Everitt. 6
23 Melb Big job on Hogan and was beaten on the day. 4

2014 Season

1 PM Deployed down back and held his own against Swans talls.
2 NEAFL Had his hands full in defence.
3 NEAFL One of the Giants best down back.
4 NEAFL Got in on the scoring act with a rare goal.
5 NEAFL Bye.
6 NEAFL Did what was required down back.
7 NEAFL Solid game in defence.
8 WCE Baptism of fire down back on Eagles talls. Tried hard but was overwhelmed. 3
10 Rich One of many Giants to spend time on Riewoldt. Good learning experience. 3
11 Haw Played down back but struggled for impact and subbed out. 2
12 Ess Played on Ambrose but injured shoulder. 2
13   Shoulder.  
14   Shoulder.  
15   Shoulder.  
16   Shoulder.  
17   Shoulder.  
18   Shoulder.  
19   Shoulder.  
20   Shoulder.  
21   Shoulder.  
22   Shoulder.  
23   Shoulder.  

2013 Season

1   Senior emergency.  
2 NEAFL Beaten early in some one on ones but fought back.
3 NEAFL Stood Josh Bennett and won convincingly.
4 NEAFL Competed hard down back.
5 NEAFL Minimal work down back but spoilt well.
6 Ess Debutant chopped up by Crameri in the end. Not disgraced early. 4
7 Adel No impact. 2
8 Haw Had formidable job on Burgoyne, Showed pace at times, but well beaten. 3
9 WCE Had his hands full with Hill in a tough afternoon for the youngster. 3
10 Carl Another developing key defender who showed some good signs. 5
11 Geel Couldn’t get into the game at all and not a factor. 2
12 Port Defended fairly well and found a bit more of the ball. Plenty to work with. 5
14 NM Only kick of first half was a goal and had only four for the game. 2
15 WB Another solid display from the developing young defender. 5
16 Syd Played mostly in defence and beaten on the day. 3
17 NEAFL Bye.
18 NEAFL Defended stoutly, but had hands full in final term.
19 NEAFL Used his leg speed to break the lines. Used ball well.
20   Rested.  
21   Rested.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.