Andrew GAFF

#3   West Coast

Age: 27yr 5mth Games: 157 Born: Jun 16, 2021
Height: 182cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Hard to believe that the running machine is still only 24. As usual has been one of the stars on the track over summer.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 NM Steady enough early on a wing in matchup with Gibson. Put the foot down in second half to rack up big numbers. 7
2 StK Won heaps of the ball and finished with 36 disposals. Let himself down with his disposal though. 6
3 Rich Another great game and has almost become his standard. By far Eagles’ best with 34 touches and 17 contested possessions. 9
4 Syd Got hands on ball again early on the outside and then hit the scoreboard with two majors. 7
5 Haw Racked up the touches on a wing but didn’t threaten to split the Hawks defence apart as we know he can do. 6
6 Frem Worked hard on the wing. His run hurt the Dockers and he finished with 34 disposals. 7
7 Port Always provides outside run but lacked penetration in his kicking. 6
8 WB Terrific game. Had 35 possessions and kicked one goal. Took 15 marks because he ran relentlessly. 8
9 Ess Had the clamps put on his run by Colyer and unable to influence the game in normal linking style, despite 27 touches. 5
10 GWS Standard hard running game and had 34 possessions. 7
11 GCS Roamed up and down the wing and gathered 24 possessions. Generally OK. 7
12   Bye.  
13 Geel Ran himself into the ground to win an equal team-high 32 touches. Hit double figure contested possessions which is positive. 8
14 Melb Laid six tackles to add to his 27 touches and one goal. 7
15 WB Stood out in a congested game as the ball kept finding its way to him. 42 touches, the majority effective. 9
16 Port The team’s leading ball winner and one of a few players to find the footy in the final term. 7
17 Frem A hard working game after collecting 35 disposals. Was more damaging with them this week too. 7
18 Coll Tagged by Greenwood and had just 16 disposals. Struggled when accounted for. 3
19 Bris Had Robertson following him but still collected 30 possessions. 7
20 StK Always on the move and pumping away. Gave everything he had. 8
21 Carl Had Kerridge following him. Finished with 24 possessions. Not a huge game but handy. 6
22 GWS Really poor. Had it just 18 times, turned it over constantly and Scully/Whitfield ran rings around him. 3
23 Adel Quality game with 32 touches and one goal. Really important midfield game. 7
EF Port Defensive running a highlight all night and always available for release possessions. One of Eagles best. 8
SF GWS Intriguing duel on a wing with Whitfield. Tried hard, but wasn’t super incisive forward of centre. 6

2016 Season

1 Bris Used his hard running to good effect. One of the prime ball winners. 6
2 Haw Good numbers on a wing but wasn’t as incisive going forward as he can be. 5
3 Frem One of the best. His 32 possessions were gathered all over the field. 8
4 Rich Had the ball on a string and set up numerous shots for goal. 8
5 Syd Unceasing worker who gave everything in a big midfield display. 8
6 Coll A quieter game with only 21 disposals. 5
7 Geel Racked up stats but effectiveness didn’t match. Four inside-50s and one clearance. 6
8 StK Never missed a beat and didn’t stand still for a moment. Methodically dissected Saints. 8
9 Port Stretchered off in the third term after a late hit from Jonas. 5
10   Concussion.  
11 WB Ran hard off a wing but one defensive effort horrible. Four inside-50s but impact not huge. 6
12 Adel A courageous game where he backed into packs. Also won the footy. 7
13 Bris Enjoyed the freedom of not being shadowed. Superb. 8
15 Ess Covered heaps of ground to collect 35 touches and kick two goals. 8
16 NM Won a lot of the ball but wasn’t as damaging this week. 6
17 Carl Ran hard to grab usual tally of uncontested possessions. Five clearances. 7
18 Melb One of the few to contribute for the entire game. Had 26 disposals. 7
19 Coll One of the Eagles’ few clear winners in midfield. Ran hard and used the ball well mostly. 7
20 Frem Tagged by Sheridan and had little impact. 4
21 GWS Ran hard on the outside to provide a link through midfield. 7
22 Haw Busy throughout off a wing as he collected 38 possessions. 7
23 Adel Best on ground with seven clearances, three inside-50s and 22 handball receives. 9
EF WB Numbers deceive. Three inside-50s, no tackles despite 35 touches, usually under pressure. 6

2015 Season

1 WB Better second half than first. Ended with four inside-50s and one goal. 6
2 Carl Curnow found it tough to stop his run given weight of ball going against. 6
3 Frem Eagles’ leading ball winner and at least continued to run against the tide. 6
4 Bris Busy capitalising on Brisbane’s errors as the driving force behind the win. 8
5 GWS Collected 32 touches and his running from end to end was a highlight. 6
6 Port Silky smooth wingman was often at the end of a chain of handballs. 7
7 GCS Typical game of hard running. Had 23 disposals and kicked a goal. 6
8 StK A constant driving force from midfield. 7
9 Geel Huge work-rate as he helped himself to a mountain of ball. 8
10 NM Ran hard all match to win plenty of ball between the arcs. Solid effort. 8
11 Ess Fantastic game: 33 possessions and a goal. 8
12 Rich Started on Ellis and played wide. Prolific first half. 8
14 Melb Continues to find the ball on the wing. Another strong outing. 7
15 Adel Best on ground with 36 possessions, three goals and 10 inside 50s. 9
16 Coll Another superb outside game. 7
17 Syd Huge game. Five inside-50s, one goal and some fine running off a wing. 8
18 GCS Gave forwards plenty of chances with seven inside 50s. 6
19 Haw Continued his fine season with 35 disposals. 7
20 Frem Kept winning the ball. Had 23 disposals. 6
21 WB Not as good with his kicking as previously. 7
22 Adel Won his fair share of the footy but didn’t hurt the opposition. 7
23 StK Heaps of the ball and two goals. Completed a brilliant home and away season. 8
QF Haw Tackling and harassing first class and eventually possessions followed. 7
PF NM Three effective disposals in first half and 13 for match. Gibson did a good job. 5
GF Haw Enormous second term (11 disp) and clearly the side’s best. Five inside-50s. 8

2014 Season

1 WB Enjoyed space to hurt Dogs off a wing. Good all-round game between arcs. 7
2 Melb Tireless runner on the outside of the packs. A link between attack and defence. 7
3 StK Montagna had the better of him early but he fought back. 6
4 Geel Team-high disposal numbers but no inside-50 and only two tackles. 5
5 Port Tagged by Cornes and ran hard but didn’t have normal incision into attack. 5
6 Carl Had 20 possessions. Worked hard without standing out. 6
7 Frem Racked up 13 uncontested possessions but was not a threat in going forward. 6
8 GWS Had 15 touches until being subbed off in the third term. 5
10 Coll Plenty of disposals but knocked off the ball at a few critical moments. 6
11 NM Stats belied his lack of overall importance in the game. 5
12 Haw Booted three goals from 25 possessions. Worked hard forward of centre. 7
13 GCS Reasonable contributor running to space. 5
14 StK Worked hard all day. 6
15 Frem Wasn’t as prominent as he can be on the outside on the wing. 5
16 Syd Won plenty of ball on a wing but wasn’t that incisive with his usage going forward. 6
17 Bris Slightly got the better of Golby. 7
18 Rich Not sure I’ve seen a more limp 26-disposal game. One tackle, two inside-50s. 4
19 Adel Best afield with eight inside-50s, three clearances and three goals. 8
20 Coll Quietly accumulated a mountain of footy and gave drive off a wing. 8
21 Ess Hocking had the job on him and held him early. Finished well. 5
22 Melb New contract did the trick with his best game of the year. Provided outstanding run. 8
23 GCS Hardly sighted first half (five disposals) then lifted to grab 17 in the romp. 6

2013 Season

1 Frem Ran hard, but lowered his colors to Pearce, whose second half was superb. 5
2 Haw Shiels kept him under tight rein early and he was never a big factor. 4
3 Melb Worked his way into the game after a quite first half. Five inside 50s. 6
4 Carl Two kicks in first half and ended with eight as Curnow shut him out. 4
5 Port A game high nine inside-50s but three gettable shots on goal for three misses. 8
6 WB Fairly good output without starring. 5
7 Bris Played more as a half-forward. Found the footy but didn’t have a real impact. 5
8 NM Played wing beautifully and gave MacMillan all sorts of problems. Strong all night. 7
9 GWS A little wasteful with ball in hand, still dangerous going forward. 6
10 Rich Did a bit running down wing. OK without being great. 4
11 StK Tagged by Dunell and was well contained. 3
13 Haw Didn’t get hard tag this week and loved it – found heaps of ball and used it well. 8
14 Ess Tagged by Kommer and while stats looked good his game wasn’t decisive. 5
15 Adel Had to contend with the shadow of van Berlo all game and was serviceable. 4
16 Frem Not a big day and made worse when Crowley went to him late in game. 4
17 Syd Ran hard and broke the lines at every opportunity to take the game on. 8
18 WB 20 touches to half time and ended with 31 and nine inside-50s as he found space. 8
19 GCS Pinpoint usage made a difference. 6
20 Ess OK on the fringes, but shanked the ball into the crowd four times. Uncharacteristic. 5
21 Geel Only five possessions in first half. Lifted later but lot of his touches not damaging. 5
22 Coll Tagged by Macaffer and physically challenged all night. Failed to handle it. 3
23 Adel Didn’t get away from Van Berlo very often. 4

2012 Season

1 WB Gave great drive off wing and looks to have really come on from last year. 7
2 Melb Influential with his run. Had 33 touches and six inside 50s. 7
3 GWS Shared the points in duel with Scully. Perhaps more creative. 7
4 Haw Started strongly and was consistent throughout. 6
5 Rich Played like a 200-gamer to grab 30 touches and four inside 50s. 8
6 NM Not as prolific as usual. 5
7 Ess Youngster was active early and kept going all night. 7
8 StK Started superbly and finished with 25 disposals and a goal. 6
9 Frem Kept running with 29 touches and drove the team’s attack. 8
10 Bris Got a lot of touches across half back and midfield but rarely hurt opposition. 5
12 Carl Strong running four quarter effort. 7
13 Coll Tagged by Clarke all night and came into his own when the Magpie went off. 6
14 GCS Was superb with 25 touches until rested as the sub in the third term. 8
15 NM A few nice things early then tapered. 4
16 Syd An important player who won the ball all around the ground. 7
17 Adel Instrumental in getting the Eagles back into the game in the third term. 8
18 Bris Damaging with 30 disposals and 1.2. Created well. 7
19 Frem Had 21 possessions. Not as damaging as usual but a tireless worker. 6
20 Geel Classy player who slotted a key goal and handy on a wing all night. 6
21 Port His run and carry along both wings was tremendous. 6
22 Coll Influential on his wing. Had 27 touches and seven inside 50s. 7
23 Haw Hardly sighted first half (5 disp). Lifted late, but it was too late. 4
EF NM Much better than previous week. Contributed throughout. 7
SF Coll Hurt Collingwood on the outside early and was a big possession winner. 7