Age: 33yr 5mth Games: 129 Born: Mar 08, 2021
Height: 182cm Weight: 81kg Position: MID
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Now at his third club and will look to make it as a defensive midfielder. Injured his PCL at training a fortnight ago and is expected to miss the early part of the season.

2015 NAB Cup:   Injured knee in summer training and is yet to be seen at senior level.

2015 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

2 NEAFL Worked hard in midfield to swing things Suns’ way.
3 NEAFL 28 disposals at 82% effectiveness. Very good.
4 NEAFL One of the Suns’ few winners in midfield. 28 disposals.
5 NEAFL Sloppy in tough conditions but kicked two key goals.
6 Adel Stuck to his task on Dangerfield and took the points. 6
7 WCE Tagged LeCras for most of the night. Lost that battle. 5
8 Coll Fought hard at ground level but not an influential player. 2
9   Senior emergency.  
10 Syd Battled away but contribution minimal. 3
11 Frem Booted two goals and performed usual defensive role. 5
13 Carl Tagged Cripps and did that job reasonably effectively. 5
14 NEAFL Solid day in midfield with 22 disposals.
15 NEAFL Good ball winner in midfield with 26 touches, five inside 50s.
16 NEAFL Battled away in middle but couldn’t stem the flow.
17 NEAFL Bye.
18 NEAFL Tried hard all day with 27 touches and a goal.
19 NEAFL 25 possessions and five inside 50s to lead the way in midfield.
20 NEAFL Hard worker and often an outlet coming from defence.
21 NEAFL Another 34 touches in big win over Eastlake.
22 NEAFL Provided run and drive after announcing retirement.
23   Retired.  

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 PM Worked hard throughout. A chance for a recall.
2   Needs to learn how to find his own footy again after playing as a tagger for the last couple of years.  
3 NEAFL Strong performance in big NEAFL win.
4 NEAFL Got a little bit of the ball but had to defend quite a bit.
5 NEAFL Played on the wing most of the day. Best game this year.
6 StK Has worked hard to regain his place. Used as winger instead. 6
7 Syd Stats over stated his impact. OK. 6
8 Ess Started well as defensive forward on Hibberd but subbed off late in third. 4
9 NM Very quiet and not even tagging. 3
11 NEAFL Serviceable game on a wing.
12 NEAFL Ran hard on a wing but was only fair.
13 NEAFL Played on the wing all day and was OK.
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Closely tagged by had 30 touches to be a good performer.
16 NEAFL Had 22 disposals to half-time and finished with 34. Very good.
17 NEAFL Had a dozen disposals in the first half before sitting out second half.
18 NEAFL Serviceable with 23 touches and five important clearances.
19 NEAFL Found plenty of the ball and gave good drive out of middle.
20 NEAFL Mid 20 disposals on the wing and got involved a bit.
21 NEAFL Another serviceable game as an inside midfielder.
22 NEAFL Played on a wing and found plenty of the ball.

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 NEAFL One of the Lions best in opening round win.
2 Adel Found it tough to keep the Crows midfielders in check, but won plenty of footy. 5
3 GCS Massive game on Ablett when in midifeld, and got plenty of footy himself. 8
4 NM Didn't look like curbing Wells. 3
5 Melb Blanketed Jones and limited his impact whilst getting involved himself. 7
6 NEAFL Kicked a goal and did some good things.
7 WCE Really good effort to keep Shuey quiet. 6
8 Ess Tagged Stanton and did a solid job. Kicked a key goal. 5
9 Carl Did his best work in late when game was in the balance. 5
10 Coll Had the tough job on Pendlebury and was beaten when it mattered. 3
12 Frem Close-checking game on Hill in a running battle and held his own. 5
13 NEAFL 35 touches, six tackles, seven clearances. Classy.
14 NEAFL Was tagged, and struggled a little. Still won 19 touches.
15 GCS Even effort. 5
16 NM Even effort and blanketed Harvey with effect. 6
17 Melb Ran with N. Jones and kept him relatively subdued but did give away a few frees. 6
18 Port Had the run-with role on Brad Ebert and was damaging. 6
19 StK Successfully tagged Stevens who got frustrated late in the game. 7
20 Rich Worked hard trying to stop opposition mids but often missing in the play. 4
21 GWS Spent a lot of the night chasing Scully with effect. 6
22 WB Major tagging role on Griffen and didn’t let him dominate. 6
23 Geel Shadowed Johnson at times but able to find plenty of ball in first half. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 NEAFL Not his best outing but still contributed.
2 NEAFL Ran hard through the midfield but didn’t star.
3 Frem Great game on Hill. Stopped him from having an impact. 6
4 GCS Main job to numb Ablett. Did that with great effect and had an impact. 7
5 Geel Given job on Selwood and may have taken the role too far. 5
7 Coll Tagged Pendlebury with effect early, then limited Swan when in midfield. 7
8 GWS Give the job on tagging Scully and was effective. 6
9 NM Matched on Harvey initially then to Swallow after half time. 5
10 WCE Tagged Priddis early but that failed and set free in second half.. 5
12 Haw Lined up in middle on Burgoyne. Worked hard in his own right. 6
13 WB Tagged Griffen for most part and stuck to the task well. 6
14 Melb Did the job on Moloney. 7
15 Syd Part of a Brisbane midfield that was well beaten. 4
16 StK Had the main run-with role on Dal Santo and silenced the prime-mover. 7
17 GCS Worked hard on Ablett all night and was shaded. 4
18 WCE Great job on Kerr until the Eagle got hurt. 6
19 Rich Had his work cut out for him against Richmond’s running midfielders. 4
20 Carl Tagged Murphy but found it tough numbing his influence all night. 4
21 Adel Assigned Johncock at one stage with reasonable success and 22 touches. 6
22 Port Instrumental in the final term with his courage and hard running. 7
23 WB Great third quarter goal and used in a couple of positions. 5