Bachar HOULI

#14   Richmond

Age: 30yr 10mth Games: 171 Born: May 12, 2021
Height: 180cm Weight: 84kg Position:

2017 Digest:   The rebounding defender has had a few hamstring issues throughout pre-season but should be right to take on the Blues in the opener.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Carl Couldn't find the footy for most of the night. Only had four kicks and 14 disposals. 3
2 Coll Slow start but wound up having a good night charging off half back; even managed a goal pushing forward late. 6
3 WCE A typical ‘Bachar Houli’ game utilising his class (79% disposal efficiency) and sound workrate between the arcs. 7
4 Bris Read the play perfectly across half back and two of his beaten opponents were Lewis and Cox. 6
5 Melb Won a truckload of ball when it mattered most and laid some good tackles – which isn’t normally his go. 7
6 Adel Too predictable, great player when on song but wasn’t in the contest. 5
7 WB Kept pumping away and running hard to win the ball in the open. 5
8 Frem Overused the ball at times and sold teammates up the river with poor decision-making. Got better longer the game went. 6
9 GWS Won his fair share of footy at half back and generally chose the right option. Not a physical presence but had impact. 7
10 Ess Half-back run and rebound type who provided enough of it to be a factor for his team; 27 disposals (25 effective). 8
11 NM Huge game. Drive, run and rebound bursting off the half-backline was a thorn in the Roos’ side all night. 8
12   Bye.  
13 Syd Won a lot of the ball again down back and generally used it expertly. Had seven rebounds. 7
14 Carl Early hit on Lamb will earn a holiday, but then was a good performer. Rarely wasted a possession and provided run. 8
15   Suspended.  
16   Suspended.  
17   Suspended.  
18   Suspended.  
19 GCS Settled into things well in return from long suspension. 25 possessions at 76% efficiency. 7
20 Haw Rebounding half-back did what was required although only gained 158 metres. Not his best game. 5
21 Geel Afternoon soured by two missed goal opportunities directly in front. Apart from that he provided good drive from half back. 6
22 Frem Charged from defence regularly and had 29 touches. Also kicked a goal. 7
23 StK Got plenty of the sherrin off half-back and used it to the advantage of teammates. Key playmaker. 7
QF Geel Five effective touches in opening half and 11 for the game. Didn’t star but played his role with efficiency. 5
PF GWS 446 metres gained on the night across half back and was a strong contributor all night. 7
GF Adel Huge game off half back with his run, rebound and precision ball use. 23 disposals and gained a massive 617 metres. 8

2016 Season

1 Carl 24 touches running off half back but didn’t provide typical incisiveness going inside 50. 6
2 Coll Impactful performer running off half back. Had some good one-on-one wins, used ball well. 7
3 Adel Plenty of run and drive when the extra man in defence but was caught napping when on Betts. 6
4 WCE West Coast stopped him from having any drive from defence. 4
5 Melb Dees were able to shut him down at half forward and restrict his capacity to run and rebound. 4
6 Port Had Ah Chee as well as trying to play the role of quarterback. Tried hard to get things going. 7
7 Haw Pushed forward in second term. Lacking touch at the moment. 3
8   Wrist.  
9   Wrist.  
10   Wrist.  
11   Wrist.  
12   Wrist.  
13   Wrist.  
14   Wrist.  
15   Wrist.  
16   Wrist.  
17   Wrist.  
18 VFL Pressed claims for recall with 25 touches after wrist injury.
19 GWS Used mostly in the midfield and played a serviceable outside game. 5
20 Coll Won plenty of the ball but decision-making not up to scratch. Six inside-50s. 6
21 Geel Rebounded brilliantly all day and never stopped trying. Did what he could. 7
22 StK Tried hard to create from half back with his run and rebound. Ran hard. 6
23 Syd Played out the match in defence after injuring his shoulder early. Did some good things. 5

2015 Season

1 Carl Had a big third quarter running through lines to set up moves. 7
2 WB Picken tried to stop his run and had some success. Got more of it late. 5
3 Bris Superb at half back and huge second quarter. Was influential in result. 8
4 Melb Wasn’t suited by tough conditions and couldn’t hit a target with slippery ball. 5
5 Geel Among Tigers’ best with his run and rebound from the back half. 8
6 NM Roos were able to nullify his run and rebound successfully all day. 5
7 Coll Got going after a quiet start. Nine rebound 50s a team high. 6
8 Port Quiet game from his usual standards. 4
9 Ess Had it enough but didn’t see his customary run and set-up from half back. 5
10 Frem Constant hard worker and ran hard. 5
12 WCE Kept at his task and tried to generate drive wherever possible. 6
13 Syd Didn’t break the lines off half back like normal but OK defensively. 5
14 GWS Ran and rebounded with authority from the back half. Key player. 7
15 Carl Not as productive has he can be from half back. Four rebound-50s. 5
16 StK Used ball effectively and caused Saints problems. 5
17 Frem Had a few moments he’d like back with tentative attack on ball. Had horror kick-in late. 2
18 Haw Under scrutiny with each relieving kick after last week. Big goal in third term. 6
19 Adel Rarely makes an error, always keeps the ball moving to a teammate. 7
20 GCS Errant disposal at times but won plenty of ball at both ends. 7
21 Coll Rebound 50 work a highlight as he cut a swathe through the Pies. 7
22 Ess Team fed him the ball when they could as he pushed up ground to get involved. 7
23 NM On Nahas early. Sparked Tigers when went to forward flank in third. 6
EF NM Nahas tried to keep him honest and did a fair job at limiting his space to move. 5

2014 Season

1 GCS Provided run off half back and used the ball cleanly, but didn’t cut the Suns open. 6
2 Carl Consistent across the four quarters mainly out of defence. 6
3 WB At half back matched initially on Higgins who cut loose with big second term. 5
4 Coll Had it 22 times but lacked the incisiveness with his disposal. 5
5 Bris On Taylor. Disposal didn’t hit targets often enough in first half. 5
6 Haw Solid without having huge effect. 5
7 Geel Had Motlop in parts and OK on him. Provided some rebound when he could. 6
9 Melb Had 22 disposals. Good without being great. 6
10 GWS Got in on the goalkicking act with two majors and used the ball well off half back. 7
11 Ess Ran with a variety of players but failed to nullify any of them. Rebounded OK. 6
12 NM Handy role on Harvey but in the end weight of possession against told on him. 6
13 Frem Loose on Hill early and beaten. Responded OK. Six inside-50s equal team high. 6
14 Syd Won a lot of the ball early and kept pumping all night. 6
15 StK Looked good when the ball was in his hands but not a big game. 5
16 Bris Quiet game from normally hard-running half-back. Ok defensively. 5
17 Port Took White early and was far too lax. Freed up in second half to play a role. 5
18 WCE Provided an avenue out of defence at times without setting world on fire 6
19 GWS Palmer tried to negate his run off half back but still had an impact. 6
20 Ess Rotated through Chapman/Zaharakis. Handy late after making a few blues. 5
21 Adel Quiet game by his usual high standards. 5
22 StK Kept scything though the middle and St Kilda couldn’t shut him down. Kicking sometimes astray. 7
23 Syd Considering some of his significant recent contributions, this was on off day at half back. 4
EF Port Won a lot of ball. Great ability to mix bad decisions with good. 6

2013 Season

1 Carl Worked into game off half back while negating Garlett. Solid enough. 5
2 StK Played a tight role on Saad who only got away late. Hit target with ever touch. 6
3 WB Ran freely off half back for much of the afternoon. Damaging by foot. 7
4 Coll Close to Tigers’ best. Had a game-high nine rebound 50s. 8
5 Frem Great game. Tough one-on-one and worked well offensively. Among best. 7
6 Geel Made some mistakes and could muster only two rebound-50s all night. 4
7 Port Sweeping defender often the architect of many Richmond attacks. 8
8 Melb Huge. Ran hard, created when he could and used the footy really well. 8
9 Ess Another who won plenty of it but didn’t provide a lot of drive. 6
10 WCE Horror fumble early cost a goal but that was only blemish. Ran and rebounded. 7
12 Adel Won a lot of footy and led team with seven rebound 50s. Four inside-50s to boot. 8
13 WB Best on ground off half back. His run and creativity cut the Dogs to ribbons. 8
14 StK Troubled by Dennis-Lane early but better in second half. 6
15   Hamstring.  
16   Hamstring.  
17 Frem Returned to the side and provided dash off half back. Four inside-50s. 6
18 Syd Solid game without dominating. 6
19 Haw Gave Breust a bath as well as providing some run and rebound from defence. 8
20 Bris Worked hard across the ground creating the link for switches of play. 7
21 Carl Clean and tidy with his usual run and carry from defence. 6
22 GWS Strong running game again off half back helped set up a number of Tiger attacks. 7
23 Ess Set up multiple Tiger attacks off half back and through midfield. Solid night. 6
EF Carl Run and rebound from defence good early but faded slightly as game wore on. 6

2012 Season

1 Carl Very prominent in third quarter, which was his best of night. 5
2 Coll Prominent in first half then tapered. 5
3 Melb Among the better Tigers. Rebounded well and pushed forward a lot. 7
4 Geel Gave some great rebound and his run and link play was a factor. 7
5 WCE Great when able to run but often wants to move laterally. 6
6 Port Link man in defence who mopped up many a loose ball. 7
7 Syd Provided plenty of dash from the backline and used the ball well. 6
8 Ess Worked hard as he usually does but not a huge imprint on the game. 5
9 Haw Provided some run from half back in a steady performance. 6
10 StK Interesting tussle with Milera. Did his bit. 6
11 Frem Ran hard, rebounded well and used footy with precision. 7
12 GWS Won his footy between the arcs and always a presence around the footy. 7
14 Adel Not his best game and was fairly quiet throughout the day. 5
15 Melb Provided run from the back half and close to best – ball use first class. 8
16 GCS Got the better of his duel with Rischitelli. Most of his touches were kicks. 6
17 NM Apart from one goal the Roos nullified his run and rebound from half back. 3
18 Carl Solid without being spectacular. 5
19 Bris Kicked a nice running goal late in the match to cap off his game. 6
20 WB Huge game, particularly early – eight inside-50s and four rebound 50s. 8
21 Frem Picked up 23 possessions despite having a man close by most of the day. 6
22 Ess Hard working effort. Won plenty of the ball. 6
23 Port Huge first half helped keep side in contest. Among the best all day. 7