#10   North Melbourne

Age: 27yr 9mth Games: 166 Born: Jun 30, 2021
Height: 185cm Weight: 88kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Clearance king bubbled along like he does and appears ready to attack the season. Suspended for Round 1.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

2 Geel Massive. Ability to win clearances and bring others into the game by hand caused the Cats issues all match. 8
3 GWS Poise in traffic is Pendlebury-like. Gradually overwhelmed by energetic opponents, however, and 21 possessions a bit light. 5
4 WB Clearance machine (10) racked them up all day and was probably close to best afield. Added 33 disposals. 8
5 Frem Superb in congestion. Won 10 clearances among his 29 disposals and one goal. 9
6 GCS Started on Ablett but was powerless to stop him and then didn’t particularly shine anywhere else. 3
7 Adel Got the ball rolling with Roos’ first goal. Strong ball winner in tight (10+ clearances) against quality opponents. Great outing. 8
8 Syd Looked to be head to head with Kennedy early. Won clearances but not as damaging as he can be. 6
9 Melb Despite injuring a knee he was superb, particularly after halftime; eight clearances and 17 contested possessions. 8
10 Carl Salvaged a poor afternoon with some vital touches in the last term. A big reason why North got going late. 5
11 Rich Probably played his worst game of the year. Only 12 effective disposals and 40 metres gained. 4
12   Bye.  
13 StK Of 13 disposals to half time only one was a kick. Finished with 32 touches, but didn't gain enough meterage. 6
14 WB Clearance machine came to fore in the final term where he booted two goals that nearly stole game from the Dogs. 8
15   Suspended.  
16 Frem Hard worker at the coalface in midfield battle. Had 28 touches at 86 percent. 7
17 Port Kangaroo’s best player with 11 clearances and eight tackles, rarely gets tackled and always keeps the footy moving forward. 8
18 Ess Didn’t get enough of it and just as well. More than half of his 18 disposals were ineffective. 3
19 Melb Good in close and works hard defensively. Stepped up a gear when needed in final term. 7
20 Coll Dour midfielder was always in the midst of things. Nothing to write home to about but provided his usual output. 6
21 Haw With the skipper missing he needed to do more. Only 10 touches to ¾ time and well held. 4
22 StK North’s best and was a prolific possession winner with 36 by day’s end. 8
23 Bris Quieter than last week, but finished with a very nice goal and made his contribution inside packs. 6

2016 Season

1 Adel Huge game. Grabbed 10 clearances and 23 contested possessions in the middle. 8
2 Bris Got his share of the footy and tackled well. 6
3 Melb 15 of his 20 possessions were contested. One of the Roos’ best in hustle and bustle. 7
4 Frem Provided the grunt in the middle of the ground and let others give the flash. 5
5 GCS Did not use the footy well. 4
6 WB Good in the clinches and clapped on plenty of tackles. 6
7 StK North’s best with constant grunt in contested situations and a major reason for win. 8
8 Ess Contained in middle in a rare quiet one. One of few Roos to play better after half time. 5
9 Carl Very quiet first half with just six possessions. Raised his game a tad but still only fair. 5
10 Syd Roos’ best grabbed six clearances and 16 contested possessions. Absorbed pressure. 8
11 Rich Relished his workload in tight packs and only stopped briefly by medical attention. 8
12 Geel Copped a knock to his knee early in game and while soldiered on he was not right. 3
13   Quad.  
14 Adel Won eight clearances and 16 contested possessions. Ferocious at the ball. 7
16 WCE Eight of his 19 touches were clearances. 7
17 Port Strove hard without causing normal damage. 5
18 Coll Plenty of heavy work in packs at start was crucial. 7
19 StK Revelled in endless stoppages and had eight clearances. 8
20 WB Strong, professional game in middle. 7
21 Haw Worked into the game at times for four clearances. Steady without starring. 6
22 Syd Best work done at stoppages with eight clearances. Also laid eight tackles. 6
23 GWS Battled with Ward in hard-headed contest for much of the night. Just three kicks. 3
EF Adel Nine clearances to be one of the Roos’ better contributors. 7

2015 Season

1 Adel The Roos’ best with 12 contested possessions and four clearances. 7
2 Bris Got plenty of the ball and had high handball to kick ratio. 5
3 Port Just five first-half touches, improved a bit in second half but wasn’t his night. 4
4 Geel Five clearances in first term and eight for match. Handy without starring. 6
5 Haw Worked hard in midfield and spent some time in attack. OK. 6
6 Rich Five clearances and 13 contested possessions kept him involved in contest. 7
7 Ess Eight clearances and 12 contested possessions kept pressure on Bombers. 7
8 Frem One of North’s best and 18 of his 24 touches were contested. 6
9 Coll Contested ball wining machine in opening half. 25 possessions. 7
10 WCE Clearance (eight) work solid and made presence felt at ground level. 6
11 Syd Won 10 clearances and worked hard to provide a presence. 7
12 GWS Good worker around the stoppages to help get ball going forward. 6
14 GCS 13 clearances and two first half goals. Solid. 7
15 Geel Provided great drive and four clearances. 6
16 Ess Started in attack and appeared hampered by a leg issue but soldiered on. 6
17 Bris Two goals in last quarter only served to underline his productive night. 7
18 Carl Not overly prolific but important with what he did. 6
19 Melb Nine clearances, a ripping late goal and a mountain of ball. Key to the victory. 8
20 StK One who gave a four-quarter performance. 7
21 Frem Lot of the ball in first term and set up a big day. 7
22 WB Slow start and not a big say overall. 4
23   Knee.  
EF Rich Slow start but motored into the game as North made their move. 6
SF Syd In the thick of it from go to whoa. Great worker. 7
PF WCE Important around stoppages until West Coast started to dominate territory. 6

2014 Season

1 Ess Good start but heavy knock forced him off briefly in third term. 6
2 WB Busy effort with team-high six clearances. Also four inside 50s. 5
3 Port The difference in the clinches with 19 contested poss. and nine clearances. 8
4 Syd With 11 clearances and 10 tackles, he was critical to the victory. 8
5 Coll Game-high 10 clearances and work-rate good but often under pressure. 7
6 Frem Tackled and contested hard around the ball as always. 6
7 GCS Tireless worker around the contests. One of North’s few shining lights. 7
9 Bris Always busy and resourceful. 7
10 Geel Not the influence around ball (five clearances) he has had previously. 5
11 WCE Continued in excellent form in the middle 8
12 Rich Not as prolific as some weeks but had eight clearances and laid seven tackles 6
13 Adel Six tackles, four clearances, four inside-50s and missed a sitter. 6
14 Melb Not his best game. Restricted to four clearances but laid five tackles. 5
15 Bris Started on Rockliff and exerted some influence. 7
16 Haw Quiet game overall and well down on early season form. 3
17 StK Weller shadowed him and limited his influence. 5
18 Carl Quiet first half but important goal starting third term and was everywhere. 4
19 Geel One of few Roos to produce a steady four-quarter effort. Eight tackles. 7
20 GWS Best afield with 28 touches, three goals. Flourished in Greenwood’s absence. 8
21 WB Quiet first half, but went into attack later and kicked four late goals. 6
22 Adel Consistent midfielder a key component. 6
23 Melb Did most of his work by hand – 12 handballs. Solid worker in tight. 6
EF Ess Seven clearances a highlight of another solid midfield performance. 7
SF Geel Solid in middle in first half and maintained steady productivity. 6
PF Syd Battled manfully against the tide to grab seven clearances. Efficiency down. 6

2013 Season

1 Coll Strong in packs and had plenty of clearances. 5
2 Geel Disappointing. Only a handful of effective disposals and zero inside-50s. 3
3 Syd Hard at the contest and polished in what he did. Quieter in second half. 7
4 Bris Gave support to likes of Wells and Ziebell.. 5
5 Haw Only five kicks in 22 disposals so didn’t catch the eye. 5
6 Port Worked tirelessly on the ball. 7
7 WB Solid and steady part of midfield mix. 6
8 WCE Constant driving force in packs and North’s best for the night. 7
9 Adel Kicked three goals and gathered 11 contested possessions. Handy. 7
10 StK Plenty of touches in middle. 7
11 GCS Didn't stop trying and North's best on the night. 7
13   Personal leave.  
14   Personal leave.  
15 Rich Good around the contests with five clearances and a goal before subbed out. 5
16 Bris Caused problems for the Lions in attack but only sparingly. 5
17 Carl Strong in pack contests, took some good marks. 7
18 Melb Big game with big numbers topped off with two handy goals. 20 CPs. 8
19 Geel Won 11 cont poss and four clearances but didn’t have an inside-50. 5
20 Adel Excellent inside work provided impetus to North comeback. 7
21 Ess Hard worker inside and generated moves all through. 7
22 Haw In everything in the first half before drifting out of the action. 6
23 Coll Eight clearances and kicked a goal in a key performance. 7

2012 Season

1 Ess Not a big factor. 4
2 GWS Solid all through. 7
3 Geel Quiet day for him and was subbed off after 12 disposals. 3
4 Syd Made the most of his opportunities and won the ball well. 6
5 GCS Productive night in the midfield and looked dangerous up forward. 7
6 WCE Kicked three goals from 15 possessions. Was hard. 7
7 WB Kicked one nice goal but had so little ball he was not a factor. 3
8 Port Disappointing afternoon from the former No.5 draft pick. 3
9 Bris Despite general North dominance was generally quiet in first half. 3
10 Haw Tackled hard (10) but didn’t win enough ball for a midfielder. 4
12 GCS Better second half after a slow start. 5
13 Adel Quiet first half. Shin injured to him being subbed off third term. 2
14 VFL Huge game. 34 possessions, 11 clearances, four goals.
16 VFL Big outing with 24 disposals and three goals.
17 Rich Did enough with five clearances and three inside-50s to keep his spot. 6
18 Melb Growing in confidence, laid eight tackles and had 14 contested disposals. 7
19 WB In and under performance helped midfield get on top after half time. 7
20 Ess Started in midfield and had good first quarter. Good at clearances. 6
21 Coll Tremendous with game-high 11 tackles as well as collecting 24 possessions. 7
22 Frem Ran with Mundy at start . Tackled hard and was strong in contests. 5
23 GWS Another to impress, topping 30 disposals for the first time this year. 6
EF WCE Never found space but to his credit he battled it out all day. 6