Age: 27yr 11mth Games: 63 Born: Sep 17, 2020
Height: 200cm Weight: 101kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Missed JLT opener after battling with a groin but hobbled off against Port with a corked calf. Needs to step up to support Riewoldt.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Played as second forward but struggled for large parts. New year but seems more of same. 3
2 Coll Speccy in second term but head hit ground after a similar attempt in third. Pretty much summed up his night. 2
3   Concussion.  
4   Concussion.  
5 VFL Copped another head knock early on and sat out the rest of the game.
6   Concussion.  
7   Concussion.  
8   Concussion.  
9   Concussion.  
10   Concussion.  
11   Concussion.  
12   Concussion.  
13   Concussion.  
14   Concussion.  
15   Concussion.  
16   Concussion.  
17 VFL Crashed some packs, took a couple of contested grabs and managed to kick two goals in a half.
18 VFL Injured his shoulder in the second quarter.
19   Shoulder.  
20   Shoulder.  
21   Shoulder.  
22   Shoulder.  
23 VFL Second game back from injury and booted two goals. Encouraging effort.
QF VFL Took five marks and kicked two goals. Would still be in selectors thoughts.
SF VFL Couldn’t sniff it when he was out there. Just two touches.
PF VFL Booted three goals and was a handful for the Borough defenders. Lacked composure late.

2016 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Wore a helmet after NAB Challenge knock as second ruck. Didn’t impact the scoreboard. 4
2 Coll Minimal impact in attack and ruck. Gets hands to marks, but rarely plucks them. 2
3 VFL Gave away a few early frees then injured his ankle in the third term.
4   Ankle.  
5 VFL Took a few strong marks and found a bit of the ball. Confidence booster.
6 VFL Did well in attack and spent short bursts in the ruck where he was OK.
7 Haw Couldn’t make his mark on the game.and needs to impose himself. 3
8 Syd Big finish to first half with two goals. Hag leg issue in third term but starred late. Match-winner. 8
9 Frem Kicked a goal. It was a tough night for forwards. 3
10 Ess Rotated ruck/forward. Worked hard but only six kicks. Ruck work only so-so. 4
11 NM Hadn’t done much up to the point when he badly injured his ankle in third term. 2
12 GCS Two goals and strong hands in marking contests – including a hanger. Ruckwork was handy too. 7
14   Ill.  
15 Port Struggled up forward but went into the ruck after half time. 5
16 WB Grabbed a few towering marks and ended with one goal. OK without starring. 5
17 Ess One of his best games with 12 marks, many contested. Had Hartley’s measure; tthree goals. 8
18 Haw Grabbed a couple of nice marks but wasn’t a huge factor across the game. 4
19   Groin.  
20 Coll Struggled to get into the game. Three marks, three kicks. 3
21   Groin.  
22   Groin.  
23   Groin.  

2015 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Did his bit as an alternative marking target to Riewoldt. 5
2 WB Just one goal but looked likely at times. Improved work rate to last season. 5
3 Bris Cut up Maguire, kicking two goals and taking 10 marks. 7
4 Melb Some very good, some bad. Goalkicking remains an issue. Injured calf. 5
5   Calf.  
6 NM Subbed out late first term after concussion in collision with Thomas. 1
7   Concussion.  
8 Port One goal but little else from the tall forward. 4
9 Ess Tired after bright start where he took six first-half marks. Presented well. 6
10 Frem He and Vickery were forward talls and he was effective when needed. 5
12 WCE Not a major factor. 3
13 Syd Scoreless in attack but competed hard in the air wit Richards his man. 4
14 GWS Injured shoulder early and hampered then subbed out in third term. 2
15   Shoulder.  
16   Shoulder.  
17 Frem Kicked 0.2 with Pearce his opponent. Tigers needed more. 4
18   Finger.  
19   Finger.  
20   Finger.  
21   Finger.  
22   Finger.  
23   Finger.  
EF NM Couldn’t get into game and missed a few shots before being subbed. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 GCS Did OK up forward until subbed out. Probably should have been kept on. 4
2 Carl Made one defensive howler early but nice goal made up for it and took crucial marks. Improver. 6
3 WB Poor first half but lifted greatly. Lack of flexibility caused clanger in final term 4
4 Coll No impact up forward. Maxwell read the game much better. 2
5 Bris OK on Lisle in attack and gives food for thought. 4
6 Haw Kept to a quiet day by Lake. 3
7 VFL Excellent in tough conditions in attack with four goals.
8 VFL Bye.
9 Melb Kicked three points. Wasted his chances. 3
10 GWS Kicked two goals and took some strong marks opposed to Gilham. OK. 6
11 Ess One mark, four kicks and no goals the type of effort that will return him to VFL. 1
12 NM Horror night for second week running then subbed out. Likely to face the axe. 1
13 VFL Played both in the ruck and attack. OK.
14   Hip.  
15   Hip.  
16 VFL Just seven possessions and a goal. Quiet day.
17 VFL Quiet day but took some good marks.
18 VFL Prominent early and took some strong grabs.
19 GWS Failed to grab opportunity with both hands in Vickery’s absence. 12 touches. 4
20 Ess Took eight marks and provided a presence from centre half forward. 6
21 Adel Produced a magnificent long goal from 60 metres in the first term. 4
22 StK Took a few big marks and helped in the ruck . Capped it with two goals. 5
23 Syd Prominent in Richmond's strong start to the game, he couldn't maintain it. 5
EF Port Hombsch was his master all day. Managed three marks and one goal. 3

2013 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Few nervous moments early on and he will need to lift. 2
2 VFL Played down back was OK without being a standout.
3 VFL Named in the Tigers’ best but an up and down day.
4   Heel.  
5 VFL Just fair in defence. Needs to lift.
6 VFL Played forward and was in and out. Rucked a bit late.
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Started forward but shifted back due to Werribee’s dominance. Fair.
9 VFL Played at both ends. After a few ordinary weeks, showed a bit.
10 VFL Kicked a goal. Had some good moments but he can do more.
11 VFL Bye.
12   Struggled to get into the game up forward. Disappointing.  
13 VFL No real impact again and looks a player devoid of confidence.
14   Didn’t play for Coburg.  
15 VFL Disappointing game again. In a real rut.
16 VFL Bye.
17 VFL Improved showing and displayed greater intensity.
18 VFL No real impact after a heavy collision.
19   Concussion.  
20   Concussion.  
21 VFL Took eight marks and kicked two goals. A lone hand up front.
22 VFL Kicked a goal and competed hard in the front half.

2012 Season

Played for : Richmond

2 VFL Fulfilled a number of roles in defence. Impressive at times.
4 VFL Toiled hard in defence. Not the worst.
5 VFL Copped a heavy knock and didn’t play the second half.
6 VFL No impact and left the ground in the second half.
8 VFL Got through his first game back without incident.
9 Haw Provided exactly what coach required – a contest down back. 5
10 StK Big unit who competed well with Koschitzke. 6
11 Frem Didn’t hit the same heights as last week. 3
12 GWS Team-high game time but didn’t set the world on fire. 4
14 Adel Given the tough task of standing Kurt Tippett and was good. 5
15 Melb Didn’t set the world on fire and subbed off for final quarter. 3
19 Bris Subbed out at three quarter time after having little impact. 4
20 WB Used down back and some of his defensive stuff OK but nothing offensively. 3
21 Frem Got knocked out in the first term and went to hospital. 2