Bernie VINCE

#23   Melbourne

Age: 34yr 1mth Games: 213 Born: Oct 02, 2020
Height: 186cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Should relish a release to half back from the hustle of midfield. His ball use and vision will be utilised as a set-up man.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 StK Aggravational approach often riled Saints. Dropped back as extra in defence and regularly cut off Saints. 7
2   Suspended.  
3 Geel Seemed off after suspension. Failed to win the pill and Cats were never forced to worry about his presence. 3
4 Frem Made some poor decisions at half back, then blazed away late when composure was expected from a player of his quality. Just went. 5
5 Rich Tried hard to keep the Tigers at bay late, but ultimately failed. Got a bit of the ball, but was damaging. 6
6 Ess Made some shocking skill errors in first half in defence, but then went into midfield at stages in second half and was okay. 6
7 Haw Won plenty of ball but not always super damaging. Kicked a few up the chimney off half-back. 6
8 Adel Spent more time watching Rory Sloane than the ball in his 200th game, and it paid off for a big upset win. 8
9 NM Tagged Higgins who got off the chain enough to be a nuisance. Only had 12 disposals himself. 4
10 GCS Okay without starring across half back. 5
11   Bye.  
12 Coll Typically owns Queens Birthday, but made some horrible basic mistakes. Little sideways chip kicks were low-percentage. 4
13 WB Better than recent weeks across half back and floating into midfield. Played his part. 6
14 WCE Had plenty of the ball and worked hard to cover the ground. 7
15 Syd Fair in midfield and at half back. Not at his best, but at least gave a yelp. 6
16 Carl Veteran did some silly things and was quiet by his standards; 10 effective disposals not enough for a player of his class. 4
17 Adel Went to Sloane. Will be scrutinised for a few incidents and after the Crow was injured, didn’t have a big impact. 4
18   Suspended.  
19   Suspended.  
20 GWS Returned from suspension and got lots of junk ball at half back. Needed to be more incisive with ball use. 6
21 StK Marshalled the back half fairly well and used the ball smartly most times. 6
22 Bris Quiet first half with just three possessions, but kicked a nice goal. A couple of incidents will be looked at. 4
23 Coll One of the better Dees in the first half, and ran out the game well. Good to see him bounce back to some form. 7

2016 Season

1 GWS Used across half back and made a few unusual errors. Went onball in final term to have impact. 6
2 Ess Showed composure and quality by foot when others didn’t but wasn’t overly influential. 5
3 NM Instrumental in midfield in second term revival. Might get a holiday for stray elbow on Macmillan. 7
4   Suspended.  
5 Rich Ended with three goals and a mountain of possessions to be a fine contributor. 8
6 StK Saints assigned Newnes to him. Was OK but not as damaging as he can be. 5
7 GCS Booted a trademark long goal and gathered plenty of footy. 7
8 WB Used behind the ball a lot and many of his kicks were scrappy and ineffective. 6
9 Bris Used ball well when he got it in the back half in a scrappy, error-riddled game. 7
10 Port Played more in midfield than half-back and was OK but didn’t have normal impact. 6
11 Haw Had it on a string in head-to-head with Mitchell and clearance work huge. Late report will be tossed. 9
12 Coll Huge numbers playing behind the ball. Did his job in repelling the Magpies. 8
13 Syd Started at half back then freed himself up to be a big ball winner. MRP will look at him again for bump. 7
15 Adel Made a few errors and wasn’t his best outing at half back and drifting into midfield. 5
16 Frem Hurt shin in second term and hampered thereafter. Lacked his usual impact. 4
17 StK Clearly hampered by leg injury and had little impact despite good numbers behind centre. 5
18 WCE Covered plenty of ground to win the footy. 6
19 GCS Just four touches in first half and made poor late error that nearly cost the win. Playing injured? 4
20 Haw Got behind the ball al lot to thwart the Hawks and grabbed five clearances. 7
21 Port Old head in defence led the troops terrifically, younger players feeding off him. 8
22 Carl Made some uncharacteristic mistakes in back half and unable to stop Blues’ momentum. 4
23 Geel Stinker. Looked less interested than a teenager at Grandma’s 90th. 2

2015 Season

2 GWS Looked underdone on return from injury. Will be better for the run. Subbed out. 4
3 Adel Received boos from the crowd for his torrid display on Dangerfield. 7
4 Rich Big task on Cotchin and made him earn every kick. Got his own ball too to cap off strong effort. 7
5 Frem Unable to quell Fyfe’s influence in negating role then shifted. 4
6 Syd Tried to latch onto a few different Swans with moderate success. 5
7 Haw Couldn’t put clamps on Hawk mids and spent time at half back. 4
8 WB Tagged Bontempelli out of the game in a key win for the Dogs. 8
9 Port Tagged Wines and found the young tyro a tough to hold down. 4
10 Coll Rolled dice on Pendlebury and gave as good as he got. Won plenty of the ball. 8
11 StK Very good around the clearances to continue good run of form. 7
12 Geel In sublime form. 38 possessions, 11 clearances, eight inside 50s and two massive goals 9
14 WCE Good defensive job again on Priddis and won plenty of his own ball. 7
15 Ess Huge game. Nine clearances and nine inside-50s told the tale. 9
16 Bris Even duel with Beams after a big first term. 6
17 StK Copped a knock that seemed to limit him. Battled on in spite of it. 5
18 Coll Not only the Dees’ leading possession winner but hit the scoreboard as well. 8
19 NM Shadowed Swallow and able to nullify his ball gathering to a degree. 6
20 WB Like many teammates wasn’t afforded any room to create attacks. 5
21 Carl Unable to quell Cripps influence and didn’t do much going forward. 4
22 Frem Gave his all. Laid 10 tackles and won six clearances. 7
23 GWS Had it on a string to finish off a fine individual season on high note. 8

2014 Season

1 StK Strong debut for new club, despite close attention from Curren. 7
2 WCE Showed class at times, but not as damaging as he’d like to be. 6
3 GWS Adequate game, but not outstanding. 5
4 Carl Quiet but others took up the slack. Didn’t have an inside-50. 3
5 GCS Slow start but got into the game more in the second half. A bit cute by foot at times. 6
6 Syd Strong night with good numbers. One of the few Dees to make good decisions. 7
7 Adel Fantastic homecoming for the former Crows star. 8
8 WB Had 16 kicks and drove the Dees forward. Cooney had a bit of it though. 6
9 Rich Kicked a classy goal but mainly under pressure when he had the ball. 7
11 Port Linked well through midfield and used the ball fairly well in warm conditions. 6
12 Coll Went head to head with Pendlebury who was hot early. OK after that. 5
13 Ess Quietest night as a Demon but still kicked a key goal and did his bit. 5
14 NM Monster night with 41 touches, three goals. Had 25 to half time in one-man show. 9
15 WB Up and down afternoon. Some poor kicks mixed with sheer class. 6
16 Frem Tagged by Crowley and wasn’t a big ball winner but tackling pressure excellent. 6
17 Geel Worked hard but ball didn’t fall his way. Only one inside-50 tells story. 5
18 Port Tagged heavily by Cornes and was frustrated early. Got into it after main break. 5
19 Bris For an elite disposer of the ball he had a shocker. Won it, but burnt it. 3
20 Haw Again didn’t have kicking boots on and was a touch scrappy. Just going at present. 5
21 GWS Had it on a string in opening term then like so many others drifted from game. 5
22 WCE Dees best in midfield. Kicked first goal late in first term and ran hard all night. 7
23 NM Enjoyed running free early and won a lot of ball. Kicked a nice long goal too. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 Ess Five disposals in opening 60 minutes not enough. Miles from his best game. 5
2 Bris Missed a couple of goal opportunities and was fairly quiet. 4
3 Port Came on as substitute and could miss next week after getting reported. 5
4 SANFL Bounced back to form. 26 disp. seven clearances, two goals.
5 Carl Kick a beautiful goal on the left and provided late run with 21 possessions. 6
6 Haw Made a bad decision early but redeemed himself with a good game. 6
7 GWS Constant driving output in midfield and covered plenty of kilometres. 7
8 StK Effective game in midfield. 6
9 NM Great effort. Dangerous every time he went near the ball and among the best. 8
10 Frem Had six inside 50s and three clearances and was good all day. 6
11 Syd Given the job on Kennedy and was beaten but still contributed. 5
12 Rich Not a great day. Ball use poor and gave away a crucial free in third term. 3
14 GCS Kicked a late goal to finish off a good day’s work. 6
15 WCE Playing well until a late hit in the fourth quarter forced him out of the game. 6
16 Coll Quiet first half but lifted later. 5
17 Geel Kept the pressure on the Cats in midfield and played with some intensity. 7
18 Frem One of Adelaide’s best four-quarter performers. Heavy knock in third quarter. 7
19 Port In and under and tried in vain to get his teammates to win. 7
20 NM Poor start and although he lifted it was a quiet day. 4
21 WB Probably Crows’ best. Had eight clearances and used the ball well. 8
22 Melb Quiet game from the silky smooth midfielder. 4
23 WCE Solid and did the job. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 GCS Used at both ends of the ground with good effect. 6
2 WB Tireless performance, six clearances and three inside 50s, a stand out. 7
3 Haw Didn’t have an impact in first half and even quieter in last hour. 3
4 GWS Missed two gettable goals in the space of a minute in the last term. 6
8 Carl First game back netted three goals and three clearances in a pleasing display. 7
9 Coll Second game back from a hand injury and was serviceable. 6
10 Frem Won 10 contested possessions and had 22 disposals. 7
13 NM No great impact early. Even less in closing hour. 3
14 Rich Worked his way into the game with five clearances and four inside 50s. 6
15 Port Great around the stoppages with six clearances and five inside 50’s. 7
16 GWS Set the tone early when the game was in the balance and never let up. 8
17 WCE Best on ground in his 100th game, kicked four goals as well. 8
18 Geel OK but failed to go with Mackie who kicked two goals on him from half back. 6
19 Ess His precision passing by both hand and foot is exquisite. 6
20 Frem Keeps racking up the numbers and finding his teammates in better positions. 7
21 Bris Racked-up possessions including an early goal. Did well. 7
22 Melb Did a lot of grunt work before subbed out just before three-quarter time. 6
QF Syd Good game but tapered off in the last half hour. 6
SF Frem Worked hard all night and kicked an important goal. 6
PF Haw Gave his all and a source of drive until ran himself to a standstill late. 7