#39   North Melbourne

Age: 24yr 2mth Games: 63 Born: Jan 24, 2021
Height: 177cm Weight: 78kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Solid against Geelong (20 disposals) then quieter against Roos (14). Trained well over summer and looking to cement a spot.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Ess Linked well off a wing and provided good run when required. 21 possessions and a goal a handy contribution. 6
3   Senior emergency.  
4 Geel Wet rag sort of performance. Just doesn’t hurt opposition when he gets the pill. One clearance and two inside-50s. 3
5 WCE Too cute at times with disposal and decisions, but won his fair share of ball to play a role. 6
6 StK 12 touches, but little impact overall. Needs to start hurting opponents with his speed. Just doesn’t do it right now. 5
7 Melb Provided run off a wing and was pivotal in helping side get out to a lead in first half with 13 disposals. 7
8 Bris Positive performance with 26 disposals. Supplied much needed pace and class on the outside. 6
9 Coll Ran hard and got involved but continues to be found wanting in his game. 4
10   Bye.  
11 VFL Six inside 50s and 21 touches on the day. Okay but didn’t set the world on fire.
12 GCS Won the ball but his skill level and decision-making was atrocious. Not sure he’s part of the future at the club. 2
13   Bye.  
14 Adel Won 17 uncontested possessions and hurt the Crows with his leg speed and outside run. 6
15 Coll Theme continued. Wins ball but second guesses himself at times and skills let him down. 5
16 GWS 25 possessions and five inside 50’s. Didn’t catch the eye and ¾ of his touches were uncontested. 4
17 Geel Run and carry was a concern to the Cats all afternoon; 22 disposals, three inside-50s and 355 metres gained. 7
18 Frem Gave the team some run and collected 20 possessions. 6
19 Syd 15 disposals off the bench, played his part. 6
20 Rich Running link player got a lot of his 17 possessions backward of centre. Loves to cock it up at times. 4
21 NM Productive afternoon with 26 disposals and a goal. One of his better games for the year. 6
22 Carl Provided a game highlight with a 6 bounce dash in the second term. Played one of his best games for the club. 8
23 WB Wingman found enough of the TW Sherrin and importantly didn’t butcher it like he can; 23 possessions. 6

2016 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Continued to run hard and take the game on. Kicking efficiency down on where it needs to be. 6
2 WCE Superb on a wing to finish with 32 possessions. Energy was important early. 7
3 WB Started well but drifted out late. Still had it 19 times, including four inside 50s. 6
4 StK OK on a wing but was a bit fumbly at stages. 5
5 Adel Did a power of running to be a useful link player. 4
6 VFL Gave a bit of run but was a touch subdued on a wing.
7 Rich Responded to absence of two stars with excellent running game in middle. 8
8 Frem Ran hard as usual, but didn’t do enough with the ball. 5
9 Syd Ran hard and made space in the open. 5
10 Bris Found it quite tough finding space on the wing. 3
11 Melb Provided a bit of width on a wing hugging the boundary. Did well in conditions that made life tough. 6
13 NM Kept running hard and providing a link between defence and attack. 6
14 GCS Two second-term goals were key when flow was against. Played a role off a wing. 6
16 Port Always available on the outside after a chain of handballs. 5
17 VFL Returned to VFL and racked up stats. Five inside-50s but efficiency down.
18 VFL Ran hard on the outside and provided dash. 29 possessions.
19   Ankle.  
20 VFL Tagged well by Mountford and couldn’t find normal space.
21 NM OK playing outside the contest. Impact not huge but played a role. 5
22 WCE Worked hard on the big ground. His run gave the team some drive. 6
23 Coll Brilliant running goal in final term a key to win but was largely quiet. 4
SF WB Couple of bursts but impact down. Two inside-50s and no goals tells a tale. 4

2015 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

3 WB Late inclusion for Hill and quickly seized his chance with active game. 6
4 Port Started as sub and played most of the game due to the injury to Lake. 6
5 NM Worked hard on the outside to play his role. 5
6 GWS Promising performance. Provided plenty of run and was effective with the footy. 6
7 Melb Best game at this level. Ran hard on the outside to link well. 7
8 Syd Sub. Thrown in for final term and grabbed nine disposals. Good effort. 2
9 GCS Consistent young ball-winner who was in the contest all day. 7
10 StK Extremely busy with non-stop running. 7
12 Adel On the receiving end of a 100-metre Bradley Hill dash for a goal. 3
13 Ess OK at times but certainly is still in the best 22 bubble. Two inside-50s. 5
14 VFL Zipped in and out and was a good contributor. 27 touches.
15 Frem Sub. Got a bit of ball when coming on in third term. 2
16 Syd Sub. Thrown into the fray late and joined party with a few touches. 1
17 Carl Run and pace a feature, particularly early in the game. Two goals. 7
18 Rich Sub. Provided some run after replacing Hale. Needs more game time. 2
19 WCE Enjoyed the chance to run and kicked two goals from 21 touches. Neat game. 6
20 Geel Provided some great link play off a wing and used footy well. Solid. 7
21 Port Sub. Seven touches but will be nervous at selection with finals looming. 2
22 Bris Sub. On in third term and got in on party with some nice touches. 3
23 VFL Responded well with 29 possessions and gave great run.
SF Adel Sub. Got a run in the final term and did best to keep his place. 2
PF Frem Sub. On for a run very late and no time to make a mark. 1

2014 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1   Box Hill didn’t play.  
2 VFL Provided good run and didn’t look out of place. 13 marks!
3 VFL Ok early but injured his hand and took no further part.
4 VFL Provided good run on the wings.
5 VFL Ran hard and continually took the Cats on with his speed.
6   Senior emergency.  
7 StK Sub came on early and slotted in brilliantly with his endurance running. 7
8 Syd Sub. On early third term to replace Rioli and his run lifted team’s intensity. 3
10 Port His goal brought the Hawks within seven points late in the third term. 5
11 GWS Sub. Got involved and linked OK through middle after coming on in third. 2
12 WCE The sub. Had little game time before getting hurt. 1
13   Elbow.  
14   Elbow.  
15   Elbow.  
16   Elbow.  
17 VFL Provided run on the outside in first game back after injury.
18 VFL Provided a good link between defence and attack.
19 VFL 17 touches on a wing and used the ball fairly well.
20 Melb Sub. On in final team and pulled out of one contest. He’ll learn from it. 1
21 VFL Ran hard on the outside to provide an avenue to attack.
22 VFL Provided strong run in a rampant Hawks’ midfield.
23 Coll Sub. Quickly gathered more disposals than seven Magpies. One goal. 3
SF VFL 16 touches on a wing and was up and down.
PF VFL Good contributor all day with 156 touches on a wing.