#5   West Coast

Age: 28yr 6mth Games: 132 Born: May 23, 2021
Height: 187cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   His ability to punch well above his weight class has been a strong point. Rarely plays a bad one and is tracking well.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 NM Had job early on Thomas and helped fellow defenders with aerial support. Strong contributor. 7
2 StK Had his hands full in defence because the Saints bombarded West Coast early. Showed composure. 5
3 Rich Quiet. Was up against Rioli and Lennon for most of the game, but didn’t get it himself 4
4 Syd Uncharacteristically beaten a few times in one-on-one contests. Got better as the game wore on. 5
5 Haw Started on Sicily and tried to provide aerial support. Just 11 touches, so gave little rebound, but ended with a knee issue. 4
6 Frem Solid job in defence without standing out. 5
7 Port Did what not many players have done, stopped the mercurial Robbie Gray. 7
8 WB Not as prominent with his role this week. Stuck to his defensive task. 5
9 Ess Mixed and matched down back on Stewart, then Bomber smalls. More comfortable on the tall, funny enough. 4
10 GWS Tried hard but lost control of Greene. 5
11 GCS Did as required in defence and was a good source of rebound. 6
12   Bye.  
13 Geel Quiet night by his standards and disposal was a little off all match. Only half of his 15 possessions hit the target. 3
14 Melb Terrific job on Garlett. Kept him goalless. 7
15 WB Twisted ankle early but managed to play on relatively unhampered. 5
16 Port Kept Gray quiet for most of the day but lost control in the final term and Gray finished with three goals. 5
17 Frem Tremendous with his composure and defensive work. He’s a tough man to play on. 7
18 Coll Had Elliott for most of the day. Dour defender contained him but the ones he lost were vital. 4
19 Bris Another sound defensive display. Always keeps players quiet. 6
20 StK Not significant in the game. 2
21 Carl His run from defence was good and it’s exactly what the team needs. 6
22 GWS His burst from defence was the catalyst of a lot of West Coast forward thrusts. 6
23 Adel Won some big contests and laid five tackles. A strong effort in defence. 6
EF Port Stuck to his task at half back very well. Other than one moment when he overran the ball, was okay. 5
SF GWS Copped a high knock in first term, but returned. Had hands full. 4

2016 Season

1 Bris Creative and was always ready as an outlet from defence. 6
2 Haw Had Gunston at stages as well as a few others. Couldn’t intercept like he has before. 3
3 Frem Smashed in the head twice but kept fighting. Had a good night. 6
4 Rich His creativity from half-back gave the team great drive. 6
5 Syd Brave defence against bigger opposition. 5
6 Coll A creative worker out of defence. Gave the team some drive. 7
7 Geel Eagles’ best. Played with poise and polish to standout from some rabble around him. 8
8 StK Hardly tested in defence. 5
9 Port Stood tall on occasions, not afraid to stand in the hole with the pack coming. 5
10 GCS Took 12 marks. His aerial work was extremely strong. 6
11 WB Had Stringer in a great battle. Both Stringer’s goals came when he was in the midfield. 6
12 Adel Battled against a weight of inside 50s. Tried hard. 5
13 Bris Faded. Had 13 disposals by half time but only five more after long break. 6
15 Ess Took nine marks and bobbed up to help out when needed. 6
16 NM His attack on the ball both in the air and on the ground was fantastic. 7
17 Carl Steady in defence but influence in terms of offensive play was negligible. 5
18 Melb Couldn’t get his hands on the footy as the defence got inundated. 4
19 Coll OK down back mostly opposed to Crocker. 12 possessions. 5
20 Frem His ability to impact on key contests was important. 6
21 GWS Had tough task limiting Greene’s impact but did get forward for a goal. 5
22 Haw Laid four tackles and applied plenty of pressure. 5
23 Adel Curbed the influence of Lynch. 6
EF WB Kept Stringer on a tight leash and that was his main role. Did what he could. 6

2015 Season

1 WB Had Crameri in parts and did it well. Copped an injury late and did not return. 5
2 Carl Some good work off a wing. Developing player who is slowly getting there. 6
3 Frem Wasn’t able to have an impact on the outside. Just 12 touches. 4
4 Bris Quiet in last quarter but until then among the better players. 5
5 GWS A link man in defence. Had plenty of the ball. 6
6 Port Looked at ease playing the game on his terms at half back. 6
7 GCS Picked up where he left off last week. Starting to attack. 6
8 StK OK without doing anything exceptional. 4
9 Geel Looked balanced and poised coming off half back. Cemented his spot. 7
10 NM Played half back and went to Thomas when Nelson got subbed off. 6
11 Ess Not as prominent as in some games this year. 4
12 Rich Matched against bigger Tiger forwards, but got through OK. 5
14 Melb Gave away inches down back but defended well and rebounded too. 7
15 Adel Still being asked to play on taller opponents. Won some key battles. 5
16 Coll Low key but effective effort. 4
17 Syd Had Goodes for long periods and younger legs gave him hell. Steady throughout. 7
18 GCS Continued his good season with another solid effort. 6
19 Haw Defended well and attacked well too. Solid game, 6
20 Frem Stood up again and defended grandly. 6
21 WB Had his hands full with Crameri and then other taller opponents. 3
22 Adel Had his hands full with the elusive Betts. 6
23 StK Played above his height again and didn’t get beaten. 6
QF Haw Patience of Eagles being rewarded. Had the better of Gunston in a key win. 7
PF NM Quieter game than previous but did enough, particularly in final term. 5
GF Haw Took Breust at times and struggled. Played arguably his worst game of the year. 3

2014 Season

1 WAFL Terrific running performance with 28 possessions, 12 marks.
2 Melb Sub. On early for Hurn and ran hard. 5
3 StK Used pace at times and showed a bit in defence. 6
4 Geel Looked shaky at times down back. Has to address his one-on-one work. 4
5 Port OK after an early poke in the eye. Vanilla-type game. 4
6 Carl Didn’t have much of an impact with his 19 disposals. 5
7 Frem Did a lot of work between the arcs but too many poor disposals. 6
8 GWS Worked his way into the game to play a solid role. 6
10 Coll Going well until copped a knock in third term. On and off bench thereafter. 5
11 NM Busy across half back but tapered off. 5
12   Glute.  
13 GCS OK down back and provided good run. In form after a few quiet seasons. 5
14 StK Well on top of Milera. 5
15 Frem Used it well, just didn’t get anywhere near enough of it. 3
16 Syd Had Reid and was OK, and is improving each week with his run from defence. 6
17   Leg.  
18 Rich Ineffective most of the night playing a role across half-back/wing. 3
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2013 Season

1 Frem Just the 10 touches and lacked an overall impact on the contest. 3
2 Haw Kept in the thick of it in defence. 6
3   Shoulder.  
4   Shoulder.  
5 WAFL 15 touches and a goal with East Fremantle.
6 WAFL 24 possessions and a goal for East Fremantle.
7 Bris His cameos were terrific. Kicked two goals from 13 touches. 6
8 NM Minimal impact in three quarters after being subbed on for Wellingham. 3
9 GWS Kept the clamps on Shiel and took seven marks himself. 6
10 Rich Jackson matched up on him. Not prominent. 4
11 StK Had a fair game and attacked the ball hard at times. 5
13 WAFL 16 possessions for East Fremantle.
14 Ess Ordinary night before being subbed off in final term. 2
15 Adel Got an unfortunate elbow to the head from McKernan and subbed out. 3
16 WAFL Bye.
17   Hamstring.  
18 WAFL 30 possessions on return for East Fremantle.
19 GCS Minimal impact. 3
20 Ess Sub. On in the final term for Wilson and was involved from the outset. 2
21 Geel Showed up some teammates with his ball winning ability and effort. Impact not huge. 5
22 Coll What he did was OK but nowhere near enough of it – one inside-50, one clearance. 3
23 WAFL 16 possessions and two goals for East Fremantle.

2012 Season

1 WAFL 13 possessions and gave East Freo some good run.
2 WAFL 17 touches and five inside-50s for East Fremantle.
3 WAFL No impact off half-back for East Fremantle.
4 WAFL 18 possessions and a goal with East Fremantle.
5 WAFL 24 possessions in big East Fremantle win.
6 NM Subbed on late in the third term and kicked a goal. 3
7 Ess In the better 50 per cent of eagles players. 4
8 StK Probably his best game. Ran with the ball and looked really confident. 6
9 Frem Another quality performance. Has improved dramatically in recent weeks. 6
10 Bris Stopped in last term when match was there to be won. 5
12 Carl Useful without being exceptional. 4
13 Coll Showed some very good signs and his long kicking suited MCG. 5
14 GCS Didn’t cash in like many players. But did little wrong. 5
16 Syd Great first half but then disappeared. 5
17 Adel Kicked a goal in the third term when the Eagles were coming. 5
18 Bris Kicked a clever goal but was quiet apart from that. 4
19 Frem Got a corked thigh so was subbed out. 2