Bradley HILL

#9   Fremantle

Age: 25yr 8mth Games: 163 Born: Jul 09, 2020
Height: 181cm Weight: 78kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Three-time premiership winner at Hawthorn will be a huge acquisition at Freo especially with pace on Domain Stadium. expanses.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Geel Failed to flatter offensively or defensively in what was a pretty disappointing effort in first game for club. 3
2 Port Won plenty of footy but kept turning over especially in the first half. 6
3 WB Collected 25 disposals and his run down the wing gave the team a spark. 7
4 Melb Couple of undisciplined acts cost goals but in the end the positives outweighed the negatives. Hand a hand in goal late. 6
5 NM Booted a goal and had 23 touches. Worked hard but wasn’t as damaging as previous games. 6
6 WCE Couldn’t get the run that the team desperately needed. Only 20 possessions. 5
7 Ess Best on ground. Ran when others couldn’t. Had 874m gained from his 37 possessions and one goal. 9
8 Rich Gut running and ball use was a highlight of the afternoon. Ended with 28 disposals, six inside-50s and plenty of damage. 8
9 Carl Followed closely by Curnow. Still worked hard and kicked two goals from 18 touches. 6
10 Adel Five inside-50’s and 10 uncontested disposals wasn’t a good enough performance to dent the Crows midfield dominance. 4
11 Coll A silly decision to dribble the ball at goal instead of kicking a drop punt marred his game. 6
12 Bris Bagged a couple of goals although he should have given the second one off. Played in bursts. 6
13   Bye.  
14 Geel Huge game. Gut running had the Cats in fits and was always working into space; 27 disposals and a goal. 8
15 StK Butchered the ball early but had 29 touches and kicked one goal. 7
16 NM A ling breaker on the wing once again – especially early on. A bit quieter after main break though. 7
17 WCE Butchered the ball. Should have kicked three goals but missed easy shots. 5
18 Haw Ran relentlessly against his former team. Used the ball better this week for his 25 disposals. 7
19 GWS He and his brother were always links in attacking chains. All his possessions came straight down the middle, which isn’t a bad thing. 7
20 GCS Had 33 possessions but 14 were ineffective. Needs to improve his kicking. 6
21 Syd Didn’t showcase any of his gut running and some defensive acts were questionable. Only eight disposals. 3
22 Rich Had a lot of the ball but didn’t have an impact with his disposal. 6
23 Ess Burst in and out of the game despite a sore ankle sustained in a collision with an umpire. 6

2016 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1   Wrist.  
2   Wrist.  
3   Wrist.  
4   Wrist.  
5 Adel Hurt leg in collision with Seedsman early but OK after being taped up. 5
6 GWS Looked rusty on a wing and a step off the pace. Poor outing. 3
7 Rich OK at times, but not significant overall. 4
8 Frem OK without being outstanding. Limping in latter stages. 5
9 Syd Faded out of it in third quarter. Lacked hardness at times. 4
10 Bris Provided run through the midfield and was dangerous when he went forward with 2.2. 5
11 Melb Couldn’t get into in first half but kicked a goal and fair in final hour. 4
13 NM Couldn’t get a foothold in the game at the start, but did a few things later. 3
14 GCS Five effective disposals in first half and eight in second. Flashed in and out. 4
16 Port Quiet game by his standards, one of the few Hawks who didn’t win his position. 3
17 Syd Better game than previous weeks although missed a few chances at goal. 6
18 Rich Grabbed season-high possession numbers and had team-high seven inside-50s. 8
19 Carl Hitting form at the business end of season. Ran hard and used the ball well. 6
20 Melb Couldn’t get near it for close to all day and missed two gettable goals. 3
21 NM Worked back to form. Always in space off a wing and used footy well. 7
22 WCE Not his night. Only 14 touches. 4
23 Coll Rarely found space. One inside-50, no goals and three tackles. 3
QF Geel Started well with extended runs and showed best touch in a while. 6
SF WB Likely last game for Hawks not his greatest. Fine second term. Four inside-50s. 5

2015 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Used his zip and speed to help break the Cats wide open in second and third. 6
2 Ess Slow starter but run and dash were important when Hawks made their run. 6
3   Concussion.  
4 Port Didn’t get to enough contests to make an impact. 5
5 NM Provided spark off a wing when required. Kicked a goal thanks to great Rioli work. 6
6 GWS Did his job on the outside and found a lot of space. 6
7 Melb Continually broke the lines off a wing to slice apart the Dees. 7
8 Syd Run and carry off a wing a factor that kept Sydney chasing. Seven inside-50s. 7
9 GCS Was everywhere and Gold Coast simply couldn’t stop him. 8
10 StK Quieter game by his standards. 5
12 Adel His outside speed torched the Crows. 7
13 Ess Eight disposals in each half highlighted by three goals. 7
14 Coll Slowish start but made presence felt in second half. 6
15 Frem Unsighted until second quarter then provided customary run. 5
16   Calf.  
17 Carl Relished space and used it to great effect. Four inside-50s. 6
18 Rich One inside-50s and no goals which indicates his lack of impact. 3
19 WCE Couldn't get near it so tagged Gaff and had 12 disposals after half time. 4
20 Geel Struggled. Appear to cop injury and that slowed him up further. No inside-50s. 2
21 Port Unable to get into the game and appeared hampered. 4
22 Bris Best game in many weeks on wing. Given plenty of space. 7
23 Carl Enjoyed more space on a wing and was a strong contributor. 7
QF WCE Six clearances but effectiveness nullified. Rarely got the ball in space. 5
SF Adel Still down on very best but showed enough to keep coach happy. 6
PF Frem Returned to form with a fine performance. Ran hard to link all over the field. 7
GF WCE Early injury but contributed with his pace troubling Eagles. 5

2014 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Bris Had it 26 times and looked to break the game open. OK without starring. 6
2 Ess Linked well up the ground and ended with 10 score involvements and a goal. 7
3 Frem Freo couldn’t catch him early. One of best in a brilliant team. 8
4 GCS Pace on wing incisive. Hurt knee in third but bounced back OK. 7
5 Geel Six inside-50s, three clearances and 14 handball receives to have an impact. 7
6 Rich On Ellis. Speared out plenty of handballs and got better as game went on. 8
7 StK Brilliant youngster again showed the speed that has made him so important. 8
8 Syd Took opponents on with pace at every opportunity but faded after half time. 6
10 Port Clever player who always seems to glide past his opponents. 6
11 GWS Grabbed seven of his 18 disposals in final term when game was on line. 5
12 WCE His run was vital because the Eagles couldn’t catch him. Broke the game open. 6
13 Carl Difference-maker with his speed and skill. Cut swathe through the Blues at times. 8
14 Coll Tagged by Macaffer but kept working. Kicked a goal and involved in two others. 6
15 GCS Tried hard enough but not suited by the day. 3
16   Leg.  
17   Knee.  
18 Syd Had the better of Jetta early and while faded slightly was a handy contributor. 6
19 WB Tradesman-like game without big runs. 5
20 Melb Showed Barry a clean pair of heels in first half then drifted from the game. 6
21 Frem Overshadowed by his big brother. Had Crowley for a while and struggled. 4
22 Geel Didn’t get into the contest at all playing forward/wing. Carrying an injury? 3
23   Quad.  
QF Geel Enormous first half on a wing with 17 touches. Too quick and fit for Cats. 8
PF Port Always a threat and began in fine style. Pace is a vital element. 7
GF Syd Cunningham was the likely match-up but found way too much space. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Monster first quarter (10 disp) then faded and was subbed off. 5
2 WCE Used scorching pace in wing battle with Embley. 6
3 Coll Nipped in for two goals but for most part was not a major factor. 4
4 Frem Struggled to provide the same run we have seen from him this year. 3
5 NM Pace gives an extra ingredient in middle 6
6 Adel Started on fire kicking two goals in the first term with his supreme pace. 6
7 Syd Ran with Jetta and OK but tired and was subbed off. 3
8   Thigh.  
9 GCS Matched on Hutchins. Prominent in third quarter surge. 5
10 Melb Two goals as found some ball in space off his wing. Handy effort. 6
12 Carl Didn’t touch the ball in first term then got going. A real factor after half-time. 7
13 WCE Space he found in first half (11 disposals) dried up after half time and he went quiet. 4
14 Bris Exciting bursts of pace presented a constant menace. 5
15 Geel Lifted after half time but had to. Had seven inside-50s but not a lot of polish. 4
16 Port Producing the football the coaches had hoped for, including five inside 50s. 6
17 WB Provided great dash all day, including four rebounds from defensive 50. 7
18 Ess Pace and link play off a wing a concern all night for Bombers. 7
19 Rich Gave little off a wing. Four kicks, one inside-50, one clearance and one tackle. 2
20 StK Sub came on in third term and did all that was required with added spark. 3
21 Coll Nita big night but did some polished things. 4
22 NM Threaded an important goal late in third quarter after handball from Gunston. 6
23 Syd Handy game. 5
QF Syd Looked slick when he got it. 4
PF Geel Good even game on wing as others fluctuated. 7
GF Frem Consistent across four quarters and read play well. 6