Brandon MATERA

#3   Fremantle

Age: 27yr 0mth Games: 102 Born: Mar 11, 2021
Height: 173cm Weight: 77kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Flashed in and out of both JLT matches but seems to be back in good books with coach. Looking to start year with a burst.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

2 NEAFL Big outing with 31 touches and four goals. Put his hand up for a senior recall.
3 Haw Got reward for his effort and made the most of it; finishing with career high six goals. 9
4 Carl Relishing another chance in the senior team. Knocked up winning the Sherrin and hit the scoreboard with three majors. 8
5 Adel Crows ensured his hot streak of form came to an end. Booted two goals and just 11 touches. 5
6 NM Kicked a couple of goals and kept Williams then Mullet busy, but didn’t play a major part. 5
7 Geel Two goals from seven kicks but was reasonably well held when opposed to Bews. 4
8 Port Tried hard in attack, but wasn’t given much room to move by a swarming Port defence. 5
9   Bye.  
10 Melb Two first-term goals got the Suns rolling. But then missed a few chances, and ended with 3.4. 7
11 WCE Booted a critical last quarter goal and was quite busy across half forward. 7
12 Haw Two goals an another disallowed after review. Season tally now up to 21 which represents a pretty good year. 5
13 Carl Limited involvement early like most of his fellow forwards, but became busy when Suns had momentum. 4
14   Foot.  
15   Foot.  
16   Foot.  
17   Foot.  
18   Foot.  
19   Foot.  
20   Foot.  
21 NEAFL In and out of the game for 23 touches and a goal.
22   Rested.  
23   Didn’t play for Gold Coast reserves.  

2016 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1   Played in NEAFL trial against Brisbane.  
2 Frem Booted two goals and was in the right spot when it mattered. 6
3 Carl High half forward role but missed a couple of opportunities. 5
4 NEAFL Good ball winner in midfield in Suns’ 18-goal win over the Lions.
5 NEAFL Pressed claims for a senior recall with 28 touches and two important goals.
6 NEAFL Bye.
7 NEAFL Did some good things but didn’t press strong enough claims for a senior recall.
8 GWS Suns’ best forward who got into the right spots to be rewarded with 3.1. 5
9 Adel Booted two goals but needs to focus on defensive pressure- only one tackle. 4
10 WCE Kicked three points. His game could have been much better, 4
11 Syd Better with his defensive efforts though did not provide a lot of spark in attack. 3
12 Rich Tried hard to get involved but faded out of game after half time. Two disposals in final term. 4
14 Haw Looked slow on a couple of occasions. One goal but just four effective touches. 2
15 StK Booted a couple of goals and more importantly looked to apply defensive pressure. 6
16 Bris Roamed across half forward and booted three goals. 5
17 WB OK in forward half. Found a bit of it despite limited supply. 5
18 Frem Tried hard but made a couple of bad decisions with the footy. 4
19 Melb Two goals from 10 kicks so did his job as a small forward. 6
20 GWS Willing contributor and worked hard defensively which has been his knock. 7
21 Ess Kicked a snap goal and bobbed up a few times but not a big influence. 5
22 Coll 14 possessions but ha no impact on the contest. Footy is at the crossroads. 3
23 Port Defensive pressure OK though not a dangerous option in attack. 4

2015 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

2 NEAFL Pressed claims for recall with three classy goals.
3 Geel First game of the year netted two goals but pressure not exactly first rate. 4
4 GWS Kicked a goal and got a bit of the ball, but wasn’t a big factor when it mattered. 5
5 Bris Quiet night due to tall forwards marking everything coming their way! 3
6 NEAFL Three goals and 24 touches to press claims after axing.
7 WCE Kicked two opportunist goals but had only five disposals. 3
8 Coll Found space at times but failed to really have any influence. 3
9 Haw Sub came into game in opening minute. Good early then dropped out. 4
10 Syd Looks devoid of confidence, but effort was there. 3
11 Frem Not clean with the footy, but starting to get to the right spots. 4
13 Carl Found the going tough. Missed only two chances for goal. 3
14 NM Needed to be at the feet of his talls more, and could have had a field day. 3
15 WB Dangerous, especially in early stages. Two goals. 6
16 GWS Booted a couple of goals from limited possessions. 4
17 Adel Two goals from three attempts good but he now needs to start being great. 6
18 WCE Easily his best game of the season. Good decisions with the footy. 8
19 Bris Rebounded well across half back and useful when he pushed forward. 7
20 Rich Had some chances but wasted them. OK but has to add more strings to bow. 4
21 Ess Finishing the season with a good string of performances. 7
22 Port Booted a couple of goals and found himself in plenty of space. 6
23 Syd Horrible miss in first term set tone for a below average night. Been a poor year. 3

2014 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 Rich Tracked closely by Morris and had to work hard to break free. Handy late. 5
2 Frem Tackled strongly but didn’t get much of it himself 3
3 Bris Finished with two second-half goals as Suns dominated. 4
4   Suspended.  
5 Melb Found space for 2.3 to play a minor role up forward. 5
6 GWS Two goals and created scoring opportunities for others. 6
7 NM Two early goals set the tone for the day and continually found space in attack. 7
9 StK Clever and resourceful little forward who booted four goals. 7
10 WB Matched up on Higgins and kept him honest by being dangerous in the forward 50. 7
11 Adel Besides a goal did little else. 3
12 Syd Kicked a goal and had some good touches but needed to do more. 4
13 WCE Damaging early around goals, but then reined in. 4
14 Geel Subbed out at half time after just three disposals. 1
15   Groin.  
16   Groin.  
17   Groin.  
18   Adductor.  
19 NEAFL Really good in his return game. 26 disposals and ran hard.
20 Carl Started as the sub and provided a spark in the second half. 6
21 Port Kicked a goal but wasn’t able to have the impact required in wet conditions. 3
22 Ess Helped side get back into game with two third-term goals. Big second half. 7
23 WCE Found space forward of centre at times. Two first-half goals then faded. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 StK Came on as sub for Hunt and gave desired injection of vitality. 7
2 Syd Had hands full with Shaw and Richards at times and was well beaten. 4
3 Bris Able to find himself on his own plenty of times and kicked two goals. 5
4 Port His ability to find space is uncanny and is fast becoming a dangerous forward. 7
5 GWS Flashed in and out but not a consistent impact. 4
6 Frem Not afforded the same space as previous weeks and impact was minimal. 3
7 Melb Came on late as a sub and had a handful of touches. 3
8 WB Missed a couple of goals and down on his usual output. 4
9 Haw Ran hard on outside. 7
10 Geel Huge first half (18) but injured ankle before half and subbed out in third. 6
11   Ankle.  
12   Ankle.  
13   Ankle.  
14   Ankle.  
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18   Ankle.  
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2012 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 Adel Limited pre-season showed. Certainly didn’t lack effort. 3
2 StK One of few Suns to find space and looked dangerous. Used ball well. 7
3 Ess Lively as a small forward and kicked a goal. 5
4 Bris Could not impose presence on a night suited to small men. 4
5 NM Very good game. Buzzed around the forward line with 27 pressure acts. 7
10 NEAFL Played well on return from injury.
11 StK Did a few things, but not a big game. 4
12 NM Easily best game of the year. Constantly found space and used ball well. 7
14 WCE Held goal-less. 3
15 Geel Found space on occasions off a wing and had three inside-50s. 5
16 Rich Kicked two goals and had 20 touches. Best game of 2012. 7
17 Bris Was not a factor on the night. 3
18 Syd Finished with three goals and was busy all night. 7
19 Melb Used as a the small forward but kicked three points in third term. 3
20 GWS Good four-quarter contributor, and important in first half. 8
21 Haw Opened up against Smith on the wing. Had his share of the ball. 5
22 Carl Undid his good work with some sloppy disposal. 5
23 Adel Like Bennell will be hard to stop next season. 7