#37   Collingwood

Age: 23yr 2mth Games: 51 Born: Sep 20, 2020
Height: 189cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Pies have blooded him well, and showing more vigour as confidence grows. A little unsociability can be an asset to a defence.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WB Still battling against better opposition. Another the coach can reasonably start to expect more from. 3
2 Rich On Lennon and lowered his colours. Still giving away rookie free kicks (including a late one that cost a crucial goal). 4
3 Syd Some key touches late but had his hands full defensively at stages throughout the night. 5
4 StK Five scoring involvements from half back, but still just a scrapper at this stage of his development. 4
5 Ess Turned in perhaps his best four-quarter game in black and white. At last starting to show benefit of coach’s patience. 6
6 Geel Not sighted in terms of offensive input. Didn’t matter as others took control of the game. 3
7 Carl Looking beefier by the week. Too preoccupied trying to throw his weight around, lacks maturity and concentration. 3
8 GWS Mix of careless errors (overrunning the ball and allowing a soft GWS entry), strong tackling and two flying goals. 6
9 Haw Apart from his usual footy ADD, kicked the ball at 81 per cent efficiency and made a superb smother in final term. 7
10 Bris Plugged away from half-back for 25 disposals, seven inside-50s and a goal in the final term. Strong effort. 7
11 Frem Tackled to hurt and his chase on Brady Grey set the tone. 6
12 Melb Half-back was dashing early when Pies were on top but had to defend grimly in second half. Kept battling. 7
13   Bye.  
14 Port Running defender couldn’t get into the game at all and was troubled by Impey at times. 3
15 Haw Five effective touches in the first half and tally didn’t improve much after main break playing as a defender. 4
16 Ess Made three horror skill errors early and couldn’t got with Fantasia in second half. Bad day all round. 3
17 GCS Rebounded well from defence, and snuck forward to boot an outstanding goal in third quarter. 6
18 WCE Quiet day by the standards he has set for himself in recent weeks. Like Langdon, played multiple roles. 3
19 Adel Wanted it more than the opposition, put his head over the footy when it was his turn to do so. 6
20 NM Improving weekly. Had some sound defensive moments and had good penetration on his disposal. 6
21 Port Takes the game on with his penetrating kicking, when it works it looks spectacular, when it doesn’t a turnover usually results. 4
22 Geel Five effective disposals in opening half and only three more for the remainder of the game. Six tackles. 3
23 Melb Went to Oliver in midfield at first bounce. Big first term, but then was steady for the final three terms. 7

2016 Season

1 Syd In the team for his delivery, but four kicks at half back is well below par. 2
2   Played in VFL trial against Geelong.  
3 StK Numbers were surprisingly high but looked heavy legged, mostly out of his depth and ineffective. 3
4   Hamstring.  
5 Ess Did what was required from half back without starring. Never under pressure. 3
6 WCE A trier but not having a great deal of impact on proceedings. 4
7 Carl Made a few mistakes but used the ball OK on his left side. Just a battler at this stage. 4
8 Bris Had little impact across half back, but ball rarely came down. 4
9 Geel Played role at half back. Didn’t star but offered something when he had to. 4
10 WB Showed more vigour and got more involved, pitted against Macrae. Kept at it. 5
11 Port Turned it over a couple of times and was under the pump defending Port’s small forwards. 4
12 Melb Kicked a goal but that was about only highlight. One horror error cost a goal. 4
14 Frem Again displayed some promising signs in defence. Finally making progress. 6
15 Carl A typical hard-nosed display. Used the ball well and laid four tackles. 6
16 GWS Had task on Stevie J. and did it well. Playing with a little more zest since the bye. 6
17 Adel Did well to keep Betts to three goals. Playing with more energy. 5
18 NM Terrible stuff up on kick off prompted a fight. Playing with a lot more confidence. 6
19 WCE Had some up and down moments but stood up with long late goal to seal the win. 5
20 Rich Hardly sighted in terms of providing rebound from back half. 4
21 WB On Hunter and Dickson early. Drifted forward for a big goal. 4
22 GCS Took Grant at half back and OK but made a few errors by foot. 5
23 Haw Went to Rioli at times and had some trouble containing him. Kept trying. 5

2015 Season

3 VFL Had 15 touches and used ball fairly well on left side.
4 VFL Drifted in and out but ball use was pretty good.
5 VFL Heavy knock in first term ended his day.
6 VFL 15 touches but used his bigger frame well on occasions.
7 VFL Efficiency was slightly down by found ball well at half back.
8 VFL Bye.
9 VFL Solid effort at half back but not a big day.
10 VFL Two early touches then injured.
11 VFL Steady game and used ball to advantage well.
12 VFL Bye.
13 VFL Strong over the ball and used it well. 24 possessions.
14 Haw Youngster competed hard, generally assured at half back. Couple of turnovers. 4
15 Port Left footers hitting their targets coming out of defence are priceless. 4
16 WCE Took some kick-ins and chipped in, but not getting much of the ball. 2
17 WB Held his own down back and used ball well mostly. 5
18 Melb Matched up on Brayshaw and was clean with his ball use. 5
19 Carl Keeps improving and kicked a nice running goal in second term. 6
20   Senior emergency.  
21 Rich Skills by foot need serious work. Had to be moved off Lloyd after conceding goals. 4
22 Geel Appeared to cop knock in second term that slowed him up. One fine goal. 5
23 Ess Tackled hard but didn’t find enough footy to do any damage offensively. 3