Age: 41yr 3mth Games: 433 Born: May 14, 2021
Height: 177cm Weight: 75kg Position: FWD

2016 Digest:   Suiting up for his 21st season and after finishing fourth in last year’s best and fairest is showing no signs of slowing. Disposal count last season (570) was the second highest of his 20-year career and led the club. Just 18 games shy of Michael Tuck’s all-time games record.

2016 NAB Cup:   Veteran had minutes monitored closely and tuned up with 56 minutes against Hawks. Ready to break AFL games record this year.

2016 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Adel Got involved with three third-term goals after a quiet first half. Critical in tight game. 6
2 Bris Dangerous in attack and lively as usual. Booted 2.3 7
3 Melb Career-high six goals proved critical in the final result. Made the most of any space afforded to him. 9
4 Frem Not as prominent as last week, but came to the fore more in final term. 5
5 GCS Found his match in the speed stakes (Saad); still booted two goals. 5
6 WB Evergreen champ earned his keep as usual. 6
7 StK Typically irrepressible game from the little champ. 6
8 Ess Celebrated 38th birthday with a busy performance. Seven inside-50s and great ball use. 7
9 Carl Scuffled with Gibbs in first term but broke game open with two goals and dynamic running. 7
10 Syd Couldn’t get into the game. Four kicks, two inside-50s and no goals. 2
11 Rich Irrepressible little dynamo who crowned strong night with 500th career goal. 7
12 Geel Four first-half goals in superb display then Enright kept him to six second-half disposals. 7
13 Haw Evergreen little champ lifted when things were desperate and played his part. 5
14 Adel Continues to play at the highest level, including four inside-50s and a goal. 6
16 WCE Quiet in the first half. Improved after that. 5
17 Port Showed potency and urgency that was lacking in those around him. 7
18 Coll Buzzed around in North’s flying start. Still major force in AFL record equalling game. 7
19 StK Strong contributor in AFL record 427th game. Fairytale night finished well. 6
20 WB Biggs picked him up. Solid without being overly menacing. 5
21 Haw Quiet despite 20 touches. No goals and no inside-50s tells a story. 5
22 Syd Brilliant four-quarter effort. Always looked dangerous up forward. 8
23 GWS Still the Roos most lively ball carrier and made smart decisions. Excellent outing after tough week. 8
EF Adel Tried as hard as he could in last game but made some errors. Not a fitting end. 6

2015 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Adel Unsighted for the majority of the game. 5
2 Bris Came off bench early and had impact straight away. Still dangerous. 6
3 Port Had a few customary zips and won his fair share of ball. Solid evening. 6
4 Geel Slowish start but got going and a key factor with his ball use off half back. 6
5 Haw Unaccountable down back despite good numbers. 4
6 Rich Started like a rocket and while didn’t maintain the pace he kept bobbing up. 7
7 Ess Around the ball a lot for his touches and ball use OK. A minor role. 5
8 Frem Kicked a goal and had 24 disposals. Never stopped trying. 7
9 Coll Plenty of the ball running off half back and through midfield, especially early. 7
10 WCE Last quarter was superb with 11 touches that played a key role in win. 7
11 Syd Missed two shots he would normally snaffle in third term. Work-rate high. 6
12 GWS Showed no signs of slowing down across half forward and midfield. 8
14 GCS Switched from attack to defence to try to get involved. 5
15 Geel Sub. Buzzed around for a few touches late in game when team on top. 2
16 Ess Seemed re-energized by sub role of previous week. Lively around the packs. 7
17 Bris Celebrated 400th in style with team high stats and two goals. Brilliant Boomer. 8
18 Carl Got North going with early goal and was handy without being at his best. 6
19 Melb Found space and used the ball well when he got it. Darting runs a feature. 7
20 StK Again emphasised value to team with strong first half and then a couple of goals. 7
21 Frem Little champ kept Roos in hunt in second term and was vital at the end. 7
22 WB Looked dangerous at time s but not a big game. 6
23 Rich Sub came on mid third quarter and instantly involved. 3
EF Rich Best afield with 31 touches and two goals on the run. Hunt couldn’t stay with him. 8
SF Syd Pace and smart enabled him to make important contributions. 6
PF WCE Big first term but negated to an extent as an attacking influence. 7

2014 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess Kicked trademark goal and kept battling. Far from the worst. 4
2 WB What a champ! Best afield at age 35 with three goals in game No. 364. 9
3 Port Limited in first half with a heavy tag but the difference late with big goal. 8
4 Syd Had his lowest disposal count for the year and shaded by McGlynn. 4
5 Coll Ran hard but chose wrong option at times. Never stopped running. 7
6 Frem Tagged by Crowley and got the better of the Docker stopper. Didn’t stop running. 7
7 GCS Burst in and out at times and help get Roos back in game. OK without being great. 5
9 Bris 12 touches first term on Golby and unstoppable all day. A marvel. 9
10 Geel Ran hard but Cats able to contain his impact – no goals a key. 6
11 WCE Quick and clever against hard tag of S.Selwood but came out on top. 6
12 Rich Three goals, four inside-50s and five tackles kept him involved all night. 7
13 Adel Had Laird run tight with him, yet still managed six inside-50s and a goal. 7
14 Melb Willingness to take game on and create something stood out. 8
15 Bris Work-rate brilliant but couldn’t put his trademark stamp on the game. 6
16 Haw Strong start to game and cut holes in Hawks defence with busy work 8
17 StK Damaging early on Montagna but the Saint also won kicks. Still a force. 7
18 Carl Tightly marked by Curnow early. Lifted a bit, but not influential. 5
19 Geel Enright nullified him at times. Numbers OK but influence not pronounced. 6
20 GWS Well held by Bugg in first half but broke shackles after main break. 6
21 WB Buzzed around and resented close attention from Picken. 7
22   Suspended.  
23   Suspended.  
QF   Suspended.  
EF   Suspended.  
SF Geel Enright picked him up. Breakaways set up scores. 5
PF Syd Hugely disappointing. When game hot early he was nowhere to be seen. 4

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1   Suspended.  
2   Suspended.  
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5   Suspended.  
6   Suspended.  
7 WB Straight into it with an early goal and immediately picked up threads. 7
8 WCE Started brilliantly and was irrepressible. Burnt off A. Selwood early. 7
9 Adel Creativity was a key in setting up the lead and among best. 7
10 StK Celebrated his 350th with a classic four-bounce run and goal 8
11 GCS Ran hard all night but couldn't make a big impact. 5
13 Frem Driven to frustration by Crowley. 3
14 GWS Relished space given to him and really hurt the Giants with three goals. 7
15 Rich Had Morris by his side until the Tiger was shifted. Typical energetic effort. 7
16 Bris Big first half, then faded and so did the Kangaroos 7
17 Carl Usual speed to get away from Curnow. 7
18 Melb The veteran was in everything from start to finish. He never stopped running. 8
19 Geel Racked up 24 disposals by half time and ended with 37 and five clearances. 9
20 Adel Broke away in second term but otherwise thwarted by van Berlo. 4
21 Ess Kept under tight rein by Hocking 4
22 Haw Typically lively display from the champ in game No. 361. Just one goal, though. 6
23 Coll Showed younger brigade (on both sides) how the game should be attacked. 9

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess Slow start but then grabbed two goals second term. Big last quarter. 7
2 GWS Electrifying first term (13 touches in 18 min) but then reined in by Bugg. 7
3 Geel No one went near him all day and he helped himself to 38 disposals. 9
4 Syd Well held by Shaw and had no influence on game except for one goal. 5
5 GCS Started well but faded out of game. Lots of touches in the back half. 5
6 WCE Kicked two goals and set up some more. 7
7 WB Tagged by Picken and his stat numbers over state his influence. Just battled. 5
8 Port Kicked a goal in last term but overall performance was well below his best. 4
9 Bris Kicked one classic Harvey goal. Got off the leash when Raines was moved. 7
10 Haw Shadowed by Shiels and unable to break free to impact the game. 4
12 GCS Turned back the clock with a vintage performance. Four goals, 29 possessions. 9
13 Adel Had Van Berlo tailing him. Well held in second term then goaled start of third. 5
14 StK Closely marked by Dempster but broke through for inspiring goal in last term. 4
15 WCE Always a menace and ran to space creating chances. 7
16 Carl Worked hard off half-forward flank and posed a danger. Tagged by Carrazzo. 6
17 Rich Used footy well and his cool head proved a key late in game – 5 inside-50s. 7
18 Melb Is showing no signs of slowing down and booted his 400th career goal. 8
19 WB Superb in setting up teammates and getting to where ball was. Best afield. 8
20 Ess Huge third quarter with three rapid-fire goals and big mark. Turned game. 8
21 Coll Inspirational with 33 possessions. Set up several goals with clever foot passing. 8
22 Frem Bristled at the close checking of Crowley, and didn’t break clear often. 5
23 GWS Kicked two goals and broke even in a nice duel with Power. 5
EF WCE When he got it good things happened … just not enough. 5