#7   GWS Giants

Age: 32yr 7mth Games: 250 Born: Apr 18, 2021
Height: 188cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Again battling calf problems which isn’t a great sign given injury history. Highly unlikely to play in opening rounds.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1   Calf.  
2   Calf.  
3   Calf.  
4   Calf.  
5   Calf.  
6 NEAFL Bye.
7   Calf.  
8   Calf.  
9   Calf.  
10   Calf.  
11   Calf.  
12   Calf.  
13   Calf.  
14   Calf.  
15   Calf.  
16   Calf.  
17   Calf.  
18 NEAFL Got through with no issues. Great to see him back out there. 18 disposals and AFL return looms.
19 NEAFL Ready for AFL return. Way too good for NEAFL with 25 disposals.
20 Melb First game for new club after long wait. Kicked a goal in the final term after a few missed chances. Got through okay. 4
21 WB Couple of glimpses but still finding his feet after long spell out of the game. Limited disposals. 3
22 WCE So smart as the link man between midfield and half forward. Faded but going to be big in September. 6
23 Geel Got going in the second quarter but effort petered out in second half; 20 disposals and five tackles. 6
QF Adel A spectator for long periods playing mostly in the attacking zone. 4
SF WCE Spent most of night at half back, but then ran onto handball to add a goal. Encouraging. 5
PF Rich Injured calf again and was hampered for most of the second half; 11 disposals. 3

2016 Season

Played for : Richmond

1   Quad.  
2   Quad.  
3   Quad.  
4   Quad.  
5   Quad.  
6 Port Spent much of night at half forward and kicked a nice third-term goal. Eased in. 4
7 Haw Prominent in start then reined in during second term and impact lessened. 5
8 Syd Had it on a string in first half with 25 touches to keep Tigers afloat. Quieter late. 7
9 Frem Good ball winning in the wet. Laid six tackles too. 6
10 Ess Two first-term goals helped side grab a lead it did not surrender. Ended with three. 7
11 NM Chugged away but never looked like taking the game by the throat. 4
12 GCS Three smart goals and ball use a feature throughout. One of the few players to be sure with hands. 7
14 Bris Started deep forward on Gardiner and looked dangerous, but in the end didn’t have a huge day. 5
15 Port Wasted up forward in the first half when the game needed to be won. 6
16 WB Lifted after the main break but let himself down at times with poor disposal. 6
17 Ess Good numbers in first half without breaking game open. Iced up calf at half time, didn’t return. 4
18   Calf.  
19   Calf.  
20   Calf.  
21   Calf.  
22   Calf.  
23   Calf.  

2015 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Reported early and subbed off for a rest in last quarter. 4
2   Suspended.  
3   Achilles.  
4   Achilles.  
5   Calf.  
6 NM Involved early in game but as fitness gave out his impact petered out. 5
7 Coll Brilliant. Two score assists and two last-term goals were clutch. 8
8 Port In sparling form and wants to be involved all the time. 7
9 Ess Looked a class above at times. Used the pill beautifully. 8
10 Frem His use of ball and footy smarts always make Richmond better. 7
12 WCE Started well but serviceable only for rest of night. 5
13 Syd Didn’t star but more than handy through midfield and kicked a goal. 6
14 GWS Quiet game with Hampton on his hammer. Five inside-50s and a goal. 5
15 Carl Looked dangerous at half forward and provided an option all night. 7
16 StK Pivotal to success and booted three goals as icing on the cake. 8
17 Frem Spent time in attack, midfield and even off half back. Not at his best. 5
18 Haw Big first quarter of three goals on Burgoyne. Used through varied roles 8
19   Ill.  
20 GCS Classy performance playing mainly up forward. Three handy goals. 7
21 Coll Class again came to the fore with three goals and six clearances. 7
22 Ess Melksham wore him tight but got off chain for two goals. Concussed late? 6
23 NM On Hansen early and held in first term, but after that a decisive factor. 8
EF NM Another star who had minimal impact when his team needed him. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 GCS Along with Cotchin superb in midfield and pushing forward. Late miss the only real blemish. 7
2 Carl Damaging in first half then was reined right in. 7
3   Ankle.  
4   Ankle.  
5   Ankle.  
6   Ankle.  
7 Geel Return game was handy. OK first half then tagged Selwood in second. 6
9 Melb His 24 possessions weren’t the type we’re used to. The run and long kicking weren’t there. 6
10 GWS Started in the midfield but also spent time at half back despite Palmer tag. Excellent. 7
11 Ess Failed to impact at half back early then released and fared a little better. 5
12 NM Huge first half (13 disposals) then went right out of the game when Roos got on top. 5
13 Frem Didn’t do enough. No clearances, two inside-50s and one goal. 4
14 Syd Bird was tracking him at the start 4
15 StK Spent most of the game in the attacking half and was one of the best. 7
16 Bris Quietly went about amassing plenty of touches but not hugely noticeable. 7
17 Port Kicked a big early goal and drove the ball forward well. Solid outing. 7
18 WCE Belied conditions to look dangerous around footy and among the better Tigers. 7
19 GWS Two big goals to go with 31 possessions to be the best player on the park. 8
20 Ess Worried Hocking at times when forward. Two goals proved very handy. 6
21 Adel Could have been a huge night if he kicked straight; missed four out of his six attempts. 8
22 StK Kept driving Tigers forward and was a key to the win. 7
23 Syd In tough conditions, added the touch of polish the Tigers needed to get over the line. 8
EF Port Ran hard but only 12 kicks limited his impact despite good numbers. 5

2013 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl The polish with which he played helped to settle side. Three goals to boot. 7
2 StK Linked well with his pace all night – seven inside-50s and 10 cont possessions. 8
3 WB Three goals, including one inside the first 11 seconds. A star all afternoon. 8
4 Coll Numbers overstate his influence. Had six inside-50s and six clearances. 7
5 Frem Crowley tag made the going tough. Never allowed to link through middle. 5
6 Geel Apart from second term he was tagged out of the game by Hunt. Just battled. 5
7 Port Stand-in skipper was inspirational with his run and carry. 8
8 Melb Tagged by McKenzie but found a way to stay involved in all facets. 7
9 Ess Beaten by Hocking and couldn’t follow up from recent good form. 5
10 WCE Ran hard all night to be a link man through the middle – six inside-50s. 7
12 Adel Had 22 uncontested possessions and you can’t give him that space. 8
13 WB Picken spent time on him, rotated well from midfield and half back. Solid outing. 6
14 StK Had the edge over young Murdoch and was hard to stop. 7
15 NM No impact in set-up role behind ball and shifted forward. Hine did a great job. 4
16 GCS Freed himself up and seemed to find space when others struggled. 7
17 Frem Early goal but then blanketed by Crowley and was moved deep forward. 4
18 Syd Bird kept with him all the way and while his stats were solid he was contained. 5
19 Haw Shadowed well by Lewis early but came into it after the main break. Just OK. 5
20 Bris Found enough of the ball without creating many offensive plays. 5
21 Carl Was one of the Tigers best and was a constant threat through the middle. 7
22 GWS Went at just over 52% efficiency despite finding a bit of the ball. Needs to be better. 4
23 Ess Provided his customary run, but Stanton had a stack of the ball too. Solid effort. 6
EF Carl Used ball well from half back and gave constant run and drive. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Slow to get started but then had increased influence in middle quarters. 6
2 Coll Kept running in midfield and defence and was the Tigers’ best. 7
3 Melb Joined in party for 26 touches and four inside 50s. Handy enough. 7
4 Geel Probably best. His 31 touches and eight inside 50s kept pressure on Cats. 8
5 WCE Copped knock late in second term but returned. Took game on all day. 7
6 Port Was everywhere, had four clearances, six inside 50s and kicked a goal. 7
7 Syd Very good. Got more touches in the midfield and was damaging. 7
8 Ess Strong first half then took advantage when given space in third term. 8
9 Haw Linked well and always dangerous on the outside – 14 contested possessions. 8
10 StK Ran hard but rested forward where he had no impact for long periods. 7
11 Frem Shadowed by Crowley and not a factor at all – one inside-50. 3
12 GWS Rebounded from quiet game to be a driving force in the middle. 8
14 Adel One of Richmond’s best with 16 contested possessions and a goal. 7
15 Melb Had two goals in opening 35 minutes and OK without setting game alight. 6
16 GCS 36 possessions but lacked the hurt factor you would expect at times. 6
17 NM Team high disposal numbers complemented with six inside-50s. All class. 8
18 Carl Creative in first quarter and was good apart from quiet third term. 7
19 Bris Had a relatively quiet third term but outstanding for rest of night. 8
20 WB Run first class – seven clearances, eight inside-50s and seven tackles. 8
21 Frem Well held by Crowley but kicked two goals to still have an impact. 6
22 Ess Ran hard and created all night and won a heap of the ball. 7
23 Port Seemed to go through the motions a little but still contributed. 6