#29   Geelong

Age: 26yr 7mth Games: 129 Born: Aug 19, 2020
Height: 187cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Thrown challenge to step up and join Selwood/Dangerfield in elite category. Injured calf in JLT1 but likely to make Round 1.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1   Hamstring.  
2   Calf.  
3 Melb Looked like a player who had missed some footy and wasn’t ever a factor. Two kicks for the afternoon. 2
4 Haw Deployed in defence predominantly to mark Rioli and was superb. Beat him and won the ball to be among Cats’ best. 8
5 StK Quiet start then got going in the back half to generate some run. What he did he did with authority. 7
6 Coll Plugged away rotating half/back midfield but in the end his effort didn’t amount to a whole lot. 5
7 GCS Struggled. Got caught a bit and disposal was off at times. Never was a concern to the Suns. 5
8 Ess Struggling. Won a bit of the ball but didn’t hurt the Bombers with any run and carry. Laid one tackle and two inside-50s. 5
9   Ill.  
10 Port Used across half back and steady without starring. Hit target with 15 of his 17 disposals. Building each week. 6
11 Adel Spent time on Betts and was helped by fact midfield kept the pressure on all night. Hit target with 17 of 20 touches. 6
12   Bye.  
13 WCE One kick in the first half just not enough from key playmaker. Did lift after halftime but overall a disappointing night. 4
14 Frem Struggled across half back then thrown into midfield and looked marginally better. Only eight effective disposals. 4
15 GWS Struggled at times with his disposal but did enough to suggest return to form not far away; 21 disposals. 6
16 Bris Even though the game was largely played in Geelong’s half, only managed one goal and 11 disposals. Not his best game. 5
17 Haw Quiet one with one inside-50 and 13 effective disposals and three tackles. Still a little off in terms of impact. 4
18 Adel Not sure what is going on but his season if fizzing, and fizzing fast. Could not get anything going at all. 2
19 Carl Played forward again but still well short of his best. Mustered four kicks but okay defensively on Blues’ half-backs. 2
20 Syd Rotated midfield/forward but again struggled. Nice snap goal in third term but is still struggling to impact games. 3
21 Rich Found some form in a midfield role, and booted a class goal in the second term. Found it 25 times and used it well. 7
22 Coll Spent time on Treloar and did a reasonable job doing that; 22 disposals, five clearances and eight tackles. 6
23 GWS Horrible first half (four kicks) but got better after main break to end with 20 disposals. 5
QF Rich Struggling until calf injury ended his night early in third term; three kicks. 2
SF   Calf.  
PF   Calf.  

2016 Season

1 Haw Great job restricting Rioli to eight kicks and no score. 8
2 GWS Started half back then went into midfield and tried hard. Four inside-50s but missed a key goal. 6
3 Bris Got a bit of ball and helped keep the pressure on but didn’t exert a huge influence. 6
4 Ess Used ball well when he got it but didn’t get a huge amount of it. 5
5 Port Helped turn momentum of game with some polished work. Used the ball to advantage. 7
6 GCS Spent time on Ablett and across half back. Ball use, power and creativity first class. 8
7 WCE Went to LeCras at times and did that job brilliantly. Five clearances and two goals. 7
8 Adel Huge. Led Cats in a number of key areas including clearances. Laid 10 tackles. 9
9 Coll Failed to fire like he did previous week. Only two clearances and three inside-50s. 4
10 Carl Cats’ best. Each time went near the ball he attacked game and opposition. 8
11 GWS After quiet start he got going with a monster second term. Ended with seven clearances and two goals. 8
12 NM Quiet one after big month. Just six kicks, one clearance and no inside-50s. 4
13   Ill.  
14 StK Of his 25 touches only six were kicks. One inside-50, one tackle and three marks. 4
16 Syd Hard to believe he is the same player as earlier in year. Seven kicks for the night. 3
17 Frem Continues to want to handball all the time – eight kicks. Always under pressure. 5
18 Adel Four effective disposals in opening half but like many got better. Seven tackles. 6
19 WB Struggled. Eight effective disposals and just two inside-50s. 3
20 Ess Got back to form with some burst way from the contest. One goal, seven marks. 8
21 Rich Used across half-back. Used ball well but impact not enormous. 6
22 Bris Won enough footy on the outside to have an impact. One skill error cost a goal. 6
23 Melb Rekindled his best with a powerful midfield effort. Set teammates up all day. 7
QF Haw Good job on Rioli in first half then went into midfield and a key after half time. 8
PF Syd Loose early and it was costly. Looked flustered, panicked and out of sorts. 3

2015 Season

1 Haw Copped heavy hit from Hodge in opening minute and never really a factor. 5
2 Frem Went Fyfe but monstered by him. Looked shaky when asked to defend. 4
3 GCS Lifted after a horrid first half. Laid seven tackles and had seven clearances. 6
4 NM Floated in and out. Forced to play down back at times. Only one clearance. 5
5 Rich Still battling to find the footy enough to impact but used it well when he got it. 5
6 Coll Short of his best but played a minor role through the midfield. 5
7 Syd Used mainly across half back and battled away manfully. Overwhelmed late. 5
8 Carl Relished space to grab six clearances, five inside-50s and a goal. 7
9 WCE Got involved around stoppages. Tried hard to provide a presence. 6
10 Ess One of few Cats to have a quiet one. No clearances and three inside-50s. 3
11 Port Went to Gray at one point to stop him. Key player in third term with his burst. 7
12 Melb One nice snap goal and five clearances but not hugely influential. 5
15 NM Plenty of touches but just one inside-50 tells a story. 5
16 WB Six clearances a highlight of a steady performance through the midfield. 6
17 GWS Even effort in the middle. Not outstanding but played a team role. 6
18 Bris Won 12 CPs and his power from contests was apparent. 8
19 Syd Tackling a feature. Led team with 11 and won 14 contested possessions. 7
20 Haw Three goals and a mountain of possessions. Career took a step forward. 8
21 StK Among Cats’ best again. Darting runs a highlight – 13 CPs, five inside-50s. 8
22 Coll Three kicks first half. Better second half but decision-making was way off. 3
23 Adel Finished year in style with quality ball use and hard work around ground. 8

2014 Season

1 Adel Tracked Dangerfield and kept him to eight kicks. Disciplined effort. 7
2 Bris Thrown task on Rich early but he got away. Returned to defence in second half. 4
3 Coll Managed to keep Pendlebury under effective control. 6
4 WCE Relished chance to play a more freewheeling midfield role. Polished display. 8
5 Haw Shadowed Mitchell and found it tough. Kept his clearances/inside-50s down 5
6 Port Struggled to get into game in midfield then pushed in defence. 5
7 Rich Shadowed Cotchin and did OK but the skipper got away do be dangerous. 5
9 Frem Shadowed Mundy but demolished in first half. Much better in second. 6
10 NM Looked great through middle. Ball use first class and 10 cont possessions. 7
11 Syd 50th game not one to remember. Only five kicks. 4
12 Carl Great job on Murphy first half then Blue got on top. Six clearances. 6
13 StK Ran with Stevens for three quarters then released late. Not a massive day. 5
14 GCS Tagged Ablett and did it OK first half then got swamped after half time. 4
15 Ess Great job on Goddard early then tag released. Two errors cost goals. 5
16 WB Shadowed Griffen for a lot of day and on top until half time. 6
17 Melb Tagged Tyson/Jones at times. Did OK then subbed off in third term. 4
18 GWS One of Cats’ better players, particularly in the first half. Workrate first class. 7
19 NM Did some tough stuff around ball and provided a solid midfield presence. 6
20 Frem Shadowed Fyfe in first, second and last quarters but found the going tough. 5
21 Carl Shadowed Murphy who got away enough. Not damaging himself. 4
22 Haw Ran with Lewis and great in opening half. Never stopped working. 7
23 Bris Not influential at all. Only managed four kicks for the entire night. 2
QF Haw Did well on Lewis and won plenty of ball. One bad mistake but did well. 7
SF NM Struggled defensively and offensively. 3

2013 Season

1   Calf.  
2 VFL Bye.
3 VFL Slow start but got better as the game went on. Solid.
4 VFL Provided plenty of class in the back half.
5 WB Stringer troubled him at times but kept sticking to task. 4
6 Rich Went to King after he’d kicked two goals and battled hard. 4
7 Ess Held Winderlich well when opposed to him and was handy as a defender. 5
8 Coll Went to Krakouer at times. Still has a way to go but kept battling. 4
9 Port Stout across half back although Wingard got away on him at times. 5
10 GCS Struggled a tad down back then thrown to Ablett in second. Two last-term goals. 4
11 GWS Couldn’t get into game at all from the back half. Pushed up ground later. 3
13 Bris Drifted forward for one goal but struggled down back. Faded badly late. 3
14 Frem Part of the defensive rotation that completely shut out Mayne. Played a role. 6
15 Haw Kept Breust to a goal in a fine defensive performance. 6
16 Melb Sub. On late third term but conditions made it tough to have big impact. 1
17 Adel Had job on Porplyzia and did that really well all match. 7
18 StK Shut Milne out completely and attacked when he could. Steadily improving. 7
19 NM Spent time on Thomas and stout on him. Provided some rebound at times. 6
20 Port Among the best again. Some of his one-on-one work was outstanding. 8
21 WCE Had Hill at times and stopped him brilliantly. Pushed up the ground late. 6
22 Syd Rebounded superbly and hit the target with everyone of his 20 disposals. 7
23 VFL Quiet night on a wing/half back.
QF Frem Among best on Walters/Ballantyne. Super one-on-one when last line defender. 7
SF Port Took Monfries and kept him pretty well under wraps all day. Solid day. 6
PF Haw Had Rioli covered and kicked a great running goal in the third term. Star in the making. 7

2012 Season

1 Frem Started a little shakily but got better as the game went on. Looks a player. 5
2 Haw Attacked the footy with vigour and what he did he did it well. 4
3 NM Found the going tough across half back and rarely sighted. 3
4 Rich Showed poise and balance beyond his years while nullifying Nahas. 6
5 Bris Did some nice things in close and played his part without starring. 4
6 Melb Very limited game time after being subbed on in final term. 1
7 Adel Might be due for a spell. Made a few mistakes but can’t blame him. 2
8 Coll Started well but made a couple of costly skill errors out of the back half. 3
9 WB Not a lot of rebound about his game playing on a variety of opponents. 2
10 GWS Another who played better after main break but still struggling a little. 4
11 Carl Quiet on the stats sheet but played a role. Good one-on-one on occasions. 4
13 VFL Mopped up across half back and was cool under pressure.
14 Port Best effort for a month. Didn’t make any glaring errors. 5
15 GCS Subbed on late third term but impacted very limited. 1
16 Coll One of the positives. Played well and had impact when thrown forward. 6
17 Ess Subbed on late in third term and scurried around for seven disposals. 1
18 Adel Stats not huge but played his role and didn’t make any mistakes. 5
19 VFL OK across half back restricting Roosters forward thrusts.
20 WCE Couple of nice things from half back but didn’t put four quarters together. 4
21 VFL Composed effort across half back and through middle.
22 WB Ok in role across half back. Won some contested footy which was a highlight. 6
23 VFL Composed effort as usual. Didn’t waste a ball.
EF VFL Solid and composed as always.