Cameron O'SHEA

#24   Carlton

Age: 27yr 0mth Games: 81 Born: Mar 13, 2021
Height: 193cm Weight: 91kg Position:

2016 Digest:   Versatile defender who seems to always be on the fringe of selection without ever cementing his spot in the 22. Has had a much more consistent pre-season than in previous years and is doing everything he can to be in the back six full-time.

2016 NAB Cup:   Figured down back in first two games then missed out against the Tigers. Demon Dean Kent got under his skin in Elizabeth.

2016 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 SANFL Decent game in defence. Enjoyed a particularly big second half.
2 SANFL Probably needed to do more to lead Port’s inexperienced backline.
3 SANFL Put his hand up with solid 20-disposal outing. Massive second term.
4 SANFL Bye.
5 Geel Didn’t respond to the call-up. Might be banished back to SANFL. 1
6 Rich Member of back six who did his job against talls and smalls. 6
7 Bris Good match-up on Keays, who lucky for O’Shea didn’t have his kicking boots on. 5
8 Carl A non-factor as an attacking weapon in defence and had hands full with Everitt early. 3
9 WCE Did the job on Darling, keeping him goalless. 6
10 Melb Followed Watts in Port’s back half. Shaded on the day but had to deal with wrist complaint. 4
11 Coll Covered very well defensively and chose the right time to come off his opponent to support. 6
12 WB Battled manfully in an inexperienced backline. 6
13 Frem Defended well despite the pressure inside Freo’s forward line. 6
15 Rich Completely nullified Deledio in the first half. 6
16 Haw Poor third quarter when he gave away four free kicks. 4
17 SANFL Energetic with his run and rebound. Laid some hard tackles too.
18 SANFL Bye.
19 SANFL Starred in Port's besieged backline. Stood tall in defeat.
20 SANFL Solid and stoic if unspectacular in defence.
21 Melb Excellent job on Watts. 6
22 Adel Good job on Lynch keeping him to two goals. 7
23 SANFL Bye.

2015 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

2 SANFL Linked nicely and set the Magpies on their way early.
3 SANFL Set up nicely from defence and fired the Magpies early.
4 SANFL Provided dash and creativity out of defence.
5 SANFL Flitted in and out of the match. Unlikely to get an AFL recall just yet.
6   Senior emergency.  
7 Bris Had the job of minding Rich for bulk of game. Assignment proved too tough. 4
8 SANFL Bye.
9 SANFL Disappointing in both output and decision making.
10 SANFL Didn't do a enough. His form has been very patchy of late.
11 SANFL Shifted to the midfield and bounced back to form nicely. 25 touches.
12 SANFL Bye.
13 SANFL Provided energy, rebound and link-up. Steady with 21 possessions.
14 SANFL Match postponed.
15 Coll Did the job on Fasolo. 6
16 Adel Gave away a poor 50-metre penalty in second term on Cameron. 5
17 Ess Workmanlike effort on J. Merrett. 5
18 StK Did an impressive job on the elusive Schneider. 6
19 WB Not alone in finding the going tough against the Bulldog forwards. 3
20 GWS Two shots at goal for a behind and out on the full. 5
21 Haw Started on Frawley in Port defence. Made a few crucial spoils. 6
22 GCS Forced to play on taller opponents, and battled away. 6
23 Frem Stood tall down back in the absence of Trengove. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 PM Weekend off.
2 PM Pushed forward to kick a goal and was solid.
3 SANFL Had a fine game in defence, eight rebound 50s to go with 22 touches.
4 Bris First game back for the year, looked nervous. 5
5 WCE Had his hands full with Darling who had his measure all night. 3
6 SANFL Started slowly but worked way into game.
7 SANFL Always looked dangerous all over the park.
8 SANFL Destroyed Sturt captain Coad in defence and racked up 25 touches.
9 SANFL Solid and reliable once gain.
10 SANFL Workhorse display in defence, easily won his position.
11 SANFL Bye.
12 SANFL Very busy afternoon. Seemed to be everywhere.
13 SANFL Used it nicely out of defence but Ainger kicked four on him.
14 SANFL One of Magpies' few four-quarter contributors in losing cause.
15 SANFL Enterprising in defence. Eight rebound 50s among his 19 touches.
16 Ess Playing his third game of the season and slotted in as the third tall in defence. 7
17 Rich Had a few different opponents and wasn’t a big factor. 4
18 Melb Won the dual with Cam Pedersen, and repelled many Demon attacks. 7
19 Coll Defended stoutly when under siege and worked hard other way 8
20 Syd Took Reid out of the contest with a masterful display across half back. 7
21 GCS Up and down afternoon. Held his own in contests but made some errors. 5
22 Carl Never seemed to have an opponent and mopped up the Blues’ mistakes. 6
23   Senior emergency.  
EF Rich Had to contend with dangerous Martin when he ventured forward. 6
SF Frem Rotated on Walters and had some troubles containing him at times. 4
PF Haw Wasn’t a big factor but played a role down back. 4

2013 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 Melb Had the job on Sellar and beat him hands down. Solid effort. 6
2 GWS Booted first goal and did some good things. 4
3 Adel His style of play suits Ken Hinkley’s game with hard running forward and back. 6
4 GCS Got plenty of uncontested footy and used it well. 5
5 WCE Had the better of Darling keeping him to just one goal. 7
6 NM Good at interceptions in defence on Black. 5
7 Rich Utility playing his role across half back and half forward. 5
8 Carl Never threw the towel in a solid afternoon in defence. Shows plenty of ticker. 5
9 Geel Found Motlop a handful to stay with and not his day. 3
10 WB Did a good job on Addison and won plenty of ball himself 7
12 GWS Racked up the touches at half back and pushed forward for two goals. Super. 7
13 Syd A much more confident player under Ken Hinkley’s tutelage. 5
14 Coll Slotted in well across half back and managed five clearances. 5
15 Ess Competed hard in defence, but Winderlich was too slippery as game wore on. 5
16 Haw Started on Gunston and outplayed by the Hawk forward. 4
17 StK Good honest worker but output decreased in second half. 5
18 Bris His reading of the play is exceptional; his disposal on occasions is not. 7
19 Adel Played on Lynch and kept him goalless. 7
20 Geel Hammered by Motlop early and moved. Got better when freed from that match-up. 5
21 GCS Once he cleans up his disposal efficiency will become an elite half back. 6
22 Frem Had his hands full with Walters early. 3
23 Carl Played a great game with five inside 50s and four scoring assists. 8
EF Coll Calm and courageous under pressure 6
SF Geel Unheralded young defender. Chapman got away early. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 StK Second year player growing in stature after every game. 5
2 Ess On second half but just the six possessions. Back to SANFL next week? 1
3 Syd Came on for Alipate Carlile early in the fourth quarter. 3
4 SANFL 14 possessions but gave away four free kicks.
5 SANFL Up and down game. Struggled in defence but good forward.
6 SANFL 15 possessions and three rebounds in Panthers loss.
8 SANFL Had 13 possessions across half back for South
10 SANFL Just the eight possessions. Disappointing.
11 SANFL Floated across half back to end up with 16 possessions.
12 SANFL Kicked two rare goals and had 18 touches. Good effort.
14 Geel Hardly sighted in a disappointing display. No impact at all. 2
15 SANFL 12 possessions and pushed forward to kick two goals.