Clinton JONES


Age: 35yr 6mth Games: 149 Born: Feb 02, 2021
Height: 183cm Weight: 83kg Position: MID
Dream Team Profile

2014 Digest:   The hard-working and diligent run-with player gives his all and plays an important role the Saints need. Doesn’t take a backward step and while his kicking will never win prizes he has made some ground in that facet of his game.

2014 NAB Cup:   Not most fashionable player, but his experience and tagging should staunch the flow at times this year.

2014 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 Melb Took advantage of being freed from negating duty and racked up 39 disposals. 8
2 GWS Busy around field again in freed up role. 5
3 WCE Again productive in tight and continued strong form line. 6
4 Adel Busy all game but didn’t always hit targets. 5
5 Ess Tackled hard and did his bit. 5
6 Bris Started in free-running role but later answered call in lock-down role. 5
7 Haw Tried hard with no discernible effect on the game. 4
8 Carl Negating forward on Walker and restricted him. 5
9 GCS Handed the toughest job on Ablett and did a lot of chasing, especially in first term. 4
11 Coll Sub was on straight away and had to tag Pendlebury. 3
12 Port Not the worst and tried hard all the way. 5
13 Geel Late call up as sub and strove hard in tagging roles 3
14 WCE Late inclusion as defensive forward on Hurn and worked fairly well. 5
15 Rich Playing for his career. Went to damaging Cotchin and was fair. 5
16   Senior emergency.  
17 VFL Too good for this level with 34 touches and a goal.
18 VFL Zebras’ best with 35 touches in 22-goal loss.
19 VFL Ran hard through midfield. 24 touches and nine tackles.
20 VFL Zebras’ chief ball winner with 32 in massive win.
21   Senior emergency.  
22 Rich Tried his hardest but honest warrior could be near the end. 3
23 Adel Ran himself to standstill in last game. 6

2013 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 GCS Did good tagging job in Bennell then was one of several given job on Ablett. 5
2 Rich Vital role in limiting Cotchin’s influence and won ball himself. 7
3 GWS Tagged Greene initially then had more free-running role. 6
4 Ess Matched the endurance of Watson, which was no mean feat. 7
5 Syd Went mostly with McVeigh who did well, but also got his share of ball. 6
6 Coll After quiet first quarter won a fair bit of the ball although rarely damaging with it. 6
7   Late withdrawal.  
8 VFL Knocked up winning the ball with 34 possessions. Strong effort.
9 WB Stuck to his guns and made life tough for the dangerous Griffen. 5
10   Senior emergency.  
11 WCE Matched on Shuey and couldn’t control him in second half. 4
13 Melb Had difficult tagging job on Sylvia. 3
14 Rich Had 21 kicks but couldn’t keep Cotchin quiet. 4
15 Frem Had tagging role on Hill and generally effective. 6
16 Carl Did a good job tagging Murphy. 6
17 Port Tagged prime mover Hartlett and was OK without completely curtailing him. 5
18 Geel Tried hard on Johnson, but in the end overcome by weight of numbers. 5
19 Bris Rich got away from him early but he fought back well in second half. 5
20 Haw Made to work very hard in run-with roles. 4
21 Syd Blanketed Jack for the greater part of game until late. 6
22 GCS Had toughest job of all on Ablett and did it very well. 7
23 Frem Heaps of possessions on a day when he was able to run his own race. 7

2012 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 Port Tried hard all day. 6
2 GCS Stuck to guns in tagging the superb Ablett, but even his fitness was tested. 5
3 WB Strong inside the packs all night. 6
4 Frem Worked hard in tight situations. 5
5 Melb Worked hard in packs with 11 tackles, but not a big impact elsewhere. 4
6 Haw Out-gunned by the likes of Mitchell and Shiels. 3
7 Carl Tight rein on Murphy and never gave the Blues star a millimetre of space. 8
8 WCE Did a fair job on Kerr, especially early on 6
9 Syd Workmanlike job in tagging McVeigh. 6
10 Rich Had big job on Cotchin (mostly) and did well after a poor start. 5
11 GCS Surprisingly given the job on Bennell rather than on Ablett. Solid. 6
12 Adel Had the job on Sloane and locked down after half time. 5
15 Ess Back in the side and did his bit. 6
16 Bris Constant ball winner. Shifted onto the damaging Black in third term. 7
17 Syd Great job in restricting the damage of Jetta. 7
18 WB Had main run-with role on Griffen and after initial troubles he did it well. 6
19 Coll Started tagging Beams then not as suited in defensive forward role on Shaw. 5
20 VFL Played the second half and was steady.
21 VFL Tried hard but turned the ball over a bit.
22 VFL Best for the Zebras with 26 disposals and five tackles.
23 VFL Worked hard in the midfield but not his best game.