Age: 37yr 11mth Games: 333 Born: Sep 14, 2020
Height: 187cm Weight: 90kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   Embarking on season 17 and showing no signs of slowing. As mentally sharp as he is physically primed to complete what will surely be his final year. If he does not miss a game will pass Ian Nankervis’s games record of 326 in Round 17. Played 22 or more games in each of the past 10 seasons.

2016 NAB Cup:   Veteran played opening two matches before being rested. Doesn’t play like a 34-year-old and now more important with injury to Thurlow.

2016 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Veteran had job on Puopolo and did well given goals against not his fault. 7
2 GWS Probably Cats’ best. One of few to produce a four-quarter performance. 8
3 Bris Continues to defy age. Rebounded strongly and always in the way of Lion forward forays. 8
4   Rested.  
5 Port Swept across half back and superb in thwarting the Power. 8
6 GCS Defensively superb and won any one-on-one battle that came his way. Class all night. 7
7 WCE Stats not huge but helped keep the shutters down on Eagles’ bevy of mid-sized forwards. 5
8 Adel Steady at half back. Kicked a rare goal at a crucial time in last quarter. 7
9 Coll Battled away at half back but was under pressure. Doesn’t play bad games. 6
10 Carl Did what he could at half back. Steady without starring but under pressure a lot. 5
11 GWS Calmness and clean ball handling a huge factor, particularly early when game flow against. 7
12 NM Steady all night and importantly went to Harvey in second half and shut him out. 7
13 WB Poise and efficiency at half back superb and won a few one-on-ones. 8
14 StK Apart from one error he was steady from the back half. Typical effort. 6
16 Syd Plugged away in defence and at one stage went forward to kick a goal. Steady. 6
17 Frem Stepped up for close mate Mackie. Got in the way and used ball brilliantly. 8
18 Adel Massive again at half back. In slippery conditions his play reading was a step ahead. 9
19 WB Massive again sweeping at half back in record-breaking game. Used ball carefully. 7
20 Ess Huge first half (25 disp) then Laverede was able to shut him out of the game. 7
21 Rich Steady as usual all match. If he wasn’t there early damage a lot worse. 8
22 Bris Steady as that stable table. He plays on for sure. Just mopped up like sponge. 8
23 Melb Not required to do a whole lot but did the job at half back. 5
QF Haw Hawks nullified his intercept play but still did well – 10 effective disposals. 6
PF Syd Last game? Looked slow for one of few times in his career. Not the way to end. 4

2015 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Foot skills not at his polished best down back. 4
2 Frem Plugged away but not playing with the same surety we are accustomed to. 4
3 GCS Looked out of sorts in first half then like a true champ found his feet late. 6
4 NM Among Cats’ best. Used the ball well from defence and was clean. 7
5 Rich Steady down back without starring. Just did his job. 6
6 Coll Those writing him off after Round 1 are eating words. Huge at half back. 8
7 Syd Superb at half back and probably the Cats’ best player. 7
8 Carl Quiet night in terms of stats but did what he had to across half back. 5
9 WCE Probably Cats’ best. All over the place trying to defend Eagles. 7
10 Ess Solid again at half back. Might be time to rethink retirement. 7
11 Port Brilliant. Gets the memo where the ball will be 30 seconds before it arrives. 9
12 Melb Matt Jones tagged him and helped to ruin his 300th game. 5
15 NM Veteran’s decision-making was uncharacteristically off at times. 5
16 WB Steady and patient across half back. Won a few key contests when under pump. 7
17 GWS Steady as a rock across half back and provided some creativity. 7
18 Bris Played typical no frills, zero mistakes, get-in-the-way-all-day game. 7
19 Syd Polished from defence. Went to Jetta after half time and shut him out. 7
20 Haw Rioli kicked some goals on him but rebound ability a highlight. 7
21 StK Rebounded OK and steady without starring from the back half. 6
22 Coll Veteran didn’t have his best night. Couldn’t impact flow of game. 4
23 Adel Intercepted everything. 8

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Adel Doesn’t play bad games and this no exception. Rebounded and created. 7
2 Bris Steady down back but injured foot in third term and was subbed out. 3
3   Ankle.  
4 WCE Loped around the back half and mopped up all night. 7
5 Haw Two goals from the half-back proved critical in wash-up. 7
6 Port Battled best he could but ball was coming in sideways at times. 6
7 Rich Steady game as usual at half back. Didn’t make any mistake. 6
9 Frem Tried hard but a little off with disposal at times from the back half. 5
10 NM Kept Harvey from hitting scoreboard and kicked a ripper himself. 6
11   Ankle.  
12 Carl Radar off early with kicking but worked into it. Led side with seven rebounds. 7
13 StK Rarely put under any pressure down back and when he was he handled it well. 7
14 GCS Didn’t set world on fire across half back but workrate was steady. 5
15 Ess Used ball well from half back and added an early goal. Steady enough. 6
16 WB Mopped up in steady fashion without starring. Played his role. 6
17 Melb Racked up stats across half back and pushed forward when he could. 7
18 GWS Steady all night across half back. Appears to be running into form at right time. 7
19 NM Ran with Harvey for large parts and able to nullify his influence. 6
20 Frem Must be close to finals as he’s warming up. Beat Ballantyne and huge offensively. 7
21 Carl One horror mistake but apart from that steady down back. Worked hard. 7
22 Haw Battled variety of opponents in usual steady effort from half back. 7
23 Bris Tuned up for finals with five inside-50s, a goal and great work-rate. 7
QF Haw Few of his possessions were damaging from a wing/half back. 5
SF NM Errant disposal hurt the side at times. Poor finals series for the veteran. 4

2013 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Couple of uncharacteristic fumbles early but then worked into game. 7
2 NM Steady again and was busy between the arcs – two inside-50s and five rebounds. 7
3 Carl Steady as ever across half back. His presence and sense of timing was class. 7
4 Syd Stout again all night. Doesn’t make mistakes, which is crucial in defence. 6
5 WB Rebounded everything that came his way and worked up the ground all night. 8
6 Rich Iced 250th game with a rare goal – from the boundary – to delight of teammates. 8
7 Ess Solid effort again. Grabbed 10 of 23 disposals in final term to warn off a challenge. 7
8 Coll Stout again although made a few uncharacteristic errors at times. 6
9 Port Massive in first half (16 disp) and again did what he had to defensively. 7
10 GCS Last time he played a bad game corduroy was a fashion statement. 7
11 GWS Steady and sure for umpteenth time in his career. Clean hands a feature. 7
13 Bris Battled hard all night but didn’t have any impact at all in final quarter – 0 kicks. 6
14 Frem Steady and sure-handed all night. Does the right things at the right time. 7
15 Haw Great first half helped set up the victory. Just doesn’t play bad games of footy. 7
16   Foot.  
17 Adel Rock solid from defence and worked hard to beat opponents. 7
18 StK Used footy well breaking from back half and pushed up ground for five inside-50s. 7
19 NM One bad skill error through corridor but generally a solid performer. 6
20 Port Reliable all day from half back and won a mountain of footy through the middle. 8
21 WCE Supreme with run and rebound from half back. Doesn’t make mistakes. 6
22 Syd Held McGlynn well and ran hard. 13 handball receives, six inside-50s from half back 8
23 Bris McGrath caused him a few issues early. Lions kept him under wraps. 4
QF Frem Huge blow when he limped off 20 minutes into second term. Subbed out at half. 3
SF   Knee.  
PF   Knee.  

2012 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Frem Understandably tired after starting well. Will be better for the run. 4
2 Haw Steady effort. Didn’t make an mistakes and rebounded well. 7
3 NM Tried hard but still looks a little short of a gallop. Made a couple of blues. 5
4 Rich Stout in the back half and looks to be settling into season after injury. 7
5 Bris Superb at half back with 18 handy disposals. Found his rhythm again. 6
6 Melb Steady and reliable again in best effort of the season. Form building well. 7
7 Adel Made some very un-Enright mistakes in a rare poor day at the office. 4
8 Coll Back to his best across half back with his sure-handedness. Poise first class. 8
9 WB Steady and poised at half back. His body positioning in contests was first class. 8
11 Carl Had Garlett for long periods and did well on him but offered little offensively. 6
13 Syd Probably the side’s best. Clean by hand and foot all night. 8
14 Port Cool, calm and clean from half back – 6 inside-50s, four rebounds and a goal. 8
15 GCS In wet ‘n’ wild mode at times but used the ball well but went backwards a lot. 6
16 Coll Battled hard across half back but even he fumbled at times. 6
17 Ess Clean hands returned across half back and swept across his line in dutifully. 7
18 Adel Willingness to attack the footy from half back a feature of his steady day. 7
19 Haw Rioli’s pace caused him a few concerns at times and attacking streak dimmed. 4
20 WCE Had the better of Hill and defended stoutly most of the night. 7
21 StK Had five rebound 50s and was sure and steady with everything he did. 7
22 WB Patrolled half back with aplomb from start to finish to be the Cats’ best. 8
23 Syd Injured ankle late in first term but returned. OK but seemed hampered. 5
EF Frem Despite carrying ankle injury (which looked severe) he kept battling. 7