#24   Sydney Swans

Age: 28yr 9mth Games: 116 Born: Jun 02, 2021
Height: 189cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   The All-Australian had a hip issue but returned for JLT game two and is now ticking over nicely. His versatility is important.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Rebounding impact in back half restricted by Power forwards which could arguably be the key to toppling the Swans. 3
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9 StK Slotted straight back into his defensive post and didn’t miss a beat. Backline looks tighter with him there. 7
10 Haw Tracked Gunston for long periods wearing No.50. Okay, but not his best. 5
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12 WB All Australian defender had job on Stringer and apart from brief period in third term he clearly won the battle. Great game. 7
13 Rich Huge game. Kept Riewoldt to two goals from nine kicks in what was a pivotal win for the team. 8
14 Ess Went with Daniher and did a decent job considering the size difference. Had hand in match-winning goal with scrappy kick. 6
15 Melb Had a few down moments in defence, but then played his part. 6
16 GCS 25 disposals down back and 13 marks, he and Grundy dominated the Suns forwards overall. 8
17 GWS Would have been relieved with Jeremy Cameron being a late withdrawal, but had a quiet night with just six kicks. 5
18 StK Solid down back against a variety of opponents. 5
19 Haw 18 disposals but looked out of sorts after an early knock. 4
20 Geel Got caught on Hawkins a couple of times but was able to get off the chain to be a factor; 18 disposals. 6
21 Frem Had captain’s duties today and led from the front. So good with defensive acts and provided impact the other way. 7
22 Adel Excellent game on Adelaide captain Tex Walker, keeping him to a solitary goal. 7
23 Carl Played a typical Dane Rampe game. Intercepted and spoiled well, and was as reliable under duress. 6
EF Ess Had to take the taller Daniher but was able to restrict him to two goals. 6
SF Geel Like a fat baby is going to fart you just knew he’d play well…but he didn’t. Got sizzled by Dangerfield. 2

2016 Season

1 Coll Did a good job on Fasolo to keep him to just one goal after a big summer. 7
2 Carl Like most teammates has started the year brilliantly. Super down back. 7
3 GWS Rebounded well out of the backline and got in the right spots, finishing with 10 marks. 5
4 Adel Unusually had the job on Walker and was combative throughout. 7
5 WCE Handy in defence early but not so prominent later on. 5
6 Bris Used as a loose man in defence, picking up a number of unguarded touches. 6
7 Ess Rebounded well of the backline, but was just beaten by Brown. 4
8 Rich Had Martin when he rested forward but cut the angles well at times in back half. 5
9 Haw Constantly turned out Hawks and applied strong pressure. 7
10 NM Started on Brown but also took Petrie/Waite at times. Did his job defensively. 7
11 GCS Played on a variety of opponents, including Lynch and was solid. 7
12 GWS Terrific effort on Cameron, keeping him to just one goal. 7
13 Melb Steady effort in back half and left foot was handy driving the ball forward. 5
15 WB Effective worker down back and never conceded an inch. 6
16 Geel Best afield playing across half back. Controlled the game with his play reading. 9
17 Haw Swept across half back and took Gunston in spurts. Strong again all night. 7
18 Carl Did what he had to do and got the better of young C. Curnow. 6
19 Frem Good job on Pavlich but the Freo star still kicked two. 6
20 Port Gave away inches to Butcher but did well and even pushed forward for a goal. 7
21 StK Handy game down back and had Membrey and other Saint forwards covered. 7
22 NM Played on Brown for most of the day in what was an even duel. 5
23 Rich Took the honours in good duel with Riewoldt. 10 rebound-50s, eight marks. 7
QF GWS Beaten in two early one-on-ones by Cameron which gave the Giant confidence. Poor afternoon. 3
SF Adel Big job on Walker but also freed up at times when Crows threw extra behind ball. Better. 5
PF Geel Very strong in defence on Henderson early and effective all night. 7
GF WB Rotated between Cordy/Stringer and others. Used ball brilliantly and among best. 8

2015 Season

1 Ess Good defender who got frustrated and conceded frees in third quarter. 7
2 Port Nullified Wingard when the game was in the balance. 7
3 GWS Three rebound 50s and did what was asked without setting game alight. 4
4 Frem Threw himself in. Didn’t die wondering. 5
5 WB Defensively a little out of sorts and not a whole lot offensively. 4
6 Melb Played his role down back without too much fuss opposed mainly to Howe. 4
7 Geel Ok without setting the world alight in defence. Played loose at times. 4
8 Haw Got job on Gunston who was inaccurate. Never stopped wearing his man. 6
9 Carl Spent time on Jones among others and solid enough one-on-one. 5
10 GCS Ball use off half back was delightful and set up plenty of attacks. 7
11 NM Got the better of Thomas when opposed to him and won the ball well. 7
13 Rich Gave away size to Riewoldt but tried hard. Beaten on the night. 5
14 Port Defensively strong. Underrated player who does his job without fuss. 6
15 Bris Great first half helped keep Lions at bay. Easily among the best from half back. 7
16 Haw Never in the game as had hands full all night down back. 3
17 WCE Spent long periods on Kennedy and performed admirably. 8
18 Adel Dominant player who racked up a bag of touches and had an untroubled day. 7
19 Geel Battled hard in the back half and among the Swans' better performers. 6
20 Coll Started on Moore and was solid. 5
21 GWS Gave away inches to resting rucks but wasn’t really troubled. 6
22 StK Successfully negated Bruce. 5
23 GCS Mopped up with aplomb at half back and kicked a goal in last term. 7
QF Frem Took Walters (three goals) in a great battle. Effectiveness down. 4
SF NM Went with Higgins among others. Did all he could to keep the team afloat. 7

2014 Season

1 GWS Tried hard and wasn’t the worst. 5
2 Coll Kicked the second goal of his career and did some good mop-up work. 6
3 Adel Rebounded the footy off the defensive 50 on seven occasions. 6
4 NM One of his side's better ball users in the pouring rain. 5
5 Frem Steady and poised at the back, possibly his best game at AFL level. 8
6 Melb Brilliant on talls and smalls to be close to the Swans’ best. 8
7 Bris Reasonable effort. 6
8 Haw Rotated through a variety of opponents and shaky at times. 4
9 Ess Continues to fly under the radar but his kicking and effort was very good again. 6
11 Geel Did the job down back on variety of opponents including Bartel. Subbed late. 5
12 GCS Tracked Bennell and found his hard work at times, but still provided good rebound. 6
13 Port Handed Hartlett until the Power star was subbed. Limited his run a touch. 4
14 Rich Had some headaches with A.Edwards early, but then got on top. 5
15 GWS Played his role in a defensive line that comfortably won the day. 6
16 WCE Kicked a lovely goal and had Darling under wraps for much of the day. 6
17 Carl Took a strong grab, but otherwise very quiet. 4
18 Haw Conceded height to Gunston early, but did well and was a strong rebounder. 6
19 Ess Strong tackling and aggressive game. 6
20 Port Great job on Wingard nullifying his impact on the result. 7
21 StK Matched on Schneider early. Constant output from half back. 6
22 WB Interesting matchup on Crameri and shut him out completely. 7
23 Rich Shifted onto Riewoldt, did an excellent job keeping tabs on the dangerman. 7
QF Frem Only one Freo forward looked like kicking goals. Rampe did well. 6
PF NM Just gets the job done down back. Nothing flashy but won ball well. 6
GF Haw Went to Breust (three goals) and did zilch offensively. 2

2013 Season

1 GWS Couple of nice things very early then quiet. Subbed off late. 8
2 NEAFL Did well in the first half in defence. Then subbed out.
3 NEAFL Effective off half-back throughout the game. Good runner.
4 Geel Did a couple of nice things but not really a factor across half back. 3
5 StK Youngster started on Lee and had a good game. Calm under pressure. 6
6 Bris Did some good things in a defensive role. 5
7 Haw Got worked over by the Hawks early. Great learning experience. 2
8 Frem A week after some poor errors against Hawthorn, he showed improved composure. 5
9 Coll Surprising match on Lynch and Witts, but did it well. 5
10 Ess Went to Crameri and did OK. 5
11 Adel Did a fair job on Lynch, but the Crow still got a share of the ball. 6
13 Port Playing his role in the side with drive out of defence. 5
14 Carl Gave run and dash from defence and gained plenty of metres with his left boot. 5
15 Melb Had Watts (two goals) pretty well covered. Solid effort from him. 7
16 GWS Run and drive from defence important and kicked his first career goal. 7
17 WCE Showed glimpses with some clean disposals in traffic. 5
18 Rich Had Martin early, which was big task. 3
19 WB Active running off half back and again prominent. 6
20 Coll Shared the honours in a terrific battle with Reid. 6
21 StK Good game down back on Lee. 6
22 Geel Battled away but got swamped as Cats continued to sweep the ball forward. 3
23 Haw Tested by Gunston. 3
QF Haw Gunston troubled him with leading and marking. Donuts second half. 3
SF Carl What he was asked to do in defence he did it well. Good late when others tired. 6
PF Frem Under the pump and struggled to hold Walters. Better when on Ballantyne. 3